$800 Off-Road Tires vs. $1500 Off-Road Tires

$800 Off-Road Tires vs. $1500 Off-Road Tires

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We bought two identical Toyota Tacomas, and we’ve been modifying them to be fun, daily drivers that you can take literally anywhere, except the ocean.

One Taco gets expensive parts, and one gets cheap parts. Then we test them, to see which components are worth spending your hard-earned money on.

Hi Truck is getting a set of Nitto Ridge Grappler All-Terrains…
at $342 per tire!
And Low Truck is getting some enda Klever All-Terrainss which are less than half the price at $147 per tire

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42 Responses

  1. LoneWolf says:

    When offroading, SKILL LEVEL is every bit as important as the mods. I’ve seen guys with open diffs do amazing things. Don’t discount Skill level boys!

  2. Carlos Zuniga says:

    I lost it when they cut to Nolan’s perspective of James yelling at the top of the hill 😂

  3. Xan Ostler says:

    “Budget has no impact on whether you do something correctly”
    Words of wisdom to live by!

  4. Moyashi says:

    James in the first episode: “We’ll keep coming back to the Buff Horseshoe every week until we get all the way around!”

    Episode 2: they make it all the way around.

  5. TheUniverse says:

    Love that “soapy wooder” reference Chrisfix would love this

  6. T3a Ba6Gins says:

    Nolan: “You know I’d never risk my health for entertainment.”

    Me: *chokes on my glass of milk*

  7. Kaelan Cly says:

    Aaron: “Constant throttle!”
    Everyone else: “more *Beans* “

  8. Matt Henry says:

    Considering these are meant to be “Daily Drivers” that can be taken off road on the weekends, I think mileage on the tires should definitely be considered between the two!

    • Alexander Mueller says:

      @XxTravdamanxX ! Know him from class?

    • Gaming Made Simple says:

      @XxTravdamanxX ! Atleast he typed with understandable grammar and didnt even use cap lock.

    • George Samy says:

      @Alexander Mueller you killed him💀

    • Michael Garcia says:

      Luckily these are light-duty trucks so you can throw anything on them. If you’re in a diesel truck, you need to stick to tires with higher ply-counts, aka more $$$.

    • Mr slimchristopherson Sonofman says:

      Mileage is 99% of it an actual guys truck that uses it to play once in a while still spends most of the time on asphalt those cheaper tires won’t last half as long and they are hard to balance especially when getting into rougher tread design buy once cry once

  9. Richard Denson says:

    Lol I love how these guys are giving advice while knowing almost nilch about the subject 🤣

  10. Mr. Boring on YouTube says:

    Nolan: “…daily drivers you can literally take anywhere!”
    James: “…except the ocean…”
    Me: Top Gear flashbacks…

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