A Crap Guide to D&D [5th Edition] – Barbarian (AGAIN)

A Crap Guide to D&D [5th Edition] – Barbarian (AGAIN)

This makes me really angry for some reason
terminalmontage footage from: https://youtu.be/0XiFiYPxEQY?t=181
Music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iigtoA_6uRc

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44 Responses

  1. IsiahTomas says:

    A little boy in the early 90’s: But that doesn’t explain all the tu-
    “It’s not a tumaaah!!”

  2. ShadowSuperWolf says:

    He said he’s not going to redo the others but why do I get the feeling he has too much fun with the crap guides?

    • TeamOrchid says:

      I’m sure he has plenty of other things to make crap guides about. I mean he did an entire video on goblins.

  3. michael todd says:

    The ending rant really got me, especially the phrase “Pavement Lotion”; I’m now going to attempt to work that into a normal conversation, excellent video!

  4. General Skalinera // Neon Silver says:

    “needs polish likea live service game 2 minutes after rease”

    *_O o f_*

  5. Clyde crimsoncrow says:

    Its perfect with his personal custom made dnd miniature

  6. Sanobearon says:

    “This is the only one I’m doing”
    *smirks in Warlock*

  7. ryan taylor says:

    So this seems that we truly are in the darkest timeline. Jocrap has deemed his shield no longer needed, we can only pray god helps us now.

  8. Zidan Lintang_45 says:

    2:25 Knowing what JoCat’s face looked like and hearing him shouting like this scared me a little 😂😂😂

  9. Filip KARLSSON says:

    Jocat:”Gained a whopping 1 point in intelligence…”
    Me: ???? 9-5=4 ???
    *After 5 minutes*… oh

  10. Wilson Tortosa says:

    I have a confession to make:
    I chose a Storm Herald for my 1st barbarian.
    And his name is Conan D’Bar’Brien.

  11. MakoRuu says:

    >Play Totem Barbarian
    >Can’t reach flying monsters
    >Get angry at gravity
    >Fly up and smash them

  12. gm sh says:

    “you think you’re better than me just because you can count?” is such a mood omfg

  13. Ryan Parra says:

    Can we please have a “Jocat theme” type video where it’s just him headbanging to metal????????

  14. Matthew Leonard says:

    “It was already perfect, why would he try to redo it?”

    2 minutes and 45 seconds later.

    “Damnit. Alright, it’s better.”

  15. LegendRaptor080 says:

    “I hope you like being pavement lotion because you’re gonna be filling all the cracks in my driveway”

    Absolutely legendary. Will be using this.

  16. TheVengefulOne says:

    everyone: *sits at home, cant do anything, are bored out of their mind*
    JoCat: Have a crap guide, agian!

  17. Giraffe Dragon says:

    *sees the rooster*
    Me: I know that guy!
    “Punch everyone like they’re Prince John from Robin Hood”

  18. Cody Chambers says:

    “I would like to rage”
    “I have an intelligence of 6, I know what I’m doing”
    2 lines that pretty much sum up barbarian in my book.

  19. Pandaua ! says:

    Due to the fact that his IQ increased on the Barbarian, I have confirmed that due to JoCat being in quarintine he has been reading more about D&D characters making his IQ greater and we should all do the same, welcome to a crap guide to gaining IQ.

  20. PalPlays says:

    “Intelligence is a dumb stat anyway. That’s why mine is whatever number comes after 4.”
    Why would you get rid of that line?

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