A Conversation with Travis Scott and Charlamagne Tha God

A Conversation with Travis Scott and Charlamagne Tha God

Charlamagne Tha God and Travis Scott in his first interview since the tragedies at the Astroworld Festival. During this open conversation, Scott goes in depth about the events that occurred on November 5th and how he wants to ensure it never happens again.

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37 Responses

  1. FTPFLAME says:

    🙏 hope everyone seeing this is doing well.
    Crazy time we’re in right now.
    Love each other

    • Joey Prince says:

      Them mfs don’t love each each they stomped each other to death free my boy Travis mfs just broke and want a bag off a man that’s successful

    • TaketheK I N G D O M says:

      Love your channel bro.

    • Skeekist Maguku says:

      Cheese! really dude this man straight up lies when he says I’m a man of God and then doesn’t elaborate and dances around the first point he made. He worships Satan

    • Leveezy Gutta Muzik says:


    • Mixed Music Arts says:

      The families aren’t doing too well … do you think Travis will send them anything for Xmas? He said he’d pay for the funerals … what a kick in the face while they are down

  2. Javi Mac says:

    My condolences to the families. This whole situation is hard for everyone on all sides, but especially them.

  3. Victoria Ramos says:

    If I would’ve taken a shot for every time this man said “you know” I would’ve blacked out mid video🤣

    • alex ツ says:

      Someone said he said you know over 400 times so you might be dying before the last one 💀

    • SMOO WOO says:

      You would be dead in the first 5 minutes. Dude said, “you know.” 15 times in between the 3 and 4 minute mark, I probably missed a couple too.

  4. Talk To Me Podcast says:

    Travis: “I’ve just been staying in my room”
    Charlamagne: “I seen you on the golf cart with MJ and Justin Timberlake what was that?”😂😂😂

  5. PRlM0 says:

    Before I press play on this I just want to say I’m sorry to all the families and individuals that were deeply affected by this tragedy. I love going to concerts and if I see anyone in trouble I try my best to help. It really sucks that people didn’t get the help in time. I’ve been to many concerts and I’ve seen people pass out due to lack of oxygen, dehydration, and even od’d. Sometimes I’m even shoved to read the next day of someone passing away at the same concert I went to. I understand this is way different and way extreme and it’s really not the same. But In my honest opinion, I don’t think it’s only travis scott’s fault. I believe as a human being, when attending concerts, we have to be responsible, Have self awareness, and be kind, help each other. That’s truly what we all need to do. We all need to learn. I hope everyone finds peace if they haven’t already.

    • Alex Xx says:

      Lmao ur that girl from mean girls that talks about rainbows and butterflies 😂

    • MiamiPush2theLimit says:

      Stop making excuses for Travis Scott. Astroworld is his event. He created it and is one of the event organizers. He, along with the other event organizers are responsible for making sure it is safe. But he was on Twitter all day telling his fans to sneak in and break in even if they don’t have tickets. He and other event organizers are responsible for the outcome of this event.

    • Edwin Guerra says:

      @Tristyn Bail what the hell, why would u say that

    • Jose Martinez says:

      Ok Travis Scott’s public relations bot 🤖 😄😉

    • Aena 5 says:

      tbh i hated travis initially but now i feel like the dumbass shitty selfish asf gen kids r responsible for this all those will be answerable on the day of judgement the foots tht were responsible for trampling ppl to death!

  6. Zach Guillaume says:

    Rest in peace to those that were lost in this tragic event, and may God be with their families at this hard time.

  7. Soyan Osman says:

    Travis: “I always stop the show”
    Also Travis *sees abulance*: “You know what you’re here for, two hands to the sky!”

  8. Kenzie Johnson says:

    Not to mention he is trying to have his lawsuits “dismissed” what a piece of work…Rest Easy to those who lost their lives at the awful show

  9. L. W. says:

    I haven’t seen someone dodge bullets like that since the Matrix. CTG had REALLY good questions, and his body language reads with an incredible amount of guilt, discomfort, and overly thinking about the answer, since it’s not genuine. I actually was a fan of his music but this interview was done in poor taste from TS. He definitely should have waited until this was handled legally. His answers were definitely coached and I get it, he’s in the fight of his life financially with this class action lawsuit. But lives were lost man…the least that could have been said was “I’m so sorry for their loss”. This interview did him no favors nor did it make him look better, clear his name, truly discuss the series of events, etc. I see Travis still didn’t read the room from the beginning.

  10. Aniko L says:

    To all of the families that lost their loved ones… I am so sorry, and my heart goes out to all. This situation was unfortunate, a freak accident that I don’t think anyone ever thought would have happened, especially when it resulted when some people losing their lives. We never know when it’s our last day, or how we are going to meet our demise, but this was honestly so sad. One thing though, Travis is not to blame for this. I don’t get why people are pointing the sole finger at him as if he murdered these people. I will say this as well, if he did see something, and didn’t try to stop the show, he’s partially to blame, but not all. We need to put the blame on the Live Nation, the workers, the police if it was over crowded, and the proper protocol wasn’t followed. Some of those people started rushing to the stage, and didn’t think twice about trampling over people, and ending up killing some of them. The crowd should be blamed as well. It’s strange that at the Pearl Jam concert when 9 people died, people and the media didn’t persecute Pearl Jam like they’re doing with Travis Scott. I think race places a part in this to because Travis is a black man. However, not sure of what the outcome will be, but we all know that the people who lost their lives, will never come back, and that’s the saddest of it all, and the hurt the families have to go through.

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