88rising presents: ASIA RISING FOREVER

88rising presents: ASIA RISING FOREVER

88rising proudly presents an online festival celebrating the most exciting Asian talent from around the world.


Help us reach our goal! Donate to Asian Americans Advancing Justice: https://secure.donationpay.org/aajc/88rising.php

Donations from this stream will benefit Asian Americans Advancing Justice – AAJC and their mission to advance the civil and human rights of Asian Americans and to build and promote a fair and equitable society for all. ASIA RISING FOREVER is an opportunity for the world to come together around a common message of positivity during this unprecedented crisis.

Special thanks to Panda Express for their contribution to AAJC!

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87 Responses

  1. 88rising says:

    Donations from this stream will benefit Asian Americans Advancing Justice – AAJC and their mission to advance the civil and human rights of Asian Americans and to build and promote a fair and equitable society for all. ASIA RISING FOREVER is an opportunity for the world to come together around a common message of positivity during this unprecedented crisis!

    • Stanley Widjaja says:

      @What’s This? bruhh don’t bring Indonesia ,my sister an army but she didn’t do crazy shit like what you did,trust me every army in the world is disgusted by your action

    • What's This? says:

      @Jessica M BTS is the best! Company want success get BTS! We Indon people respect BTS only

    • What's This? says:

      @Stanley Widjaja no boy, all of us indo army is united and have the same goal. If you’re indo you must support army

    • Stanley Widjaja says:

      @What’s This? I’m here because I’m supporting Asia artist especially people from Indonesia like Rich Brian, Nikki,and Stephanie poetri because they make Indonesian people proud. So you should stop being mean to other people and start respecting other artist.

    • carmela ! says:

      thank you so much for creating this event and raising awareness for the crisis & hate asian americans face right now. proud filipino right here 🇵🇭💜

  2. lidaads says:

    88rising really understand me who broke

  3. Ara Sambodo says:

    Oh noooo why the live chat section is alrd closed
    Approximately 7000++ people still vibing in it


  4. Kimberly Faith says:

    i stayed for the whole livestream and i do not regret anything. however, the people in my snapchat probably hate me right now for spamming them with this LOL

  5. M Rizaldy syariful akbar says:

    Keshi was sick tho. Prolly the only comment

  6. Nathan Chen says:

    Okay but everyone ate their CDs they all did so well honestly. Stan Asian artists for clear skin!

  7. Anime ChiBa says:

    4:21:39 the food become more delicious after she humming like that lol

  8. HyunA and DAWN are made for each other says:

    Are you telling me that I stayed up overnight just for it to available to watch at any time

  9. amy says:

    imagine being so generous to give your fans a fReE online concert- sm entertainment can not relate

  10. Joe Mama says:


    Intro 3:53
    Phum Viphutit: 4:50
    Suboi: 15:00
    No Vacation: 22:31
    UMI: 31:40
    Rich Brian flying stuff to people: 42:33
    Rich Brian beat making session: 51:30
    LIM KIM: 56:47
    Josh Pan: 1:01:09
    Luna Li: 1:06:06
    Inigo Pascual: 1:14:52
    9M88: 1:25:36
    Alex TBH: 1:36:39
    Rich Brian flying stuff to people: 1:49:12
    Audrey Nuna: 1:57:54
    Higher Brothers: 2:07:44
    Stephanie Poetri: 2:17:00
    Yuna: 2:26:35
    Head in the clouds recap: 2:38:05
    Hyukoh: 2:42:36
    Mxmtoon: 2:54:34
    CLC: 3:04:46
    Midsummer madness: 3:17:00
    Rich Brian: 3:21:42
    Beabadoobee: 3:29:22
    Keshi: 3:43:48
    Kangdaniel: 3:52:21
    Rich Brian Kangdaniel dance battle: 4:03:32
    Jackson Wang: 4:08:18
    Niki: 4:11:57
    LOONA: 4:23:43
    Outro: 4:41:38
    Midsummer Madness again: 4:42:45

    Thank you 88Rising <3

  11. Ahmad Ahmad says:

    My fav perfomance
    1. Niki switchblade
    2. Luna li gimme love (cover)

  12. chansbitxh says:

    as a kpop stan i was not here for clc or loona or kang daniel but for mxmtoon, keshi, niki, rich brian, umi and all the other artists, but I was disgusted by the lack of empathy that the kpop fans in the comments had, such as spamming clc and the other groups names while other artists were performing, and it was so rude, so as behalf of the kpop community I sincerely apologize for the despicable behavior from us.

