8 Incredibly Simple Kitchen Hacks

8 Incredibly Simple Kitchen Hacks

From Chopsticks to Banana Peels– Learn how to cut an onion like a pro, level-up your waffle-iron, rescue your sugar with marshmallows and a lot more! It’s time for 8 incredibly simple kitchen hacks!
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20 Responses

  1. Ender Girl Blaze says:


  2. RoedPeppermint says:

    Please no more life hacks.

  3. Adrian “CrazyCoolKid” X says:

    In the salt one, you should have pointed out to use clean scissors.

  4. FAZE RKO says:

    Notification squad

  5. Glowingvenom M says:


  6. xxNavySniper7xx 。 says:

    I been in the nofication squad for years

  7. Rvasant K says:

    my eyes twitched when you started cutting the onion O-O

  8. Marl Pugh says:

    Chopsticks aren’t so hard to use, i just can’t really eat rice with them,
    its hard


    2:04 Did you just call me a waffle?? Oh, yeah? Well youre a milkshake!

  10. Myszolowy Cokie says:

    Eating soup with a chopsticks….. great idea, 11/10 … would eat again…

  11. Lisa Rose says:

    Tears of joy omf

  12. dragon fifi says:

    hippie motherfucker?

  13. Ryan Jin says:

    So retarded

  14. Greg Chrisman says:

    first microwave i have seen with what looks like a metal rack in it.

  15. Yaya Love says:

    hey @householdhacker did you know that when you chew gum while cutting an
    onion it stops you from crying it really works

  16. Adrian Tse says:

    Why not show How to Fry A Perfect Egg? I am really bad at frying eggs.

  17. Scryge says:

    Do you use the outside or inside of the banana peel?

  18. ShowdownPlease says:

    Don’t call me a waffle! You’re the waffle!

  19. Nyan Kat says:

    I love seeing videos by you

  20. Junior B says:

    “If your waffle maker is only making waffles, then the only waffle is you.”
    HouseholdHack – 2016