8,500 US troops “on high alert” as Ukraine invasion fears grow – BBC News

8,500 US troops “on high alert” as Ukraine invasion fears grow – BBC News

The Pentagon has said around 8,500 combat-ready US troops are on high alert to deploy at short notice amid rising tension over Ukraine. However it made clear there are no plans to send forces to the country itself.

Russia has denied planning military action against Ukraine, despite massing 100,000 troops close to its border.

President Biden has held a video call with European allies as Western powers discuss a common strategy if Russia launches an invasion.

Some NATO members, including Denmark, Spain, Bulgaria and the Netherlands, are already sending fighter jets and warships to eastern Europe to bolster defences in the region.

Huw Edwards presents BBC News at Ten reporting by Gabriel Gatehouse in Kiev, Steve Rosenberg in Moscow and Barbara Plett Usher in Washington.

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46 Responses

  1. Rey says:

    Imagine how scary and unnerving it would be to know at any moment your city and country can be invaded.

  2. TheSejer13 says:

    War is not like movies or games. It’s much worse and I’m not even talking from experience but just from knowledge and my dear mother.
    It is deeply horrifying and tragic.
    I hope everyone fully understands and knows that war can bring true horror and suffering.
    Plz don’t do this…. I would really beg President Putin and everyone else involved from the bottom of my heart and on my knees to just stop and go in peace if I could.

    • Dominic Jarvis-Smith says:

      @Zzzz clearly, you have never been to war. 🙄

    • Vitalik Rich man says:

      @Zach Davis FOR RUSSIA 😉 , ow yeah i am…

    • Aryou Ogo says:

      It’s not just money. It’s political opinions and the power in this world (if you step on me and I don’t punch you in the face, I’ll be just a weakling …), It’s about the nation’s prestige and …. that very old mentality of sacrificing ‘the individuals’ for the benefit of ‘humanity’ or ‘society’ or to establish their so called ‘order’ …

    • Dominic Jarvis-Smith says:

      @Repent OfSins shut the fuck up. Where was ‘christ’ before people invented it? What about all the Gods that came before? Even if christ/God(s) were real they are evil. Look at this world. Or are you too niave to see all the suffering of innocents.

  3. David K. says:

    I know how a lot of people commenting against this war feel. My country of Afghanistan was invaded by the USSR in 1980 and my family and I have been refugees ever since. Since 1980, I have lost over 40 people in my family in the war and ongoing civil unrest of 42 years. Believe me, I know first hand, talk of war and going to war is sometimes conducted by rulers who don’t think through the long-term, devastating effects of war on everything… from children dying to women’s rights, to broken hearts and souls…. All for what? For not agreeing or having large EGOS. This would be sad. WAR is never the answer. We can resolve all of our issues by sitting down and working things out in a HUMAIN manner. I love all Russian people and have never hated anyone. It is just sad what happened to my poor Afghanistan. I am afraid for Ukraine. Again, I love Russia and it is a great country. But I hope that there is no war. I know there is a lot of political ideologies and we can argue about who is right and who is wrong. However, my statements are not meant to be political. It is just that it seems like a war between Russia and Ukraine would be the WRONG decision. Russia and Ukraine are both beautiful and share so much history together and this was would be a tragedy for both nations. Please give diplomacy and peace a chance. I ask everyone to think about love and our shared humanity before it is too late.

    • InternetSurferXXX says:

      you have lost over 40 people and you don’t realise that RULES DO IN FACT THINK THROUGH the long term effects, its called CONTROLLED OPPOSITION and they know EXACTLY what they are doing.

    • Repent OfSins says:

      please turn your life to Christ whilst you still can the rapture is about to happen anytime soon please repent of your sins And invite the holy spirit to make his home inside you it’s not about religion its about a relationship

    • Dejan Stanosevic says:

      We Serbs know very well what it looks like when Nazi Western Europe invades your country, persecutes and genocides your people,
      And didn’t the USA and Nazi NATO occupy Afghanistan until the other day?

    • The Shield says:

      Soviet Union lost in Afghanistan same goes with the U.S lost.

