8 Lemon Gadgets put to the Test

8 Lemon Gadgets put to the Test

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20 Responses

  1. Joanne Septiceye says:

    its 2:04 a.m i have school tomorrow and i am watching this but i dont feel
    well anyways
    good morning
    good afternoon
    good evening
    good night

  2. Lesley246 says:

    I love how enthusiastic you are about everything.

  3. Telic says:

    “cool wow no way” XD

  4. Dragon Slayer Ornstein says:

    *insert quote from video that everyone heared themselves but someone finds
    the need to repeat it for likes*

  5. Pinchi Mono 3D Migue Cinema says:

    Minute 4:00 in México all the people use that xD

  6. Viperette says:

    Would these lemon juice gadgets work with oranges?

  7. Antonia Edwards says:

    Crazy Russian Hacker has a baby:

    Him at the Hospital:

    Wife: Calm the $%#@ down Taras

  8. Jaguar YT says:

    You know what I’m gonna squeeze with these gadgets :)))

    Lemons. What did you expect?

  9. EpicDoodlez says:

    When life gives you lemons, buy gadgets and make videos!

  10. Hay Hayden says:

    When I get home, I’m gonna shove a lemons into a bottle and spray it all
    over my arm?

  11. kim land says:

    When life gives you lemons make lemonade??????

  12. Bee Shoe says:

    “Lets see what this lemon is gajikt about” – CrazyRussianHacker 2016

  13. Akash Sathyamoorthy says:

    1:25,. “BOOM!!!! what is this?” Taras Kul- 3016

  14. Evergreen says:

    Turn on captions and look at 2:20 XD

  15. Brastin3 says:

    Predictions for this video:
    Lemon gajik
    So cool!
    I did not think this was going to work!

  16. Carlos Leamus says:

    Why is taras pouring the lemon on a plate and not on a glass? ???

  17. You Called? says:

    6:33 What would be the best container to hold a bunch of lemon juice hmm…

    Bowl? Nah
    Cup? Nah
    Flat Plate so it overflows and all the juice spills? BOOM TUMBS AHP FOR ME

  18. Kültegin Batyr says:

    try pure lemon juice with salt and add sparkle water it taste nice and
    helps against stomach hurting

  19. Abdulxziz says:

    5:29 ” oops too deep”

  20. Νίκη Νικ says:

    “this looks like a lemon slicer” and the box sais”LEMON SLICER” ???