A DAY IN MY DAUGHTER’S LIFE in Alphabetical Order

A DAY IN MY DAUGHTER’S LIFE in Alphabetical Order

This is my daughter Salish’s daily routine, but she has to do it in alphabetical order 😂 Keep watching to find the clue for a facetime with us! See Salish’s morning routine: https://youtu.be/e_ACUluskzw

Pacifica Seafoam Facewash
Drunk Elephant B-Hydra Serum
Drunk Elephant Hydrating Moisturizer
Drunk Elephant D-Bronzi Drops
Lumie Glotion
Byoma Brightening Serum
Bag Balm

Shea Moisture Hydrating Shampoo
Shea Moisture Restore Conditioner
Sol de JaneIro Scrub
Method Body Wash Coconut

Thumbnail art by Aamir Patel (@aamirdzn on Twitter)

Boxing at Undisputed Fight Academy

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Video by Sandy Chase

Music licensed through Artlist and Epidemic Sound

Wow, if you’re still reading you are awesome! BOOOMMMM!!

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20 Responses

  1. Jordan Matter says:

    Watch the whole video to see how you can Facetime us!

  2. IDJMarioBros says:

    Hands up if you’ve been watching Jordan Matter for a while ✋

  3. Ava Feldman says:

    I’ve been watching you guys for almost a whole year and I’m so happy when you post a new video!!!! I love getting the products and the things Salish uses. I’ve wanted to go vegetarian for a while now but I don’t know how to tell my parents. A face time would be nice so you can tell me what you do as a vegetarian and help me tell my parents. Please and thank you!!!

  4. EMEKA Emmy says:

    I love the way Salish had to do her routine in a twisted order😂

  5. Charli Barli says:

    Hey Salish, if you want to look tan and also wear sunscreen then you can wear tinted sunscreen! It works just as well as regular sunscreen and can make your skin look nicer/more tan. I’m going into year 7 at high school now (Australia starts high school in year 7) and tinted sunscreen is like the only makeup related product we’re allowed to wear so I’m going to make the most of it.

    Also, my fav letter was definitely Z (even though it hasn’t happened yet) but my fav one that was done today was probably U.

  6. Ayira Adera says:

    I love how salish energy is always so positive and happy💕💕💕

  7. PeterxBreen says:

    I love these kinda videos where Salish is the complete centre of attention !

  8. EclipseTheRoyal says:

    I loved O because I absolutely love the pranks on Jordan and Hudson. They’re so funny and creative! Love the weekly videos!! ❤

  9. Seira says:

    A FaceTime with Salish and Jordan matter would make my year *most people would say day but I would be telling my friends about it the whole year lol 😂* my favorite part was probably the letter S because I loved how Salish said eww when her dad said snuggle with dad 😂

  10. Priscilla Njoki says:

    A FaceTime with you guys would definitely make my day✌✌

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