    • Dejan Stanosevic says:

      @The Shield Tako i treba da bude, nisu imali sta ni da traze u afganistanu.

  4. Behold a Pale Horse says:

    US and Russia can never fight in a hot war… The world would end.

  5. Oleksnadr Kovalenko says:

    Why does the BBC and all other big media companies completely ignore the energy crisis situation? I mean the gas situation and the competition between the US and Russian companies for supplying Europe. Nord Stream 2?

    • Svetoslav Stanchev says:

      @Mark Bantz “Try again Boris!” This man is most likely Ukrainian (or at least his name is Ukrainian). And you tell him he’s wrong, and what you say is true … I imagine, if there really is a war between Ukraine and Russia, you will shoot on both sides, because they look the same and sound the same (in your opinion) .

    • I M says:

      This would be believable if the GOP was in charge but this is Biden who is dumping tons of money in clean energy alternatives. Making this comment as I wait for my Tesla lol.

    • Leb thot says:

      @Oleksnadr Kovalenko or hear me out annexing ukraine has been on russias plate since 2000s, oil doesn’t change that fact

    • YPO6 says:

      @Greatest Never Russian oligarchs

  6. Владимир Сургай says:

    Oh man I’m from Russia. In every family we have fallen in WWII. My grandmother saw how her 5yo brother died from a hunger during the war.
    In Russia No one wants a new war, because everybody knows the true suffering from this madness

    war — the biggest crime against humans rights, the biggest..

    • 78XT500 says:

      @Aftery Well then starve under the heel of the western system. Feel the pain when you have to get medical attention, when western corporations control the price of your fuel, your medicines, your pay, and they control everything that you do with your money, they will tell you what to think, and you cannot vote the corporations out of power. Hell, they will even send you to war to die for them, so they can make more profit.
      You think Russia is so bad…wait until you become a western economic slave. Ukraines hardships are only starting. An invasion by Russia would the best thing to ever happen to Ukraine, but I know that will not happen. The west want Ukraine further down the rabbit hole before they launch the war.
      You are a model Orwellian 1984 citizen, a willing slave to the system, that is prepared to sacrifice everything, even their lives to prop up their slave masters, the giant corporations that run you.

    • millenium2003 says:

      It’s ok to Invade Ukraine.

    • George Hollingsworth says:

      @Faay No we cannot. What Paradise do YOU live in? It’s only fair that we know.

    • George Hollingsworth says:

      @Мой Патриарх The Ukraine does not agree with you.

    • George Hollingsworth says:

      @元首的青年 FREE TIBET! The world does not need your interference or your hypocrisy.

  7. punk ask says:

    “Military men are just dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy.”
    ― Henry Kissinger
    “It is not a matter of what is true that counts, but a matter of what is perceived to be true.”
    ― Henry Kissinger

  8. Woo says:

    Just remember the people of a country are not the same as the government, and they rarely, if ever get a say in what wars they are embroiled in.

  9. Yana Bachynsky says:

    Let’s all remember that we are the citizens of the WORLD. But since our world is built this way – that each country has its borders, let’s respect this! I live in Ukraine, I love my country! And Ukrainians are really peaceful, intelligent, freedom-loving people. We want our borders to be respected. We want our choices to be respected.
    We want Russia to leave us alone. Too much pain has been inflicted.
    But I’m terrified – I can’t handle the fact that there could be a huge, horrible war, it’s not the way it’s supposed to be in 2022! Yet we were left alone with a rabid dog which all those years tried to make us weak and, unfortunately, he’s done his work well.
    I’m sure that all civilized countries should stay firm together against one sick robber-Russia for good. Because it’s impossible to stay away from this knowing that one person can cause WWIII. It’s just not the way our world should be…

  10. GEBBY💖 𝐹**СК МЕ - СНЕ𝒞𝒦 𝑀𝒴 Р𝑅𝟢𝐹𝐼𝐿Е🔞 says:

    Imagine how scary and unnerving it would be to know at any moment your city and country can be invaded.

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