8 People Dead After Shooting at Atlanta-Area Massage Parlors

8 People Dead After Shooting at Atlanta-Area Massage Parlors

Eight people are dead after shootings at three massage parlors. The suspect– caught after a chase in south Georgia tonight. Joy Purdy joins us in the newsroom, with the latest on this breaking news.

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76 Responses

  1. brapdaddy says:

    Turn him loose to the husbands,fathers, brothers and uncles of the unfortunate ladies

    • AK 47 says:

      @Sugar Buns have you seen his facebook posts?

    • Yt Comms3 says:

      @OuterBox Thinker you enjoy your QAnon buddies in the Tunnels and Rabbit Holes in the meantime …you have to bring your Trump savior into everything as shining example of virtue … this exact same crime could have happened twenty years ago … although not done by the exact same 21year old … perhaps his Uncle then …

    • Is that a thing? says:

      @Hells KItchen Trump supporters are Racist cowards.. they only attack soft targets, a soft target is a place like a synagogue, black church, Mosque, Mexican Walmart, You know all the ones that have been shot up already.. Cowards go to anything that does not shoot back.. You can’t be that stupid You really don’t know what a softer target is?

    • Kevin Pettiford says:

      Sounds about fair to me

  2. Young Goodman Brown says:

    “Trying to see if the three scenes are connected…”

    Uh ya think??

    • ursula troxler says:

      @flipnotrab 😀😀😀😀😀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀

    • L T says:

      They need evidence and not assumptions. You can assume and be wrong. Sometimes there are coincidences. Like robberies at 2 different gas stations within 20 miles, that were done by different people. There could have also been different shooters as well

    • SP NEWS NUGGETS says:

      If you like trying to solve cases, Well your invited to come check out the case with the two missing toddlers in California we need help trying to find them. We have a large community that come together every Mon Wed and Fri at 5pm Central and have full discussion. Pls join us tomorrow love to have visit. Lets know your new.

    • Joey Villarreal says:

      It’s not connected just like vaccine deaths lol

    • Blue Collar Sinner says:

      @Nok Su Kow Don’t be ignorant, you can get everything and anything in America. You just have to look for it and pay for it, just ask a Democrat

  3. Darth Skeletroll 2.0 says:

    Of course they’re related. It’s too much of a coincidence.

    • Brandon Borgerding says:

      @The Sports Noodle what is a dims?

    • Coby Handy says:

      @Mike Chan LOL don’t blame the WHITE shooter, blame the Black president and Asians??? You must be really smart 🙄 and your racism is showing.

    • Justin5150 says:

      Biden is trying to ban guns… of course there’s a fake shooting

    • Todd says:

      @Mike Chan trumps sheep spreading his hate message and throwing fuel on the fire. Way to go donald!!

    • Hawaii Free Speech News Network says:

      @Justin5150 you can already predict where this is going. This is another wound up drugged out mind controlled slave like James Holmes or Adam Lanza to push multiple narratives for gun control, anti-Asian attack, and the fake news narrative that white men are terrorists. Just watch it play out this way into the media’s false narrative

  4. Gustavo Bro says:

    O’h man😢. Condolences to family and friends. Sending love from Australia including to the first responders. God bless everyone❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  5. Lidette Micciche says:

    Here we go with this senseless stuff, hart go’s out to the families, y’all stay up.

    • Dominique Jenkins says:

      @Saman Ansari naw not just here …. It’s a bigger pandemic then covid ….

    • Latino Hasta la tambora says:

      @Dominique Jenkins ehem any other relevant country that has the same amount of shootings?!?! Its not a pandemic, don’t try to talk about the whole world with the American perspective

    • T G says:

      We knew it was coming. The left has to reinforce their push for gun control. We haven’t had a “good” mass shooting in a year so we knew with the passing of the anti gun legislation this week that there was one (or more) coming.

      Here it is.

    • c v says:

      Kevin hart!?

  6. cesium419 says:

    So he decided to go shoot random asian women at three different massage parlours…smh…I can never understand that much hate in one’s heart.

