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  1. Merfish says:

    I was not expecting a whole movie. Bravo.

  2. Max Box says:

    Such an incredible journey of videos, dude. You’ve always had clever charm in the previous ones, but having proper shots and a script really let your humor shine through. “f-first dose!?” Awesome stuff, Demi :3 edit holy SHIT the quality-bar is in the stratosphere, this is insane

  3. schmoyoho says:

    Not the hero we needed, but the hero that was on the 21st day of September

  4. Pokémon Challenges says:

    I can’t believe its holiday season already!

  5. Nathan Zed says:

    possibly the greatest youtube video ever uploaded on the 21st day of september

  6. Sarah Z says:

    This is incredible

    • Haden Worley says:

      Make a video essay on this please

    • mcswaggerr says:

      <3 seeing my favorite creators commenting on each other's videos

    • Michael Halls says:

      ​@Haden Worley As long as Demi is on board with doing a parody of some of the legal threats in those other video essays, claiming he has the rights to ‘September’ and is actually the lawyer for Earth Wind and Fire whose dad works for Nintendo.

  7. Laura says:

    Nothing lasts forever. It was a good 6 years and this is a fantastic finale. Well done.

  8. David Tovar says:

    Other than the absolute mic drop of a Grease reference at the end, that long take feels like an essential piece of media that would have been belovedly associated with this song if it had dropped back in ’78. Yes instead I’m allowed to watch it for free on my Tuesday YT binge…. thank you Demi!!!!

  9. Mr. DeMaio says:

    I look forward to this day every. single. year. Thanks for the many years I have spent looking forward to 9/21.

  10. Joanna says:

    AAAAAH he did it again, and 100x better! I love that it became so meta and the legends from Earth, Wind & Fire recognized him for it! This became a tradition every year and it became more meaningful, please keep doing it! You are amazing Demi (and the puppet, and the crew too)!

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