80 Facts about the ’80s – mental_floss on YouTube – List Show (247)

80 Facts about the ’80s – mental_floss on YouTube – List Show (247)

A weekly show where knowledge junkies get their fix of trivia-tastic information. This week, John takes a fond look back at the ’80s.

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20 Responses

  1. CupcaikPrincess says:

    Big question: Why do cats love boxes?

  2. JacobM says:


  3. Qabalistic says:

    The brown M&M’s fact isn’t true, David Lee Roth completely made it up.

  4. ThePecanTree says:

    I watched this whole video hoping for a reference to The Smiths. Best band
    in the 80s, c’mon. Morrissey is a legend. 

  5. Karla Arana says:

    Jazzercise!! Lol!!

  6. Nathaniel Ziv Stern says:

    Jazzercise! I love you, behind-the-camera people!

  7. moliper3000 says:


  8. kifujin says:


  9. Samantha Bennett says:

    Whenever I think of Springfield I think of Californication & all the weird
    shit he did & said hahahaha

  10. Dave Slave says:

    1:30 LOL

  11. catlady858 . says:

    well kasey kasam was arab so i can see why he would quit because of that
    and having him there was stupid on the part of the producers of that

  12. Halfax7 says:

    nice joke in the end! That was great!

  13. Cindy Marie Jenkins says:


  14. LeDKarlos says:


  15. Anne Bassman says:


  16. KellyLynne17 says:

    Jazzercise. Word. 

  17. Juan esteban says:

    John green should be the only host for this channel. That Eliot guy is a

  18. SkillHacking says:

    “Image licensing is hard.” Yes. Yes, it is.

  19. lamnemonista says:

    jazzercise! :)

  20. Claudia C. says: