90 Year Old Lights Off Fireworks!

90 Year Old Lights Off Fireworks!

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37 Responses

  1. Adnan A says:

    I was just wishing I had a Danny Duncan video to end my weekend off right. Guess it’s my lucky day ??

  2. Chad Blanchard says:

    I love how your mom accidentally joins in on a sponsorship

  3. Ibrahim Allan says:

    The Benchwarmers used to be one of my favorite movies in middle school, that and Napoleon Dynamite, I downloaded them on limewire. Ah the good old days ?


    At 3:55
    Old guy : So you married ?
    Danny : No
    Old guy : car like that,,,,,, you can get married in a day ??

  5. Retro Of Hades says:

    He probably has ptsd from all the wars he’s survived!

  6. IX says:

    Yo this is truly my most favorite video you have ever put out??I was cracking up the whole video ???

  7. Chapman Suggs says:

    “hey macklemore, let’s go thrift shopping”
    Papa Jim: “badumbadumbadadumdumm”

  8. Logan Gansle says:

    I’ve watched every video u posted this is easily the funniest one

  9. ThatUnturnedGuy says:

    can’t tell if that’s MARSOC or the seals trident but i’m pretty sure the seals trident. amen to that man

  10. christian says:

    “now back to my sandwich” that made me laugh so muchhh??

  11. RiceEater24/7 says:

    All of Danny’s videos are funny but this one was extremely funny

  12. ACE PlxkYT says:

    This is how many people want papa Jim pt.2>>>>>>>

  13. juan ortega says:

    I have school tommorrow and this made me so much happier, thanks danny!

  14. Max Garcia says:

    Bro you gotta bring papa Jim on more videos please I was dying he’s funny asf.

  15. leif. let says:

    I was screaming laughing every time he’d go “bumdumbumbum” and Danny laughing made it 10x more funny

  16. Don Vito says:

    *”No wonder his hearing is off.. He’s been lighting fireworks off his whole life”. Idk why but this made me laugh so damn hard.*


    Like so we can see more of papa Jim bumduhbumbih go back to my sandwich

  18. ubz boie says:

    Was Papa Jim a UDT guy? Couldn’t help but notice the hat

    • Raphy TheMighty says:

      that would make sense, maybe thats why hes so into fireworks :p would explain why his hearing aint too good

  19. Todd Sutton says:

    Merch with papa Jim’s face

    “Budabumbumbum back to my sandwich”

  20. Billy Thompson says:

    it’s so crazy that you guys have full shop fo fireworks

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