99% of people CANT guess THESE

99% of people CANT guess THESE

Today we try and SOLVE These emoji questions!

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44 Responses

  1. Lachjb says:

    Watch 9:28 until your sick of it lmao. You’ll be watching till the end of time!

  2. Crazie Gamers says:

    9:26 “I said mooana”

    MOOOOOOOO 🐮 🐮 🐮

  3. Ibrahim El-rifai says:

    14:18 Kobe Bryant’s numbers R.I.P Kobe Bryant

  4. Naqi does PS4 says:

    3:21 Me: *Screaming at my iPad* ITS RATATOUILLE!!!

  5. SpiralY says:

    9:11 because the hooman man falls in love with the female vampire chick

  6. 1 Ceres says:

    Me: Sees vid’s name
    Also me: *APP ADVERT, ISN’T IT?*


    8:46 the vampire’s daughter fell in love with a real guy

  8. Australasian Squad says:

    8:18 something we don’t have in Australia in stores

  9. Flippin E_Dang says:

    9:09 Dracula’s daughter falls in love with a human teen

  10. Colby Bianco says:

    Absolutely nobody:
    SSundees notepad in every video: jjjj

  11. Gazza says:

    8:28 What we’re running out of

  12. Rambro654 M says:

    No one:

    Ssundee: oh yeah! That’s Belgium, France

    He should have lost a point for that

  13. Emptie Brain says:

    The end score is like Kobe’s jerseys

  14. The Untitled Desktop Goose says:

    8:50 – 9:13
    *Answers hotel transylvania*
    SSundee: ”How the crap does it even makes sense?”
    Everyone: watch the movie.

  15. DiNis Love says:

    11:18 Singaporeans be proud (I’m actually Singaporean)

  16. godbeastlegen says:

    9:13 the daughter fall in love with human …

  17. TYRONE Lim says:

    I’m from Singapore and when he say “music” I wanted to slap him ahah jk

  18. Jawes says:

    2:17 I was always like ZOOTOPIA JESUS CHRIST

  19. Yen Sharon says:

    People in the 20s: what is this? Nani?
    People in the 19s: ITS BACK TO THE FUTURE BABY!

  20. Priti Lama says:

    He: this is hard only 1 %can find out
    Me:super easy

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