a brutally honest conversation

a brutally honest conversation

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89 Responses

  1. Natalie Alfera says:

    Deja vu

  2. Basketball * says:

    how dare you change the title

  3. Gaming Pikachu77 says:

    Certain friends at school be like:

  4. Daniel Sambar says:

    Why’d you rename it?

  5. Basketball * says:

    Now I have to comment something else

  6. Cap'nCinnamonBun says:

    Me: I’ll message you sometime

    Friend who I’ll probably never see again: Yeah we should totally meet up again

    Narrator: They did not meet up again

    PS: Rip original post

    • Strange demon says:

      Cap’nCinnamonBun ITS YOU

    • Domling 12 says:

      I saw the original post and then I saw this I thought this was an announcement or something and the original post was just silly nonsense I was so wrong

    • JC 64 says:

      I have a friend name Emanol I met in middle school. We’ve known each other for our entire middle school days. But we never went over to each others houses, had a sleepover and the only time our parents met each other was at a awards ceremony. We will probably never interact with each other again. But we’re still friends.

    • jagenmount says:

      It’s Always Sunny theme plays…

    • Super Skyward says:

      Cap’nCinnamonBun Oh. Here you are again. In creepypasta’s, CoryxKenshin, and now here at ProZD. Still awaiting that HentaiHaven comment though.

  7. Purgatory Ban the Undead says:

    Humanity: Seems legit

    • JP says:

      Purgatory Ban the Undead yo ban i saw that latest chapter today. Cool stuff, but you need to hurry up and get out of purgatory. I wanna see your powerup already.

    • Purgatory Ban the Undead says:

      JP First we need to deal with the father who has child issues

    • The Otaku Dragon Slayer says:

      Purgatory Ban the Undead

    • Loading says:

      JC 64 welp that’s sad

    • your own personal existential crisis says:

      Purgatory Ban the Undead I’ve seEN YOU BEFORE YOU’RE EVERYWHERE

      aaaand I just noticed someone named The Otaku Dragon Slayer

      *initiate fangirling*

      Buuuut annnyyyyway there must be multiple versions of Justin Y., one for some you tubers and you’re ProZD Justin Y..

  8. Smiley the Smile says:

    “We should hang out sometime! What was your name again?”

  9. Veridian says:

    Socializing? What’s that, a new anime?

  10. Knorkrax says:

    I miss these people in my life.

  11. StickMaster500 says:

    This is scarily accurate

  12. Wilmore Harris says:

    That conversation was a waste of 19 seconds.

  13. SamTheNethead says:

    This also applies to internet frendos

  14. Klaymen 47 says:

    tfw your video gets demonetized for the word ,,hang” in the title.
    And it doesn’t for having ,,brutally” in it.

  15. Beriorn says:

    To have this conversation 800 million times you’d have to live for 80 years after having the first one, then have this conversation about 19 times per minute (that’s about once every 3 seconds) for 80 years straight non-stop. That’s why they never hang out: they are too busy talking about hanging out.

  16. LJ says:

    *F.R.I.E.N.D.S Theme plays*

  17. Patrick Star says:

    “Hey Man, we should hang out some time”


  18. LeeTheNPC says:

    Me and all of my friends.


  19. Quaglium Quagnarr says:

    The Aqaintance Zone.

  20. Justin Y. says:

    It’s more of a formality than anything at this point

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