$8 Kitchen Knife Vs. $800 Kitchen Knife

$8 Kitchen Knife Vs. $800 Kitchen Knife

It feels really satisfying to have my force transmitted so easily…

Credits: https://www.buzzfeed.com/bfmp/videos/82701

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56 Responses

  1. Gregor Govor says:

    Rie’s positive energy can make any episode truly Worth It !

  2. ji says:

    If you read the fact, apparently, in the medieval age, daggers were delicious.

  3. Izzy says:

    Rie and Steven? Wholesome cute pair.
    (Of course I’ll never forget Annie. But TeamStevie tho.)

  4. MEANnataline says:

    Steven: Everybody needs a Rie in their life
    Me: I want a Rie in my life ?

  5. Claude /Leomord says:

    Did you guys know that rie brings her own knives? XD veryy niceee

    • Phantom Warrior says:

      thats kind of lame and cheap on the employer’s part. As a chef, I would want the employer to pay for the knives i use to prepare food. and i would want brand new set after every few years. and i would probably keep the order ones for myself.

    • Bradley Gong says:

      Phantom Warrior: Do employers ever do that?

    • Claude /Leomord says:

      +Phantom Warrior nope,rie is a tasty producer not just a employee and she is actually the only one who brings her own knives :/

    • recoil53 says:

      Anybody who was a pro would do that.
      And house knives in pro kitchens tend to be crap. Chefs who care about their craft tend to buy their own, even though they aren’t well paid.

    • Tamires Ruiz says:

      +da96103 u☺️???????????

  6. Kim Feliciano says:

    The voice of the guy from totally bamboo tho
    2:01 – 2:09 feels like I was watching a historical documentary

  7. Everything YouTube says:

    “Everybody needs a Rie in their life.” – Steven preach Steven preach?

  8. Dan Roslan ( Nails) says:

    *Japenese mom throwing sharp knifes in the background fighting against ninjas*
    I’m just a housewife

  9. 196833lwl says:

    Andrew at the background feels like he’s been demoted.

    • anonymous user says:

      This. It’s hella weird. Feels like politics cus I’m pretty sure the audience still loves Andrew

    • genaxide says:

      +anonymous user lol this video was recorded a long ass time ago… it was still winter in NYC and they were probably htere for a differen worth it series and decided to take advantage of Rie being there to film the knife one.

    • commatoes says:

      +anonymous user He and Adam produce the series (Andrew also says the “Oh Yes!” in the Tasty videos). Steven is the host and here Rie is the expert.

  10. mysky mineonly says:

    Meanwhile Jun : Uses $1 knife like a samurai sword

  11. Kim Jong-un says:

    Queen Rie, long live the Tasty queen

  12. mrs. Hammertime says:

    Rie being nervous everytime Steven touches a knife…?

  13. yee my haw says:

    steven: * breathes while holding any knife *
    rie: *nOOooooOOooOo DONT DO THAT PLS* ?


  14. BDGMed says:

    People in medieval time ATE THEIR DAGGERS??????? thats pretty impressive! at least thats what the knife fact said…? 4:29

    • recoil53 says:

      Yes, providing silver ware is relatively recent, as are the use of knife and spoon. At least in the Western world.

  15. mandar ohol says:

    What the hell ???
    The 800$ knife isn’t even forged just cut out and grinded.
    You should have gone with a Blade Smith showcasing a Damascus or San Mai creation.

    • Jacob Hatala says:

      Or like a Boob Kramer knife

    • Kermit of Rivia says:

      But a woman grinded it….
      Didn’t you know that it’s sexist to not love a woman’s work, even if it’s considered mediocre at best by other people’s opinions? Get with the times white male pc#271638….

    • FelinePotato says:

      as soon as i saw it i thought about rust and grit and food particles all up in the rasp grooves

    • MidnightFUn12 says:

      We all know kori is the only real knife that was featured here.

    • Lord Zev says:

      +LCKT no… Tell us how you really feel. And this time don’t hold back either!

  16. Kobe says:

    Meh $800 isnt a reasonable price for something made by a amateur in the basement

  17. Nathan Carrille says:

    That $159 knife is waaaaaaaaay nicer and waaaaay more worth it than the $800 one.

    • DBurgur says:

      The japanese knife wins for sure. Not because it’s because it’s japanese, but because a quality high carbon steel product with a proper sharpening and warranty is worth the pricetag. The 800 $ knofe that chick makes from old horseshoe rasps is worth 50$ tops. 10 for the material at an antique shop or flea market or yard sale, 10$ for her grinding (shaping/beveling) and 30$ for the sharpening and polishing. As many other smart knife enthusiasts have already mentionned here, an 800$ knife is just a flashy pricetag, even a beautifully crafted damascus-style fold-welded hand-forged steel with a high carbon core and a softer alloy shell can be purchased for a few hundred dollarsless than that ground rasp.

    • Jeffory Mitchell says:

      I must admit that I love the idea of Chelseas knife and would love to have one. The problem is that if I was to take that knife to work it’s guaranteed to get dropped or stolen or used as a hammer or something. Knives take a beating in professional kitchens so it’s best to have a good balance between quality and price.

    • mr.Scemp says:

      50 bucks is still too much for that crap, for 50 buck’s you can buy a brand new Tojiro knife made of really good steel

    • Habs Fan says:

      +mr.Scemp totally agree

  18. Sarah McAdam says:

    The woman in the bamboo one looks so happy just look at that beautiful smile

  19. Nathan Cai says:

    I wish that the 800 dollar knife was hand forged instead of cut out. She puts a lot of effort into making her knives but plasma cutting a shape of a knife out of a sheet of old metal and then grinding it isn’t really worth $800. An $800 knife would be one that was heated, hammered, heated, hammered, etc, and then shaped, grinded, polished and sharpened. Her work is art in itself but not a $800 dollar knife.

    • The Profound says:

      Yeah shes not really forging the metal just using steel from a rasp not 800$ worth of work if u ask me

    • Max Koljonen says:

      Amen! It’s absolutely gorgeous and I clicked on the video for that reason. I wanted to buy one assuming it was around 100$ max. To be honest it doesn’t look like it’s really good at all. As an object it is nice and I would like to have one to look at from time to time.

  20. Mrbink01 says:

    That $800 knife is a joke. There’s no metallurgy or forging technique. Give me a real master bladesmith.

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