A Day in the Life of Markiplier

A Day in the Life of Markiplier

This video shows everything I do in a day. From waking up, to walking the dogs, to working out, we go through all of the exciting life of a YouTuber.
Alex’s Channel ► https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ZFK52fhAuc

EDITED BY ► LIXIAN https://www.youtube.com/user/LixianTV

It was a fun experiment just to stay accountable for all the things I have to do on a daily basis! Oddly enough though with the recent events it’ll only moderately by changed. A lot more hand-washing and a lot less getting out of the house. Perfect for me!

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57 Responses

  1. Markiplier says:

    Thanks for watching! I would like to mention that my daily routine has evolved to incorporate a greater quantity of hand-washing and a lesser quantity of outdoor excursions!
    Proud member of the clean-hand gang now so keep those fingies shiny and clean!

  2. That Guy says:

    1:05 “thinks it’s a intruder standing in The corner” mark: casually looks into camera instead of turning around

  3. Random Person says:

    Mark: has a productive healthy morning routine
    Me: lays in bed until 2:00 and then eat chicken nuggets and then goes back to my bed after

  4. x FuntimeFoxyGames x says:

    My friend watching this: “OmG hE hAs A HyDrOfLaSk”

    • A-Okay RJ says:

      Gotta save the turtles!

    • Althea Van cleave says:

      MaRk Is a VscO Glrl

    • Mr. 8-Bit Doggo says:

      An 18 oz (depending on what you use it for) classic stainless steel Klean Kanteen is optimal in terms of social impact, cost-efficiency, health, and ergonomics from what I’ve found. Use room temperature tap water with balanced Ph levels and only healthy chemicals (turns our fluoride really isn’t healthy) and germs. Different areas need different water filters. Also, wash with a natural cleaner. That’s how you go even further beyond.

    • Safiya Westwood says:

      no one has said it yet so, *skskskskskskskssksksksksksksksksksk aN i OoP*

    • hhwhrhs Smith says:

      I swear everyone has the same dent in it.

  5. MrMuggles says:

    Laughed so hard when Alex was joking like “This guy won’t leave me alove today”

  6. itsamenotmario says:

    Mark: Lives his mortal, 3 dimensional life inside of his limiting flesh body
    Siri: *Allow me to introduce myself*

  7. stew says:

    5:14 he says “why do I, a Youtuber…” and then he drools on the camera and no one is addressing it.

  8. ya-boi-miles says:

    Mark: brushing his teeth
    Me: *intense flashbacks to that time Ethan and Mark had a live arguement about toothbrushes*

  9. Fionn Dina says:

    I appreciate that transition

  10. LM D says:

    Mark: “Why doesn’t my watchphone work?!”
    Also Mark: “I almost washed my watch!!”

  11. Demon_Alpha Red says:

    Markilplier: spooky
    Me: I mean not re-
    *mini jumpscare*
    Me: OHHH SHI-

  12. Pointless 5,000 Subs Challenge Account says:

    (pouring outside)

    Mark: “Nevermind. Not going out.”

    Also Mark: **goes anyway**

    • Mystical One says:

      If you are interested in learning the truth about life and death, then google global truth project and read “The Present”. It can change the world, especially pgs 1-4

    • Alexys says:

      Mystical One thanks for this useless information I will proceed to forget immediately

  13. Deni Pallas says:

    “ I am a man who owns 5 ovens “

    *orders prepped meals and just warms up Dinty Moore

  14. Ruby Brunker says:

    “this is to prove I brush my teeth”

    why do you think people don’t think you brush your teeth?

  15. Ari Fell says:

    Mark: I have a personal interview trainer to help get me on shape

    Also mark: show ten pac

  16. Diane Fox says:

    “Our roof is leaking so I got pots” – AMY 2020

  17. Nguyen Nghiemxuanha says:

    Mark, a youtuber: go to bed at 9:46pm
    me, a normal person: 1am…

  18. Luke Johnson says:

    Mark: I promise no one is standing there
    Demonic creature: Allow me to introduce myself 1:19

  19. AdorableBlueman2 - says:

    “I realize I haven’t actually filmed myself eating” *instantly remembers the video named pretzels*

  20. can i get 10,000 subscriber without videos says:

    (Pouring outside)

    Mark! “Nevermind. Not going out.”

    Also Mark: **goes anyway**

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