#99: Derrick Henry (RB, Titans) | Top 100 Players of 2019 | NFL

#99: Derrick Henry (RB, Titans) | Top 100 Players of 2019 | NFL

Tennessee Titan’s running back, Derrick Henry comes in at number 99 on the list of Top 100 Players of 2018 as voted on by his peers.

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60 Responses

  1. agucci_21 says:

    Ayyy top 100

  2. LethalDog 53 says:

    So underrated…

  3. Andrew Horton says:

    So glad this man turned his career around coming from a Texans fan that has to deal with him twice a year

  4. NFL Matchup Highlights says:

    Who else forgot they’re doing a top 100 ?

  5. Sauce Money says:

    So glad to see him finally come into his full potential the second half of last season!
    What an absolute monster of a RB

  6. Triigrr says:

    Best NFL series on YouTube. Highly appreciate every single one of these each year.

  7. James Hsiao says:

    Is it just me or does the titans home announcer sound like a pirate in that 99 yard run?

  8. MeMeBigBoi says:

    Derrick is easily one of the most underrated players in the entire league.

  9. Michael says:

    When he gets 15+ carries and they do outside runs he’s effective . It became evident towards the end of the season .

    • Seth Martin says:

      yeah he’s definitely better when running in zone-based schemes, that way he builds up momentum.

    • Killian Krummel says:

      It’s interesting since by just looks one would think he’s a true grinder but that isn’t quite the case. He can do that, but his biggest damage comes when he gets speed and no LB or safety wants to take on 250 lbs running unusually fast.

      But he does need to be used a lot to wear down defenders. It’s not coincidence his best games come from him getting almost all of the rushing work

  10. Faz0 says:

    “He better be on that list Guys an absolute stud”??

  11. OfficiaJ says:

    2:03 Mariota with the block???

  12. 12 PackersFan says:

    If he plays 16 games next year like his last 4 games last year, the nfl is in big trouble

    • Nick Arias says:

      Jacob Petersen those numbers are bad rookie numbers

    • Hector Gutierrez says:

      Thats a big IF

    • facts says:

      Tom Brady has 6 rings the whole nfl better hope he blows out his magic and stop makeing the super bowl less fun.

    • George Harry says:

      facts lol give brady all the credit when the game was tied 3-3 at the half

    • George Harry says:

      Nick Arias actually had 2 good seasons out of 4. Threw 26 touchdowns and 9 ints after an impressive rookie season. Plagued with injury last 2 seasons, and still has showed how tough he can be. Coaching hasn’t helped him at all. Matt lafluer was a bust. Receiving core literally lost games last season. Losing delanie walker was absolutely devastating

  13. CCPlayz2k says:

    2:02 that block by Marcus Mariota on #52 of the Giants ??

  14. Cam says:

    If Derrick Henry is used correctly the game won’t even be fair

    • Deathdew says:

      No he actually really did suck in the beginning. I know everyone thinks it’s becuz he wasn’t getting enough carries, but even he acknowledged that he sucked. The pressure everything was getting to him. He wasn’t running like a a big back then got a talk from Eddie George and finally did what he did in December.

    • Lions Bitch says:

      Deathdew yeah that’s true but every back has a way they need ior should be used.

    • Matthew Vides says:

      Im expecting 1300 yards and 12 tds on the ground. 1500 all purpose yards.

  15. CW CW says:

    what a nightmare DCs have this year defending the Titans running attack most of all behind Lewan and Saffold if Conklin is healthy this year what a scary thought

  16. Bryson Medeiros says:

    Came to see if anybody caught how he’s #99 and ran a 99 yard touchdown ?

  17. SW Productions says:

    If he stays healthy he will move up at least 30 spots next year

  18. NoLimit JuJu says:

    Should definitely be higher on this list but??‍♂️

  19. Buns Network says:

    Those games at the end of the season were ridiculous. If he can get back to that form, look out.

  20. Peyton Manning's Forehead says:

    He gonna blow up this year. Pro bowl for sure?

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