    • raven says:

      okay first of all. there are too many stan loona. i barely see clc comments

    • Virgo303 says:

      It was so unbelievably annoying and I had a feeling this would happen when I saw that Kang Daniel, Loona, and CLC we’re apart of this. Kpop fans kept asking where other kpop groups were that weren’t even set to perform??? Did people not look at the lineup? 88Rising kept posting the lineup on their social media, posted throughout the livestream, and they had the artists within the information under the YouTube livestream. This livestream concert was supposed to be chill, enjoyable, and showcase talent from an array of amazing Asian artists. And in Twitter they were spamming with hashtags for CLC. They were giving off the hysterical streaming behavior like when they do for music videos. I get that they were excited for their group to show, but respect the other artists. This wasn’t just about kpop groups or idols. After awhile I stayed away from the comment section too. Despite that I really enjoyed the concert and found some new people to listen!

    • Jewel • Rothnashire says:

      I apologize on behalf of Cheshires too. Like some Cheshires just has no empathy either and is inpatient 😓

    • yyiurenthusiast says:

      As kpop fan i come here to watch brian, niki, and audrey nuna, but when other kpop stan start spamming thay’re start to making it looks so annoying

    • Blueship says:

      soluná not to me you clearly didn’t see what they were SAYING????

  13. Maria Rose says:

    I was up for almost 30 hours straight dealing with school stuff. I was totally stressed and fell asleep waiting for the stream. I woke up and tuned in during 9M88’s session and was so sad that i missed the beginning. Even though i was tired, hungry and stressed out i watched it all the way through.

    This concert was thoroughly entertaining from start to finish. I’m very grateful for all of the artists and 88 staffers for making this possible and giving us free access to it all.

    Unfortunately i’m unable to donate to the charity, but as a mixed asian female i really do support their cause. Please donate if you can spare the money. If you can’t, pleasw continue to spread the positivity and support all the artists. ♡♡

  14. Karel Lamigo says:


  15. Alyssa Brugman says:

    let’s talk about hyukoh for a sec .

    • Virgo303 says:

      Alyssa Brugman I actually thought he was a solo artist abs not a band. It was my first time experiencing hyukoh and I loved it.

    • Hamilton l-/ says:

      @Virgo303 i’ve watched them live and they are amazing, even better live. and the carisma and voice of Oh Hyuk. one of the best experience of my life

    • Nathalie Cebrero Schmoranz says:

      I loved them!!

    • Tele TV says:

      Follow their twitter, instagram and spotify

    • kaya talbert says:

      hyukoh was so awesome, their vibe is honestly really cool and i likes their performance. it was my first time listening to them, and needless to say i was impressed

  16. reysayshi says:

    Kang Daniel and Rich just had a dance battle wearing pajamas. okay

  17. bagus brighthvc says:

    Indonesian pride is lit performance 🔥🔥💥💥🙌🙋‍♂️🙏

    But other is good tho

    They music is all good like hollywood singer 🔥❤❤😍😍

  18. bonnie lightwood says:

    keshi’s voice is so beautiful and he’s so underrated hopefully he’ll get recognized that he deserves

  19. Auroura 04 says:

    As CLC fan I am apologising for yesterday in comments we were just excited because their company always mistreated them, please don’t blame the girls, we respect all Artist.

    • Tele TV says:

      I am a cheshire too and Clc fans wouldnt do that .
      They mustnt be just clc fans

    • KaylaZeWeirdo says:

      Im a orbit (loona stan) all of us kpop folk looking mighty bad rn tbh but we do respect all artists the toxic ones don’t but many of us do

    • Auroura 04 says:

      @Tele TV some fake Cheshire

    • Tele TV says:

      @KaylaZeWeirdo I dont trust the ones who spammed during the sets of others.
      They had pics from other groups.
      Some. And others gotta see if they really care about the groups.

    • KaylaZeWeirdo says:

      Tele TV right and some weren’t even fans they were trollsss

  20. dieski says:

    me: *sets alarm for stream*
    also me: *misses the whole. dam. thing.*

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