A Closer Look: First Presidential Debate

A Closer Look: First Presidential Debate

Seth examines Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump’s first presidential debate and how Trump performed despite rumors that he prepared very little.
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A Closer Look: First Presidential Debate- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

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20 Responses

  1. Lawrence McKeon says:

    Oh yeah? Well I’ve been endorsed by water… Hot water. And steam is a huge
    supporter. Ask anyone.

  2. Brandon Mills says:

    Mrs. Clinton did great on that debate. Trump did not so good.

  3. EatmyassGoogle says:

    These Closer Look segments are far superior to what Trevor Noah has done
    with The Daily Show. Comedy Central should try to poach Seth for The Daily
    Show, he’d do way better than Trevor.

  4. geese says:

    I just find it hilarious that Trump lied about Holt’s party affiliations
    and accuse everyone of being a democrat, when he’s changed party
    affiliations EIGHT times in his life. But hey, let’s give him a pass since
    he’s an orange ape.

  5. Johnny Chavez says:

    So, fact check with Shaun Hannity … Yeah no, that’s not a show that would
    be very successful…

  6. Jimmy Jones says:

    bro I don’t like her but I feel she’ll do more for the country than trump
    her husband had jobs flowing and crime down .I know she’s learned something
    from Bill to help this country

  7. Tandreada says:

    There’s a wide difference amongst polls on the internet regarding who won.
    I watched the debate, and I just can’t see how people would think that
    Trump won. Seriously, she gave calm, logical answers. He acted like a
    bratty child every time he said, “Wrong,” or every time he interrupted the
    moderator or Clinton. Seriously? He couldn’t even wait his turn? I even
    lost what he was saying at several points. I remember he talked about the
    Iran deal at one point, and then he somehow finagled China and North Korea
    into it, which has nothing to do with the Iran deal, or if it does, he
    didn’t make it clear what that thing is. Most of what he said was just
    wrong, too. Just factually wrong. He generally looked tired, too. I was
    expecting him to be more entertaining than he was, but it was more of the

    So, the people who say he won, why do you think so?

  8. LucyInNightmares1 says:

    Is it just me or is he looking less orange these days

  9. Shaun Gould says:

    Wow this unabashed idiot is really good at his job, keeping other idiots

  10. Sensei Seagal says:

    Seth its getting late isn’t it about time for you to crawl into your cozy
    little bed tucked away up Hilary’s ass

  11. joey pigott says:

    oh God he sounds drunk the whole time it’s like the just let a home less
    guy in

  12. Tacet the Terror says:

    Oh my gosh, the Ice line killed me. xD 10:51

  13. billy hill says:

    um did trump just admit during the debate that he hasn’t paid federal taxes
    in over 8 years after he just said he made 647 million and considered it an
    off year for him

  14. Aerostar93 says:

    He was talking policy while she and the moderator were hurling insults and
    attacking him personally #Trumpwon

  15. jp cia says:

    Facts, 5 million jobs left USA, 800,000 to Mexico, we are dying……if
    Hillary win, it will be the nail in coffin

  16. Capt. Dan says:

    Sean Hannity is the most trusted name in FAIR AND BALANCED news right up
    there with Bill O Riley

  17. MrAirbender32 says:

    Trump is so pathetic, the only thing he didn’t blamed on Hillary was the
    extinction of the dinosaurs and that’s because he didn’t have the space in
    his tiny brain for the word dinosaur.

  18. Avenger22 says:

    It still blows my mind that Trump wants to bring back “stop and frisk”.
    It’s unconstitutional and it did *not* work.

  19. MrFantocan says:

    He did confess not paying taxes!!!

    A billionaire not paying taxes means billions of dollars not going to
    schools, the public security (police), public health (hospitals), and so
    on, do you really want that guy to give more money to big companies and let
    the people suffer?!

  20. Yudi Mandel says:

    Stop being a nice guy Trump. You’ll win by being you.