8 Simple Dollar Store Hacks To Save You Money

8 Simple Dollar Store Hacks To Save You Money

Save MONEY and SOLVE Problems by utilizing the dollar store!
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Want to make your own dryer sheets? What about a portable mini grill for a couple bucks? We’ll show you how to do this an much, much more!

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19 Responses

  1. Heyaj Tom says:

    You’re supposed to cook on gray coal!

  2. Adam Ali says:

    you still make videos….


    perfect natural selection at its best when the carbon monoxide kills you
    from using the grill inside

  4. Bailey Turnbow says:

    This channel used to be cool… Now it’s just stuff from Pinterest.

  5. Adriamarie Vigg says:

    Go Bills!

  6. Ian Blasko says:

    Beer pong doesn’t go by that many names..

  7. March M3ll0w says:

    awsome video

  8. fighting irishman says:

    you can buy 200 sheets of fabric softer at the dollar store for 1$ orrrrr
    you could build your own for 10$ and 2 hours of your time!!!

    some of these d.i.y things are so stupid hahaha its like 2 good ones for
    every 30 stupid ones…

    usuing the bbq though lol

  9. Thechristianlim says:

    I like the non family friendly version of beer pong

  10. Debbie Mcclure says:

    Awesome ideas but I think they meant apartments wit balconies or patios. I
    love dollar tree I can stay in there 4 hrs. Yes, the fabric sheet idea
    actually works better than brand name dryer sheets but make sure they’re
    completely dry bcz aft a while they’ll stagnate. Tyfs, God bless you

  11. Vignesh's kitchen says:

    for the grill are you using a aluminium foil container or throwback

  12. Justin Harber says:

    how to be ghetto af.

  13. Seal says:

    I thought I was watching Grant Thomas

  14. Myra Mora (Mija?) says:

    I would not be surprised to see all of this in a new episode of extreme

  15. Tom Hollander says:

    Do you love in buffalo?

  16. Ray Espinoza says:

    lol white people smh…

  17. GHOST x FREAK says:

    This shit is Ghetto as fuck

  18. Ernireg3 says:

    Thank you internet!

  19. Joseph Mountford says:

    That dryer sheet life hack seemed really easy and looked like a great time