a boring video

a boring video

this is some stuff i do in between videos

Elija who – a random song they DM’d me a year ago (comic shop 92bpm)
Summer Salt – Driving to Hawaii
Allem Iversom – Downwards

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42 Responses

  1. ThatDudeinBlue says:

    I’m pretty sure Michael would be the most entertaining car channel of all time.

  2. A Human says:

    I love how Michael did everything you’re supposed to not do when a dust storm hits and was still completely fine.

  3. Richy says:

    This is not a boring video. It’s highly anxiety-inducing.

  4. I did a thing says:

    Youve convinced me. Im getting a motorbike as well

  5. TheSkribbleSiblings says:

    I cannot imagine the terror the residents of LA must experience walking down an alley to toss some garbage and seeing Micheal in a high-vis jacket throwing eighteen bags of trash into your apartment building dumpster at four AM

  6. marsgizmo says:

    we want more journeys in the Desert 😈

  7. Steven He says:

    I would watch you reading a shampoo bottle. Top tier content❤

  8. LoFi Drone says:

    I’ve watched this twice now, and I couldn’t figure out why this resonated so hard with me. I get it now: this is like time traveling. A young guy with a beat up truck going on an adventure and having a great and terrible time. This was me, 20 years ago. This doesn’t feel like modern life. Hits different.

    • Darío Flores says:

      @AndyZz ofc that’s the only way to pay attention

    • Darío Flores says:

      @wtfirony I will than ty for the recommendation

    • wtfirony says:

      this one guy makes content like this that is a lot longer. you should watch one of Vagrant Holidays videos

    • AndyZz says:

      Did you have subwaysurfers gameplay on VHS back then when playing Fortnite (We got a number one Victory Royale
      Yeah, Fortnite, we ’bout to get down (get down)
      Ten kills on the board right now
      Just wiped out Tomato Town
      My friend just got downed
      I revived him, now we’re heading south-bound
      Now we’re in the Pleasant Park streets
      Look at the map, go to the marked sheet
      Take me to your Xbox to play Fortnite today
      You can take me to Moisty Mire, but not Loot Lake
      I really love to Chug Jug with you
      We can be pro Fortnite gamers) on your Atari

    • Darío Flores says:

      Modern life has changed, probably not for the best, but it is what it is ig, it’s so easy to get lost and to not find yourself I feel like social connections have become a lot more shallow overall. But hey in the bright, everyone is out there learning and trying to pass on what they know

  9. Cosmic_king says:

    The fact that there was a good chance he could have just been lost in the desert alone in a dust storm is terrifying. Lily would been very upset

  10. JīroTheFro says:

    The editing. The humor. The biggest middle finger to anything that tries to kill you as you just keep going forward. Phenomenal

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