84 Lumber Super Bowl Commercial – The Entire Journey

84 Lumber Super Bowl Commercial – The Entire Journey

The full, uncut 84 Lumber Super Bowl promotional film. See a mother and daughter’s symbolic migrant journey towards becoming legal American citizens. Contains content deemed too controversial for the original ad and banned from broadcast.

Learn more about opportunities with 84 Lumber at http://www.journey84.com/

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20 Responses

  1. reedcampbell9 says:

    What a shame they can’t illegally cross into a country

  2. paul reboca says:

    HANDS DOWN! BEST SUPER BOWL AD ALL DAY. They’re not stupid. They know who
    the backbone of The Construction and Labor Industry is, and whoever doesn’t
    logged out, buy a company and only hire whites if you life. It’s your
    prerogative. However all the main contractors know who THE BEST WORKERS IN

  3. Saul Montiel says:

    Who else has family that came from another country to pursue the American

  4. Sara Sharer says:

    Thank you 84 Lumber for remembering where our business drive comes from.
    Ingenuity and grit come from those who want a better life.

  5. jack ie says:

    The ignorance on this post will never trump the love. Thank you for the
    best halftime commercial in years.?

  6. John Farlio says:


  7. NegraMonroe says:

    A lot of the hateful comments, especially from “legal Immigrants” are
    surprising. Maybe look at WHY they cross illegally, and look at the system
    of preference for certain immigrants but not others.

  8. Grandpa Vlogs says:

    Disgusting commercial glorifying illegal immigrants.

  9. BeatzElectric says:

    Just need to realize that not only Hispanics that cross the borders heck
    all race that come her illegally , they come here for their kids , for
    their family, a better future. America is for everyone not just one race.
    America is the land of the immigrants.

  10. Catherine Myers says:

    Love this, brought tears to my eyes. Everyone is welcome in this country!

  11. User says:

    disgusting propaganda that needs to be flushed down the toilet

  12. Gordon McWilliams says:

    This commercial is astounding. “The will to exceed is always welcome here”

    The country was built on Immigrants and it will continue to be! Brave 84

  13. Michael B says:

    my hats off to this 84 lumber commercial i work alongside both legal and
    illegal immigrants and there’s no one id rather work next to than these
    men. everyone in this country are descendants of both legal and illegal
    immigrants we seem to forget that here the Mexican and Honduran and
    Guatemalan immigrants i work next to everyday are outstanding HUMAN BEINGS
    they are here doing the work us lazy Americans wont do. the
    stores,hospitals, hotels, schools, office buildings so on and so forth are
    being built by these men and women. the food in our grocery stores that is
    conveniently waiting on you to come and purchase doesn’t just magically
    appear it is picked by immigrants both legal and illegal. these men women
    and children are wonderful people and i can say this because I know these
    people and these families. they come here for what you and I have taken for
    granted they come here for the American dream and are willing to do some of
    the worst jobs imaginable to obtain it. i say to you nay sayers get to know
    the people who are building this country and filling are grocery stores
    with the food we eat and you will see that these men and women are no
    different than you and i they’re just HUMAN BEINGS trying to achieve the
    same thing as we are

  14. Yiyo Tellez says:

    I almost cried watching this. My parents had to go through all of that to
    come and give me a better life, and I’m so grateful for that. Thank you
    America for all the opportunities, and I hope you can open your hearts and
    give other people the same opportunities to a better life.

  15. AthenaNguyen13 says:


  16. shizle Hizle says:

    Triggered trumplets everywhere lmao

  17. max lafougere says:

    this video is promoting illegal activities.

  18. CaptainHappen says:

    Many people do wait in line to try to come here legally but the U.S. only
    gives out about 25,000 work visas a year. It’s incredibly difficult and for
    those saying “well, my family came here the right way a long time ago” back
    then there was virtually no way to come here illegally because we had very
    few immigration laws. If you came from, say Holland in the 1880s, you were
    just accepted here.

  19. TheAlhambralions says:

    It’s a shame that Europeans crossed an ocean took our lands and now call us

  20. cmnweb says:

    Trumplovers 50% ignorance 50% hate

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