A Better Super Bowl | NFL Hyundai Super Bowl LI

A Better Super Bowl | NFL Hyundai Super Bowl LI

Millions of people watched Super Bowl LI. But without our troops, this day wouldn’t be possible. This year, Hyundai made their Super Bowl better. They couldn’t come home, so we brought home to them. Watching the Super Bowl is amazing, but watching it with the ones you love is better.

See the whole story at http://hyundai.us/pFCHIg

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20 Responses

  1. D33M0N3Y says:

    How did Hyundai pull this commercial off during the Super Bowl? Isn’t there
    a whole process to commercial making?

  2. bjb3006 says:

    Did the barrel of that tank say “cash me outside?”

  3. Joshua Phillippi says:

    that one tank with “cash me ousside” on the barrel at 0:20

  4. Vash the Elicit says:

    wtf Hyundai…where was this shit when I was in Afghanistan…

  5. ran som says:

    Hyundai are winners, Audi are losers

  6. Joseph Stalin says:

    This actually made me unbelievably happy. Thank you

  7. Luke L says:

    Better than any Super Bowl ad. Thank you Hyundai.

  8. Ian Harward says:

    This is awesome! I have gained a new high respect for your company, and
    it’s good to see that companies that are not necessarily military related
    are realizing all the military does, and reaches out and helps them and
    gives them at least a little bit of the hard earned and we’ll deserved
    respect and happiness they should be getting. Thank you, and I hope that
    this commercial will inspire many people and companies to recognize our
    troops and stand with them and respect them.

  9. MineCralex says:

    This is a freaking joke, the US military deploys their bases in Eastern
    Europe, brainwashes the citizens, and fucks everything up in the world. I
    would explain this further, but for the sake of time, I don’t want to type
    a whole essay.

  10. James Kratos says:

    I’m glad they’re recognizing the U. S. military. With that said I have only
    have one question. Why the FUCK are we in Poland?

  11. Phlizz says:

    so why would superbowl not be possible without the army can someone explain?
    lvl of stupidness these days getting out of control

  12. primrosediy says:

    Heyyyyyyy hadley is my name?

  13. MontiR Aruba says:

    Good job HyundaiUSA !!!!!!

  14. Brandon Watson says:

    Not a very funny commercial

  15. aaron e says:


  16. Łukasz Serwin says:

    Polska Mistrzem Świata !!!

  17. Mike Cowan says:

    absolutely amazing this should be #1. props to you hyundai.

  18. Santy Valens says:

    Just got a new genesis thanks to this commercial.

  19. Aramis Orwell says:

    I’d want to sit with the Victoria secrets ladies

  20. Daniel Paul Pereira says:


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