8 Animals That May Not Survive 2016

8 Animals That May Not Survive 2016

“These animals might be as common as dinosaurs soon.”

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Hired Goons
Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc.

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[Think Stock Photos]
subinpumsom / Tiger
pierivb / Crowned lemur
RachelKramer / African Black Rhinos
EcoPic / Black Rhinoceros
Fuse / Leopard Fur
AlanJeffery / Amur Leopard Cub
Kyslynskyy / Leopard
Nick Dale / Baby gorilla held by mother chews branch
MHGALLERY / Mountain Gorilla – Rwanda
Erwin Friesenbichler / Mountain gorilla and silverback
BirdHunter591 / Colorful feathers, Blue and Gold Macaw feathers background texture
Bogdanhoda / Macaw parrot in the wild jungle
Atthapol Saita / Blue throated macaw close up

Jrgranadosm / Vaquita Marina

Film Footage courtesy of Shutterstock, Inc.
Used with Permission




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20 Responses

  1. MultiSporeCREATOR says:

    This should be a wake up call to everyone. STOP KILLING THESE ANIMALS!

  2. Foul Lily says:

    URGH i hate people!!

  3. iqra khan says:

    Some people are so rude how could they kill these loving creatures i mean

  4. Unintentionally Jesus says:

    I hate people.

  5. gaby BV says:

    I hate live in this world…

  6. Yasmin Hasgul says:

    Panda’s weren’t on the list which I’m shocked about. If Panda’s do go
    extinct, I will personally destroy every hunters life’s that has hurt any
    type of panda. This is the reason why I don’t go to zoos or circuses. I
    only went to one zoo and one circus in my life, when I was really little
    and now when people ask if I want to go to a zoo or circus I ALWAYS SAY NO.
    I HATE ZOOs and CIRCUSES and so should you . If you want the animals to be
    free, then don’t go to see them


  7. Frida Sigemyr says:

    Hope the hunters are on this list next year.

  8. 香口膠 says:

    Stop the hunters, they are destroying our ecosystem and making animals’
    live harder. They destroyed their peaceful lives….. Why us humans got to
    be this cruel, is it worth to hunt them down just for money? Money can be
    earned in different ways, and it’s NOT worth to trade with animals’ lives.

  9. NAFIZ HAFIZ says:


  10. Neel Nair says:

    Some humans are fucked up, man

  11. HannahKayMay29 says:

    Ummm… They did not include the white rino that has 2-5 left and has not
    been in the wild for over 5 decades

  12. CometCaleb Reignited says:

    And what about the 150 billion land and marine animals that are slaughtered
    for profit every year, most of them being factory farmed animals such as
    cows, pigs, lambs, chickens and turkeys? It’s hypocritical, why protect
    one, and violate the other, when neither want, nor deserve the violence
    that we as a species impose upon them?

  13. Emily Rebecca says:

    I did an advocacy project on South China Tigers a few years ago, looks like
    we all need to get back to it!

  14. Vilde Kongtorp says:

    Spread this like wild fire!! Why the hell are there so few left? Oh yeah,
    cuz we like how they look so we just…kill them. Logicccccccc ugh

  15. Chris says:

    i’m pretty sure none of them are gonna go extinct as long as we have a male
    and a female.

  16. shoeking77 says:

    Jesus man, what’s wrong with people!? Just leave the poor animals alone!
    It’s so fucked up what people will do for money even if it’s just a little
    bit of money. This just pissed me off more than anything.

  17. TheMermaidj says:

    Why do we have to hunt them down? Just for our own pleasure? That’s
    horrible. Animals are beautiful creatures that need to enjoy life with us.
    We shouldn’t kill them for money. Let them live! Is there a way we can help
    these animals??

  18. Erin K says:

    Somebody should go shoot a poacher and take out their teeth then leave
    their body to rot.

  19. Tessa Hall says:

    This made me so upset. I don’t understand how people can hunt and kill
    animals for money. -WE need to do something about this. Because in 20 years
    our kids or grand kids wont know what a tiger is or a rhino because they
    were all killed off. Its sick to think how much this world will change
    because of our need to “trade”. I know I will most likely get hate for all
    of this. But its 100% true, making factories by destroying animals
    habititats, killing them for the show? Please comment your opinions i would
    like to here them. :)

  20. Anna Petrovna says:

    forgotten is the ape his name human