A Cure for Wellness – Movie Review

A Cure for Wellness – Movie Review

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Chris Stuckmann reviews A Cure for Wellness, starring Dane DeHaan, Jason Isaacs, Mia Goth. Directed by Gore Verbinski.

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20 Responses

  1. Hamza Naeem says:

    so thats it huh? we some kinda A cure for wellness?

  2. Diego MV says:

    I was about to fall asleep. Thanks Chris.

  3. Vincent Knight says:

    Last time I was this early the DCEU had a bright future

  4. matt sweatgast says:

    the moire effect on your shirt made me slightly ill but other than that the video was good.

  5. Taylor Williams says:

    Sometimes, when I’m bored, I put myself in the oven and pretend I’m a meatloaf.

  6. Intro Verdict says:

    Your shirt is trippy, man.

  7. Type40Tardis says:

    Dane DeHaan always looks like he’s on crack. Try and think of a film where he looks healthy- or at least not on crack. I know I can’t.

  8. Barry jeffrey says:

    Hey Chris can you do a video of your top 10 favorite movie franchises of all time?

  9. TMD says:

    who even cares about rotten tomatoes or the other sit?

  10. Plumb Gorilla says:

    Critics didn’t trash this movie because its original, they trashed it because they didn’t like it.

  11. I've Mastered Kaioken says:

    Is there a cure for being Stuckmannized?

  12. [Serious_Russian] says:

    Ok, should we just go register on Rotten Tomatoes and just raise the movie’s score? You know, we’re many, we’re Chris’ subs. Who’s with me?

  13. Fractured Films says:

    When is ur neon demon analysis vid

  14. TMR MOVIES says:

    I agree that critics hate original films, I honestly believe birdemic shock and terror is a masterpiece, yea its low budget but everything else is flawless. I really hope people start praising it for how ambitious and original it is. it says important things about humanity, the environment, religion and relationships, I think its a great film. I hate when people trash it.

  15. Paradox says:

    When I saw the trailer, I really wanted to see this movie. Then it was trashed by critics and I lost interest. Now I want to watch it again!

  16. Young James Franco says:

    Yo Chris just because it’s different doesn’t mean it’s good. Dane DeHann just squints the whole movie and his character is just so unlikable and awful that you don’t care about him.

  17. creeper weirdo says:

    did you accidentally imply this movie is too deep for most people?

  18. LovePatchSour says:

    I respect Chris as a movie critic so much because he can actually appreciate all the small details and elements of movies that modern day critics tend to overlook or disparage.

    I honestly don’t even care for RT anymore when Chris gives way better insight into films.

  19. Antoine Pel. says:

    3:10 You know Chris, movies can be original but still suck ass

  20. BIG BOSS says:

    I swear If I see one more “That’s it huh we some kinda bla bla bla” comment I’m gonna go metal gear on your ass!

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