[942] Decoded by Sight: Master Lock Personal “Safe” (Model 5900D)

[942] Decoded by Sight: Master Lock Personal “Safe” (Model 5900D)

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  1. Infinitynoka says:

    Another fine product in the Masterlock family.

    • GriffVicious says:

      to quote BosnianBill “Their locks are mostly shit, but they are consistent, reliable, and predictable shit”

    • Dream Services International says:

      Survey of customer complaints:
      the hinge breaking in half
      the entire lock falling off (it’s only screwed into the plastic on the side opposite the latch)
      the cable coming unlocked when jiggled
      the lid opening if the box is twisted or dropped (or shimmed, since there’s no lip on the lid)
      the printed numbers on the dials wiping off easily
      the lock failing to open with the correct combination (or only unlatching either the lid or the cable, but not both) the lock reset mechanism not working
      the lock opening with the wrong combination or any combination
      the crimped ends sliding off the cable easily
      rubber flap falling off immediately
      sold as water-resistant when it’s obviously not (holes for wires, no gasket, no lip)

      I was going to say that it’s a marginal upgrade from using a zip-tie and a batman lunch box, but after looking at all the pictures of them falling apart in customer reviews, I’m actually going to say that a child’s lunch box might be more durable.

      Nothing says “appearances over function no matter the cost” quite like that fashion statement, though. Adding superficial aluminum decorations only made it cost more and provides no benefit toward the ostensible raison d’etre. They could’ve made an equally shitty product for less, but they actually spent extra money to give false impressions. That should clue you in on what goes into the design process.

      So yes, its refined appropriateness for a category of intentionally substandard products is noteworthy.

    • Adam Michaels says:

      LPL can you do a summary video of locks you would recommend for various situations?

    • U.V. S. says:

      @Adam Michaels Military grade padlocks for everything except bicycles. A bank vault safe for the bicycle.

    • Daniel Villalobos says:

      It’s a Masterlock.
      There _shouldn’t_ be any questions or comments.

  2. kellyozore says:

    I went to my local handyshop, and out of all the 30 or so lock models they have, they are all MasterLock. Needless to say I didn’t buy any there… Thanks LockPickingLawyer!

    • Carsten Koch says:

      @Bart Simpson
      Abus has some black sheeps, too.
      But yeah, a lot better than master lock XD

    • IncertusetNescio says:

      Same with Home Depot near me, at least until they update it with Paclock which is actually usefully secure.

    • Muh Dewd says:

      Not all masterlocks are terrible. They have some relatively decent padlock bodies but the catch is they’re usually only available at locksmiths. By and large the masterlocks products at your local Walmart or home Depot are absolute garbage.

    • metalwreck450 says:

      To be fair, one terrible product doesn’t invalidate the rest. First of all, it should be obvious to everyone that security isn’t about being impossible to beat – it’s about being impractical for a given use scenario. This video shows that in the role that this device is supposed to play…is wholly inadequate as even a novice could notice that the gap looks different on one of the 10 digits of each roll. Even a child can recognize basic shapes.

      It’s common for companies to develop products of different quality for different audiences and uses – consumer grade is usually cheap with basic preventative measures, while industrial grade typically is far more expensive due to tighter tolerances, hardened steel and thicker mechanisms. It’s not expected for a potential thief to bring a loud, easily visible power grinder to your neighbor’s shed, but it is expected that a business that can house far more valuable items could be a target of such, so the lock is engineered in a way that delays most intrusion attempts.

      TLDR; cheap locks are always cheap, and while this video shows a completely useless lock, not all MasterLocks are quite this useless. Unpickable locks start at around $120; $15 locks are a deterrent, not a preventative measure.

    • jaydel2929 says:

      That’s why I found LPL…. I was looking for decent lock for a specific application and I found 100 videos about how bad the Master locks were. Now I use some of the ones recommend here….. Abus, CISA have been very good

  3. Shawn K says:

    Decoded by sight?
    It’s finally happened. He’s scared a lock open.

  4. Evergreen says:

    LPL; looks at lock
    Lock; well shit better open up

  5. Nicolas Schickedanz says:

    i would probably take the same time to open it while knowing the combination

    • phuc ewe says:

      You are exactly correct.

    • Jens says:

      @phuc ewe this is the biggest issue with this. You’ll look like you’re just dialing in the combination even if you’re actually trying to pick it because you don’t need any tools, so there’s a good chance that nobody will bat an eye even if you’re picking it in a public, crowded space.

