Sup dudes and dudettes,

This is 2 days in my life. I spent a few days in the San Diego area and went snorkeling for the first time in La Jolla. #Vanlife makes traveling so convenient and I fall more and more in love with this lifestyle everyday. Everyday is a new adventure, and I can’t wait to share more of my life with you guys.

hugs and kisses,

Jennelle and Alfredo


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64 Responses

  1. All about Chea says:

    I freakin love that she dresses up and takes herself on dates?☺️

  2. Private Michael J. Caboose says:

    It’s honestly sad she is in danger for giving us quality content

  3. Maria Gold says:

    Who’s here before all the “she’s a YouTube plant” comments show up

  4. nayely sanchez says:

    Why can’t people just be happy for her success and stop questioning it

    • Kira Kiona says:

      nayely sanchez I’m only worrying about the snake till I know everything I feel like it would be harder to give it proper care and from my knowledge they get stressed from transportation and whatnot but it looks fine to me (I’m no expert but I can tell if it’s normal weight usually ) and it’s just a bit skinny which I see a lot since they are common as beginner snakes so I’m not worried about that Or it’s a bit over weight but I can’t see the scales but I can see the spine a bit I’m obsessed with snakes at the moments and is very protective of them especially because my friend (who we might not be friends again)
      Said he goes to the rattle snake roundup and he thinks there’s nothing wrong with it when it’s crule

    • triggered says:

      because there are actual creators that work very hard to get where they are while doing something that takes skill. on the contrary, she gets free subscribers and promotions (free of effort and work, not money) while doing what? finding outfits? swimming?

    • panem says:

      @triggered she’s just sharing her life with other people and she got lucky, while other people kind find success in different ways :~)

    • D M says:

      panem nah, you don’t get “lucky” on YouTube. Small youtubers definitely have to go on some videos and do some self promotion

    • panem says:

      @D M on rare occasions i think that people could possibly get lucky and get recommended to a lot of people bc the algorithm is whack. i’m not an expert tho lol

  5. benglish0411 says:

    You willingly go into the ocean. Braver than me. Jellyfish and sea lions and sharks. Nah fam.

  6. S B says:

    I really like that you do so much self-care and talk to yourself so nicely. I am trying to learn those things, too. Thanks for brightening my day with your video! Stay safe

  7. Joe says:

    “A Day in my Life”
    *gets attacked by sea lion*
    *swims with leopard shark*
    *gets stung by stingray*
    Wish my life was that interesting:(

  8. Shadowlight6 says:

    This video in general brings me back to the old days

  9. urheart inhumanform says:

    it’s just so amazing how she could do so many things in just one day while I just lie on bed watching yt

  10. Maryfaith Considine says:

    im sure ur safe and i might be being totally dramatic but sometimes human traffickers put stuff on your car to distract you so they can get you. i could be totally wrong and someone just accidentally left them there but be safe ? ily ur videos and congrats on 1 mil already ☺️

    • Gabi Boninni S. says:

      Maryfaith Considine
      This kind of comments don’t help at all.. alarmist comments just make people get scared. I understand you and I want her be safe as well, but it’s not hard to understand that those kind of comments will probably fuck her mental health.

    • PassionfruitGiaaa says:

      Gabi Boninni S. I’m sure this comment is just for her to be more cautious, nothing wrong.

  11. Mariie Giivenchy says:

    And reading all these scissor comments is getting me scared for her ?

  12. Lindsay Sundefreelancewriting says:

    I’m sure another comment about being careful is really not going to help – but seriously. You’re very popular on YouTube which should be a happy time for you but unfortunately you still have to keep in mind that there are some really sick people out there who are capable of things that are hard for many to even wrap their heads around. You live in your van, I know if someone left scissors at my house I’d be making a police report at the very least. I hope that if you continue to do this you take every security precaution you can. You’re sharing a lot of your life and although it’s great to laugh and have fun, there is nothing more serious than your life. I’m so sorry because I’m not trying to lecture you.

  13. Marcy Quick says:

    Love the video but the scissors thing is actually really dangerous.
    Sex traffickers have a common practice of putting strange objects/liquids on a persons car to distract them (therefore making them vulnerable.) if something like that happens again, drive away, and investigate later. (And if there is a car parked by the drivers seat, enter your vehicle through the passengers side and just scoot over.)
    Please be safe! I love your channel!

  14. starr9491 says:

    Make sure you have a weapon in the van you can get to quickly

  15. Janidelf Rodriguez says:

    I love your personality. You seem like a nice, genuine, calm, down to earth and funny person.

  16. Odd Lynn says:

    The scissors could probably be a human trafficking tactic be careful :/

    • Monique Sjors says:

      I’m not familiar with things like that, how is a pair of scissors a human trafficking tactic??

    • Saya A says:

      @Monique Sjors its a distraction, its often used as a distraction so someone can grab you from behind while your not aware of your surroundings

  17. Amiyah Mcmillian says:

    you need to get a security camera for your van if that exist

  18. I ask random questions says:

    If you really love Jenelle , then let’s keep her safe . Don’t stalk her and just leave her alone

  19. Jess Gregg says:

    Wait? Does she not wear much makeup!?! When she was swimming and had her shower she looked the same. How can someone be that naturally beautiful?

  20. mogu mochi says:

    11:33 *I thought she was eating next to someone but then realized it’s her reflection* ?

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