$800 Brakes vs $4700 Brakes

$800 Brakes vs $4700 Brakes

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21 Responses

  1. Jacob Gardner says:

    Just wanna say that a lot of other groups would’ve bailed on the season due to something like that, the fact you guys decided to not just keep going but to go overtime to get back on schedule is respectable and very much appreciated you guys never fail to keep my love for cars up, Donut Media= 🐐

  2. Kyle Jones says:

    The fact that Jer came out to help film even when he wasn’t scheduled is a testament to how awesome it must be to work at Donut. When you want to work. That says a lot.

    • Vishnu Keezheth says:

      Its easy work for them. Its the editors and writers who hate their job

    • Cannon Phelps says:

      @Dreaded KittyI personally work at a studio where just shoot youtube videos but the fact the he did this is absolutely insane. All the work and time behind the scenes is insane.

    • Weasel Logic says:

      ​@Dreaded Kitty its still a job. They get paid a salary and have to go work to make a video.

    • Kyle Jones says:

      @Dreaded Kitty So, you’re saying that simply because it’s YouTube that it’s all kittens and unicorns? Ease up on the Kool-Aid, bud.

    • Dreaded Kitty says:

      You’re crazy for comparing YouTube to real work.
      Who wouldn’t want to spend a day with funny friends at a race track?

  3. Come Fast To Get Into My Body says:

    This series is absolutely amazing and shows the reality of the different routes and and how it actually goes with the car life

  4. Critical Event says:

    Owning three WRX’s to keep one going is honestly the most relatable part of this series.

  5. ddlombardo says:

    James Pumphrey who has had a *literal* heart attack says bleeding brakes is the worst thing to ever happen to him. 😂 Love these guys!

  6. Joyful Soup says:

    “Pumping these brakes are the worst thing that’s ever happened to me.” That right there is what they call foreshadowing.
    But seriously I feel for James. Between his Instagram post and him saying he doesn’t feel qualified I can tell that was hard on him. Even if that had been the end of HiLow we would still love you James. You will always be qualified to us.

    • karl G says:

      End of hi low? They’re making a killing on these video’s. Getting 2-3x the amount a views on these plus the ebay sponsors it’s a laugh. Prob cost another 20k to get the next hi car up and going meanwhile ebay motor made a million because of advertising

    • Anthony says:

      Well when the other host worked for their skills, it’s kinda shitty how there’s one who doesn’t know or tries to learn anything else besides talking.

    • Sending it says:

      @Dominic Richardson  I appreciate it bro. I’ve talked to Jeremiah and James on insta before and that’s one of the only regrets I got from uninstalling it. Both of em have real connections with the fans and followers and it sucks to see James have doubts about his abilities

    • Dominic Richardson says:

      @Sending it he made a post about the crash and the caption said (and I’m paraphrasing quite a bit here) “Jeremy clarkson I want to have a long talk with you, because you invented my job but there’s no school for this job and I need your help to figure out how to keep this going. You’re my hero and I’d be grateful for your time”

    • Sending it says:

      Can someone tell me what his insta post was about? I no longer have insta

  7. shortsandsupple says:

    Lmao the story telling on this was amazing. Jobe deserves an award. As does the whole team and company! Can’t wait to see how hi car is when it gets sorted out

  8. The Homeless Project says:

    You guys are legends 👏 thank you for buying another car and continuing the series its awesome 👌

  9. brandon_buckets__ says:

    This episode put me through so many emotions… the same emotions I go through with my own Subie

  10. Isaac Caudillo says:

    Really scared the shit outta me when he made us think hi low was no more. Thanks for continuing, much love.

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