    • BewegteBilderrahmen says:

      a moment of silence for all these locks where raking them open/decoding the numbers is faster than opening them properly

  6. TachySteve says:

    This is the LockPickingLawyer and I am going to pick this lock with my mind…

  7. SuperAWaC says:

    if i need a lock to just keep people honest i’ll buy a pack of 3 padlocks from harbor freight that are roughly the same price as one master lock, i treat them as re-useable zipties

    • NoPegs says:

      There’s actually a few decent styles of actual reuse able nylon cable ties/zip ties/zap straps to choose from these days… I die a little more inside every time someone at work cuts another one instead of just opening it up like any resourceful thrifty smart person would…

    • SuperAWaC says:

      @NoPegs cheap padlocks are better than reuseable zipties for when you want to prevent someone nosy or a opportunistic klepto from rooting around in your stuff

  8. MIxa RTFM says:

    Next video: Master Lock product opens itself after being looked at by LPL.

  9. Forced2makethis Bloodyaccount says:

    No clicks! The master has truly become greater than the lock!

  10. TWX1138 says:

    Begin of “attack” at 1:32 End at 1:48. Call it sixteen seconds. Wow.

    • tyranneous says:

      I think you should take off the amount of time it would take to open the lock even if you had the combination/key etc. 😉

    • John Francis Doe says:

      tyranneous That would make many locks negative. Anyway, division is better, written as percent. Normal open with proper key and code is 100%. A typical good lock might be 10000%

  11. QuarterPounder WithCheese says:

    Before finding LPL channel , i thought MasterLock was really good ….
    Damn i was so wrong

    • Saif Addeen Al-Manaseer says:


    • SchwettyBawls says:

      Don’t forget to also check out BosnianBill. Him and LPL have actually done a couple collaboration videos. He is also amazing and has been doing these kinds of videos for a while longer. His videos are a bit longer and more wordy than LPL though lol.

    • VinceThe1 says:

      It’s the same thing with german cars, once you know, you realize how wrong you were thinking that they were “the best” ?

    • D Sloop says:

      @VinceThe1 Germans buy Audis………..

    • VinceThe1 says:

      @D Sloop I saw the original post which said Volvos. Audi is a german car so ni surprise there

  12. Xoque551 says:

    [941] Decoded by Touch

    [942] Decoded by Sight

    [943] Decoded by Smell:
    “This is the LockPickingLawyer, and what I have for you today is a Master Lock that’s so insecure, I can smell its combination 100 meters upwind of me.”

    • nosirrahx says:

      “Shakes lock” The combination is 7, 9, 4, 0, 3.

    • Pennyless Wallet says:

      [947] Master Lock comes to my house and gives me the combination

    • Alien says:

      [1021] Decoded by psychic abilities.

    • Daniel Villalobos says:

      [946] Decoded by indirect intimidation.
      “I am LPL, an attorney-at-law and expert lockpick with hundreds of thousands of followers.
      Esp. if you are a Masterlock, you stand no chance against me. Just open up now…”

    • Calvin W says:

      @AlphaWolf10 scaring a lock open would be a sight. LPL’s always so serene, I just wanna see him go drill sergeant on a lock, channel his inner R. Lee Ermey

  13. Dist0rt3d Hum0r says:

    One of these days these lock companies will wise up and hire LPL for quality control.

  14. joel rrr says:

    It’s even worse than bill made it look
    It’s absolutely a complete waste of Materials

  15. Eby says:

    Worst part of this is that it looks exactly like you are just opening the lock normally. So you could open it at a crowded pool and nobody other than the owner would be even a little suspicious.

  16. Daz The Man says:

    Masterlocks deluxe model will just have the unlock button

  17. aserta says:

    Master Lock, AKA the company that doesn’t sell locks, just recreational picking opportunities.

    • SAI Peregrinus says:

      And they’re great for that. They’re cheap puzzles. If you like mechanical puzzles Master locks are a great way to get them some for not much money.

  18. Hakageryuu says:

    Next video: This is the Lockpicking Lawyer and what I have for you today is this room i’m walking into-
    *Hundreds of locks open spontaneously*
    In any case, that’s all I have for you today.

    • Creamy Pasta says:

      Does make you wonder, could this guy get himself out of jail? I’d sponsor a charity breakout event 🙂

  19. katerspam says:

    Just wrap a bra around it. That would take longer for a guy to open….

  20. moshe gelt says:

    You’re all mistaken, the point of this mechanism is that there’s no need to remember the code. It succeeds brilliantly.

  21. Andreea says:

    Still can get mine open forgot the code

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