HOW THE DRONE WAS BUILT; https://youtu.be/maDeKbiw98o

SLOVE – http://smarturl.it/SloveLeTouch
Instrumentarium – https://modulor.lnk.to/Instrumentarium

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  1. Peanut Turner says:

    I like it as a fun little experiment/proof of concept buuuuuuuuuut here’s what I’d improve for the real thing:
    * Why is the image so soft? Lack of quality? You can easily get a 4K action cam on a quad of that size.
    * Take more foley audio in the room where it’s meant to be heard. Basketball bounces, for example; it kills the immersion when we don’t hear reverb/hear the same sample repeated.
    * The cuts could be better hidden, and I’m not a huuuuge fan of the ‘warp stabilisation’ effect. If you can tell it’s warp, you need better stabilisation on the input.
    * After the drone flies through about the 3rd tiny space, it’s just showboating. Audiences don’t need to have it rammed down their throat that the camera is tiny/mobile and the pilot is skilled; some of us are getting nauseated here 🙂

    Hope this helps! Great work drone/editing teams!!

  2. Scott W says:

    Yeah, that’s pretty bloody awesome!

  3. Chris Kat says:

    I think it was super cool the only thing I would say is that the stabilization was a bit shotty, like you could see the warp when things past through the foreground and on tough turns. Other then that, awesome video and I hope to see more stuff like it!

  4. Devin Leary says:

    Honestly Casey, that was a tad hard to watch. Lots of motion sickness.

  5. Richard H says:

    The unstabilized version looked much better.

  6. art_i_hunt says:

    *soon we’re gonna have micro Bug-Drones flying around making movies and spying, faster, smaller, smarter*

  7. Your Peeps says:

    Dan needs to close out on D, giving Casey way too much space to shoot smdh

  8. Viva Frei says:

    It’s objectively amazing. I am not crazy about the music, and it’s a little reminiscent of a Gaspar Noé film, but it’s epic and singularly unique.

  9. Lauren Francisco says:

    THIS IS INSANE! If I had to stabilize this, it would like like garbage, but the SFX and zoom transitions made this incredible. Thanks for sharing, buddy!

  10. Anthomnia says:

    That was super cool. It was really smooth but some places did have a very small shake. It didn’t have a negative impact. I think if you had used more slow motion edits / fast forward edits to mask those it could have helped.

    The only other thing i would have changed would have been the flight path. A lot of the areas the drone flew through were out of the way and felt pushed but that’s not a bad thing since this was a test to see how far you could push things. That’s something i admire for sure.

    I think ultimately if you did want to do something like this in the future and you want just as much fancy flying and wow factors you should set the flight path up so this all happens in what seems to be one long sweeping shot. No having to go far right or left just to go through bikes it should just be small movements and small turns that are necessary because those things seem naturally in the way.

    Hope this helps with some feedback!

  11. Bullsi1234 says:


  12. Salt and Pepper Adventures says:

    Trust Casey to take Studio tours to the next level!!

  13. time_ON says:

    Wow really cool, but in my opinion the more wide fisheye-look from the GoPro was pretty cool so you should have not changed this in post but all in all this was pretty impressive. Also because as we could see you shot all of this in one day or in a few hours.
    Great Work! You should do something like this when the 368 Studio(s) is “finished” so that you can see the Process behind all of this.
    Greets from France! 🙂

  14. Rebekka says:

    Wheres that LP interview at tho

  15. lez Gonzalez says:

    I love this it’s so cool 😭😭why can’t I be creative

  16. David Dobrik says:

    This was dope I’m glad I got to hold that door open

  17. FindSkyy says:

    Sound design was DOPE 🔥
    Except for the bike at the end lol. Didn’t really fit

  18. Insomniac Maniac says:

    Wow that was spectacular!


    this dude sucked on a pacifier for way too long of his life.ok so cool you have a mini drone that captures footage, congratulations, and this is trending😂

  20. Emily C. says:

    Very cool the video quality is a little blurry other than that it looks so good

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