8 Mason Jar Gadgets Put to the Test – Part 2

8 Mason Jar Gadgets Put to the Test – Part 2

7 Butter Gadgets Put to the Test – https://youtu.be/sdcN8sJiAi8

8 Egg Gadgets put to the Test – https://youtu.be/ruID0wW0a6A

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53 Responses

  1. Nicolas Torres says:

    Love the vids

  2. x_Houstontx_x says:

    Boom 😀
    Hello people scrolling through the comments (:

  3. _Bob McCoy says:

    *_Make Mason Jars Kul Again!_*

  4. Almir Camdzic says:

    Does anyone know why his hands are shaking so much ?

  5. rene myburgh says:

    A very nice gadget called knife

  6. Spongebob SquarePants says:

    Did you know mason jars hold stuff that goes into mason jars

  7. CharlesHankBukowski says:

    It’s crazy how many people were “first” ?

  8. Trush Patel says:

    *shows cherry pits*


  9. 10K Subs and I’ll streak in my neighbor hood says:

    I like the way he says *_BOOM_*

  10. Inbaa Chen says:

    Boom! Who else comes just for the boom.

  11. SrLouise says:

    The lemon juicer/spiral slicer is pretty cool … but i REALLY liked the cucumber slicer 🙂

  12. Bleart Kepuska says:

    Anyone else got here just after he said “a very nice gadget called knife”

  13. Craig Mooring says:

    That “leftover water” is called “buttermilk”.

  14. Rahul Biswas says:

    “Here is a very nice gadget called knife”……

  15. Donald Kline Photography says:

    Southern United States Mason jars have mainly two purposes, home canning and well that stuff that made my grandpa and uncle very happy.

  16. 1DJSkittles says:

    That was great and I want to make butter

  17. S S says:

    When life gives you lemons…ask Taras for some kind of jar related gadget to make lemonade.

  18. Ayden Haist says:

    The cherry piter is for sour cherrys

  19. 100K Subs With 1 John Cena Meme says:

    *The lemonade had more seeds than lemons*

  20. Ambistical says:

    Does anybody else wince when Taras gets his fingers near a sharp blade ?

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