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  1. ScuffedCinema says:

    When your mom comes home with a happy meal from McDonalds 0:08

  2. CHΛRLIE says:

    When the dna test result comes back and you’re not the father: 0:08

  3. Minkailu Lamin says:

    Mr Incredible: I want a cape on my superhero outfit.

    Edna: 00:26

  4. poronesian parapio says:

    Mom: “we going to McDonald’s”

    Me: 0:13

    • Daddy Chill. says:

      Anyone who eats mcdonalds probably cant walk one step without getting tired. Yall niggas better start eating fresh and order your kids the jared kids special(a 3 inch hotdog and milk)

    • GHETTOG says:

      Daddy Chill. ????????Wtf

  5. Austin Murrer says:

    Kid that’s gone to karate once:

  6. Nosipho Ngema says:

    0:20 me practicing for fights that will never happen

  7. Kato Coltrane says:

    That rip in his pants tho. Ain’t nobody saw that?
    Wild video btw??????

  8. Mydadhitsme69 says:

    “Hard to believe a God when there ain’t no mirrors around”

  9. Adrian Ellis says:

    Looks like Tyler the Creator is the new host of the Eric Andre Show!

  10. Gio says:

    This video makes me want to take the secret formula and flex it on plankton

  11. SteelDialga says:

    Man, I really love the death grips collab on this track

  12. Gabanatora says:

    Thank you Mortal Kombat 11.

    The new character looks dope af.

  13. f r a n k i e says:

    *no one:*
    *not a single soul:*
    *kids at my school that think they can fight:*

  14. My _Kmemes says:

    This dude ripped his pants at 0:22 ? I’m dead

  15. lil pp says:

    The graphics in mortal kombat 11 are outstanding
    And i really like the new characters especially this autism one

  16. Hans Linnutaja says:


    Parents trying to fit in with millennials: 0:08

  17. AnnoyedSpy says:

    Top 10 fighters Muhammad Ali was too scared to fight

  18. Lebron James says:

    Me in my room after watching boxing’s greatest KOs 0:25

  19. Shane Subliminal Lee says:

    Them: you know how to Milly rock?


    Me: you know how to Tyler bop?

  20. NightShade says:


    My drunk dad when he comes home at 7pm: 0:20

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