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  1. darthmal15 says:

    I’ve always wanted to imagine that the “Higher Authority” Geno mentioned was in fact Rosalina.

    • Pancar xd says:

      I agree

    • XK Generations says:

      It’s a Terminal montage movie

    • Crips _820 says:

      Okey soo is here enyone ho can translate tis code from ya know gasters code into engish

    • Cromanti Cheer says:

      I’d really love to see someone someday comnect all the lore from the Mario games and the spinoffs into a single grand unified ultimate universe (or “multiverse,” given that Super Paper Mario is a thing).

    • Memelord Bob says:

      I feel like he was referring to something more along the lines of the Star Spirits from Paper Mario. Considering both games feature a Star Road, and a similar wish granting ability tied to them.

  2. Cham the Man says:

    So let me get this strait:
    -Mario has a TAS Demon
    -Sonic is currently a Super Meme at the moment
    -Kirby and Luigi are trying to solve a big mystery
    -Slippy’s not dead and is located on a planet (and possibly helped Samus)
    -You really want Geno in Smash

  3. Diego García Cristóbal says:

    Everyone: You just can’t make lore of your stupid , nonsense animations.

  4. Benjamin Francisco Tapia Rostran says:

    So basically every Something About, even the alternate endings and realities are going to fight in Final Destination 3 stocks no items

  5. Jose Regalado says:

    Everyone before: Oh another video it will be a funny joke!
    *Shows a trailer*
    Everyone after: Oh shoot he’s not joking

  6. S4L4D says:

    “Something About Nintendo”

    Watch it be a movie au

  7. Sand Animates says:

    The terminal montage lore is expanding

    and i love it

  8. Havoc Steel says:

    Man if everyone was a Geno lover. This world would be a merry one

  9. FriskaDK says:

    Wow, Rosalina and Geno look badass that way.

  10. Guillaume Bré says:

    I haven’t seen any translation of 0:17 so far in the comments, so here we go :
    Spacial / Temporal Interference
    (it’s text on main screen, rest is on side screen)
    Mission Notes
    13728 WAHOOs
    0Genies collected.
    Speed Demon activity
    monitored across the
    multiverse. Current
    location unknown,
    likely Universe
    12000-29860 due to
    sporadic power

    The Original text are Wingdings characters. Launch MS word, put my translation inside and turn it into wingdings (like you would do with Arial, Trebuchet MS calibri or whatnot) :
    The symbols of the video appears .
    Like, repost or do something so that it is seen by everyone 😉 . Thank you

  11. Nova says:

    The “Something Cinematic Universe”

  12. Misaa Chaan ! says:

    Oh I can’t wait! Rosalina with her cape, the space with the characters sounds like a story ! A suspense is present !:D Thank You TerminalMontage for what you create !^^

  13. KingOfNothing says:

    I know it’s
    “Something about Geno”
    You can’t lie to me

  14. MLG Gyarados says:

    The secret messages at 0:15 :
    Spacial / Temporal Interference
    Mission Notes
    13728 WAHOOs collected.
    0 Genies collected.
    Speed demon activity monitored across the multiverse.
    Current location unknown, likely universe 12000-29860 due to sporadic power irregularities.

    This secret message could actually open up a lot of theories. Are the speed demons the speedrunners?

    • Custard of the Egg Variety says:

      I think each “WAHOO” is a Mario and the Speed Demon is the being that gives them all power.

  15. Nauriek says:

    Spacial – Temporal

    Mission Notes
    13728 WAHOOs
    0 Genies collected.
    Speed Demon activity
    monitored across the
    multiverse. Current
    location unknown,
    likely Universe
    12000-29860 due to
    sporadic power
    Couldn’t find the translation in the comments, so here you go 😉

  16. Lazypackmule says:

    All the meme vids actually being an elaborate stealth setup to get people invested in a smash fanfic is actually kinda genius

  17. SuperAppie TV says:

    ‘Insane amounts of energy detected!’
    Meanwhile: Fox vs Speedrunner Mario

  18. Paolo Bonacina says:

    And here I was, hoping this was “Something about Gradius”

  19. Akesan says:

    Here’s the current things in the TerminalMontage cenimatic universe, the TMCU:
    -Mario is possesed by a TAS demon
    -Sonic turned into Super Sanic, a speed demon, after absorbing the Chaos Emeralds.
    -Luigi and Kirby are in contact trying to find and (maybe) save Mario, and Kirby reported Super Sanic flying over Popstar to Luigi
    -Fox may either have been possesed by a Melee pro-player demon, or has mastered the Melee fighting style, giving him extreme strenght and speed.
    -Slippy actually survived and might have gone back to Starfox with Samus
    -Rosalina and Geno are the captains of the Comet Battlecruiser, and their crew is made out of Lumas. Their current objective and affiliation is unknown.

    Edit: Thanks to a translation of 0:17 made by someone else, it appears Geno and Rosalina are looking to locate the TAS Demon or the speed demon that Sonic became. By the way i really like that Rosalina outfit.

  20. sans50 skelebro says:

    Everyone: WE LOVE GENO!!!
    Mallow: am I a joke to you?

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