9 Incredibly Useful LEGO Hacks

9 Incredibly Useful LEGO Hacks

From Charging your phone to starting an indoor Garden: Here are 9 extremely useful LEGO Hacks for you to use around the house!
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This video is all about using your LEGOs to solve household problems. Here are the hacks we cover:

1. Make a Lego Door Stop
If you’ve got a troublesome entryway here is the solution!

2. Magnetic Paperclip Holder From LEGOs
Liven up those boring paperclips!

3. Lego Phone Holder
There’s a million different “Life Hacks” when it comes to making a stand for your phone, but rarely can they be this customized so easily.

4. Lego Charging Dock
Now what about charging holder or dock?

5. Wireless Charging Lego Dock
You’ll need a Qi (or chee) charging pad to pull this off.

6. Lego Flower Pot
Start your own indoor garden using LEGOs

7. Mount a Hard Drive with Lego
Having an external hard drive always attached to your laptop can really limit it’s mobility. But with just 2 Lego bricks you can change that.

8. Lego Coasters
One of the most useful things you can do with spare Lego bricks is to create your own custom drink coasters.

9. Lego Mini-Chess
This one takes a bit of planning but the results can be awesome. Let’s make a mini chess board that can easily work for traveling.

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  1. PIPER MCLEAN says:


  2. Syazwan Hilmi says:

    Where can i get that wallpaper?

  3. Bert Kouns says:

    Seen the episode already but not cool with the Hodor joke

  4. Steven_ Andrew9086 says:

    I didn’t really like the Potting the plant idea Reasoning is because when
    you water the plant the water need to come out from the bottom . There
    needs to be some type of whole on the bottom ..

  5. PREPFORIT says:

    Lego For Life !

  6. Gelderson says:


  7. RyanTurner says:

    That Hodor joke… Too soon man. Too soon.

  8. Klyborg says:

    I saw that hodor thing. Hehehe

  9. Mohammed Kanpurwala says:

    too early for hodor jokes

  10. Ankit Srivastava says:

    *quietly notices that the chessboard was set up sideways*

  11. Screaming Eagles says:

    Not Legos it’s Lego bricks

  12. SniX says:

    Jokes on you, these LEGO replicas of items cost more than going to the
    nearest store on a 11mpg pickup and getting the upmarket item…

  13. Valen Bantay says:

    HODOR!!! HODOR!!! HODOR!!!

  14. BlackCat2 says:

    That is pretty neat. I use Lego bricks to make custom mold boxes around
    objects so I can pour in liquid silicone. It is the best thing ever because
    when the silicone has set I can just take apart the bricks to get the mold
    out and use them again another time. – Heidi

  15. Jose Perez says:

    How to get rid of cockroachs

  16. ColinGiering says:

    whats the wallpaper on his phone?

  17. Nathan Poignonnec says:

    spoilers!! I mean hodor

  18. xxranger05 says:

    What the fuck is LAYGO?

  19. Deimos000 says:

    no lego keychain holder? :-)

  20. Catherine3385 says:

    “someone to hodor, hold the door”