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46 Responses

  1. Sfn_Graffs says:

    Me: omg tyler just dropped a new song

  2. Mehsen Stafford says:

    this is what it feels like to drink mcdonald’s sprite


    The new Loiter squad trailer looks awesome

  4. sinceressi says:

    My few remaining brain cells during math class

  5. Jude Smyth says:

    *Funny thing is no one was ready for this*

  6. Bloccstar says:

    This is one of my favorite interludes I’ve heard in a min

  7. Anna says:

    this isn’t the official song, yet i have watched it more than 6 times.
    a bop.

  8. Eli Poleon says:

    Teacher: The highest grade was a 60%

  9. stampler says:

    dude used an fl studio stock drum loop, legendary

  10. Paul 1895 says:

    Me: Mom can we have a tyler track?
    Mom: No, we have a tyler track at home.
    Tyler track at home:

  11. Bocaj says:

    0:23 when you’re zoned out in class and your homie calls your name

  12. e d e n says:

    *category: education*
    I will gladly go to this school

  13. infiniTfootball says:

    tyler really stood here for 18 minutes to record this

  14. Parakeet says:

    Me: yo pass the aux cord
    Homie: aight but you better not play any – – – – – –

  15. I Am Nessie says:

    *My last brain cells trying to understand math*

  16. Thaddeus Bigsby says:

    1. That’s a drum sample of Kid Koala – ‘Stompin’ at Le Savoi’

    2. Kid Koala sampled it from Head West – ‘Attention’ ( and so did a whole bunch of other artist )

    Let the hype being.

  17. kumizora says:

    0:00 me during class
    0:24 me when my friend and i look at each other

  18. Fry Lock says:

    Bee hive shaped, buzzing sounding Beat, I think we dealing with a flower boy ?️

  19. Shayan Bahador says:


    Instagram meme accounts: *I NEED IT!!!!*

  20. Joshua G. says:

    listen to this on mobile and move the speaker around your head for the true haircut experience

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