  7. anagennao says:

    Three shootings at the same kind of business, in the same general area, on the same day… clearly not related.

  8. Gigga Niggeh says:

    0:44 this guy is 20? bruh no way he is like 37

    • kid sniffing biden says:

      @crappy firedog exactly that’s how you know white people dont be long in paradise

    • Gigga Niggeh says:

      @Sugar Brown can be true for some people but damn, when I read your message I realized that racism will always remain within human society

    • The Darkside •25 years ago says:

      @Black Knights Matter nah it’s true white people age bad….blacks and Asians have the best skin when it comes to aging

    • LifeIsShørt says:

      @Black Knights Matter It’s literally true tho, white people age quicker. Meanwhile minorities are the ones who don’t age like that unless they have genes where they do age. (Blacks Asians and Latinos)

    • LifeIsShørt says:

      Also to the original commenter, I saw some other reports saying he was 21. Regardless he doesn’t look his age 20/21

  9. Bay Lincoln says:

    I am so glad they caught him because that probably would have turned out to be a mixed up you got some crazy people in this world and it’s like it’s going crazy here terrifying

  10. Christina Wallace says:

    Caught alive, “trying to see “ if the shootings were connected. 🙄🙄🙄

  11. robster5510 says:

    This sounds like something straight out of Breaking Bad…

  12. chan hyun says:

    Dude found out his masseuse was married

  13. Christian Aa says:

    Now that covid dying down, we’re back to this again

    • AR6 Assassin says:

      @Craig TheSchmeg You say you do your research, yet you blame all the problems in the world on liberals? There’s truly no helping people such as yourself. Stupidity at its finest.

    • Is that a thing? says:

      We need A Conventional-war with China.. to thin This miserable trump heard..

    • Is that a thing? says:

      A lot of those Asian women are forced into human trafficking Modern day slavery working in these massage parlours.. Then you have this racist Coward Targeting unarmed soft Targets.. Donald Trump’s Asian Rhetoric still working…

    • San Bruno says:


    • Gordtz says:

      @Christian Aa that’s not how virus works. It will keep evolving like the flu. It’s the flu but with worse symptoms.

  14. Harmoneggs arm and legs says:

    Yeah look at a picture of the kid .He pissed because even in a massage parlor he couldn’t pay to get a happy ending….Dude is a looser shooting a bunch of defenseless women.

    • John Hightower says:

      He looks like a throwback confederate soldier.

    • Harmoneggs arm and legs says:

      @John Hightower His family probably still has his Grampy’s Confederate picture still above the fire mantle. And probably has a tattoo that says the South will rise again LOL hilarious you got to make fun of this stuff cuz if you don’t it drives you crazy

    • gameguy says:

      You think this is some kind a joke to you

    • Kaaay 031 says:

      @walter black he was right to shoot innocent women is what your saying ? So if you got rejected we know you would be shooting them also ? Wow yea you deserve to be in jail for just saying that I wish they had a law to wait they do 😄😂😂😂😂

    • EsotericOccultist says:

      Why does the gender of the victims matter? Last time I checked men aren’t fond of getting shot either. Unless you’re implying it’s worse to shoot women because they’re beneath men and therefore deserve special treatment.

  15. Stevil Knevil says:

    *Multiple Asian women dead at Asian massage parlors*

    “We don’t know if they were employees or customers”

    I’m no detective, but…

  16. Eli Colón says:

    Can you say domestic terrorism?

  17. Kevin07 says:

    The “lone gunmen” strikes again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again.

  18. rnw101563 says:

    Motive: Humiliated at 3 massage parlors. He was either found out or overcharged.

  19. Lazarus Q says:

    I’ve got my ccp just for sick individuals like this.

  20. Jake Zhuo says:

    As asain myself, sooooooo sad to see the news like that, i mean those women who work in the spa, they just working ,saving money, even not go out of the house, not as same as the vegas concert or club shooting, they working in the spa house, and been lowkey, still got shot

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