A Deep and Honest Convo About James Harden’s Career Decisions

A Deep and Honest Convo About James Harden’s Career Decisions

We’re thrilled to welcome Richard Jefferson and Tim Legler back on The Old Man and the Three this week. In this clip, they have passionate discussion with JJ about the decisions James Harden has made throughout his career, if he really is his own system, and what he needs to do to to extend his career successfully.

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35 Responses

  1. Henry Zhao says:

    This is what ESPN is supposed to be. Guys with experience plus real intelligence, talking ball. No bullshit.

    • Liimbo says:

      They literally are all 3 ESPN employees

    • Henry Zhao says:

      @Liimbo and how often do they get to talk compared to stephenA and Perkins and chiney

    • Szymon Klepacki says:

      @Henry ZhaoThat is the curse of the TV format, where you are more rewarded for being a human caps lock button like Stephen A, spitting wild takes, cause that drives more eyeballs and commercial revenue.
      For more in-depth & analysis content you gotta go with podcasts

      (No personal hate on Stephen A – he just understands the media game better and uses it to his advantage. He also more digesteable on his pod)

    • Mo ma me says:

      You don’t wanna hear GOAT debate for the millionth time?

    • Melijah Earl says:

      the average sports consumer does not want to listen to this, respectfully.

  2. Adar Ious says:

    Amazing trio, 3 guys with good vibes & good conversation

    • Suave says:

      I agree .. This needs to be a reg. thing

    • troll says:

      Two and a half white men

    • Amazing Moments says:

      @Suave facts

    • imaratspal says:

      I don’t agree. There’s no voice from the other side criticizing Harden and looking at how his career has gone for the worse. The fact that he’s always faltered in the playoffs and is definitely passed his best, yet the Clippers have to cater to him, playing worse, and he had a good situation in Philly being with Embiid. He just ups and leaves.

      One thing that was brought up was how he has the lowest floor out of every star player, and him being the system is the problem with how the coaches run the team (deflecting from Harden). Well, he keeps leaving to whatever situation benefits him and his style of play, expecting the coach to cater to him or else he goes to a new team, so doesn’t that make him the problem?

    • Isaac Chapman says:


  3. bob bob says:

    Man this convo was so good and refreshing from the media degeneracy of late

    • blacknetsmed says:

      That media degeneracy truly began with Javale McGee & TNT/Shaqtin’ a Fool. Even when Javale was high level role player on championship caliber squad media were going out of their way to find ANYTHING to pick on the guy for. It’s essentially a form of bullying.

    • DubboU says:

      @blacknetsmed totally agree. Shaqtin’ a Fool started out as light-hearted bloopers for laughs and giggles. But soon enough, it just turned into a platform for bullying from Shaq. Even the players were voicing their displeasure. I couldn’t care to watch it after a while.

    • Quinn Gerlinger says:

      Tim is the goat of nba analysts

    • NewAgain says:

      Corporate media and casual fan bs been amplified last several yrs due to social media/internet. Makes pro sports unbearable &toxic 👎

    • Mura says:

      3 ex players and not “analysts”

  4. Im_So_Zoned says:

    Tim Legler and Richard Jefferson are such great guests. I could listen to those two guys talk basketball all day.

  5. 💘TAP BELOW👇 says:

    The only period I felt bad for him was his Nets tenure cause’ most of the problems weren’t his, it was Covid, Kyrie shenanigans, and injuries. In other places, he’s also at fault.

    Houston gave him everything, people tend to gloss over this for some reason. They got D’Antoni, they got him CP3, Dwight Howard, Westbrook, and in the end he didn’t do jack in terms of championships. Even Kobe said his style of play won’t translate to championships and he was proven correct. Was he unlucky because his team existed coincidentally with the GSW dynasty? Sure, but MVPs aside, he still didn’t bring the city a title.

    At Philly, both sides were definitely at fault. Sixers were wrong for promising to pay him when they eventually didn’t, but then again it’s a hard decision to pay an aging and declining dude loads of money when you already got Embiid and potentially big money for Maxey coming anyways, not to mention that with the exception of the two good games he carried Philly, he kinda stunk the rest of it.

    Now dude goes and says this type of stuff on a brand new team, his 4th in like 4-6 years? Westbrook had to be the guy sacrificing in order for the team to be able to fit more.

  6. Ty Chapman says:

    god it’s so refreshing to see a grounded logical conversation about this man’s career

  7. Kaliq says:

    When we actually have genuine basketball conversations it’s way more authentic rather then just hating to hate , love to see it

    • Kevin D says:

      Yeah but what about from the other perspective! They mention Houston and how they wanted to rebuild… Whenever James wanted a players or coach they got it for him. When they wanted said player/coach gone, they released them or Trade..

      He had an opportunity in Houston for another 2-3 years if they weren’t trying to please Harden play style which was dribble the air out the ball and if James couldn’t get a shot off. Just throw it to a 3 pt shooter hoping to make it…

      I love their argument but they lack the other perspective if they were in a shoe of a GM.

    • nick hammond says:

      Houston was not ever going into the luxury tax with Tillman. That team was done

    • ahmed egal says:

      And in 2020 Westbrook was hurt in the bubble nd he still made it out the first round but westbrooks inability to shoot made them play small ball and trade capela. So the lakers just let a hurt Westbrook shoot and double harden but u and Tim Legler are so smart tho 😂😭

    • Jordan Pollard says:

      ​@Kevin DYou’re missing a lot of context yourself. Also who was the player coach Harden wanted (He didn’t want Silas 😂) He wanted D’Antoni but both Morey and him had beef with Tilman

  8. K Duff says:

    Hardens most MASSIVE mistake was asking out of Brooklyn IMO. Nets we’re gonna pay Harden the full max even with his production decline. I wasn’t a “fan” of the Nets big 3 but if healthy they would have won in 2021 against Pheonix & 2022 against Golden State. The Dynamic of Harden as the primary playmaker, Kyrie as primary scorer & KD giving you 30 playing off-ball pretty much was a guaranteed 130ppg(Nets averaged 118PPG in 2021 while big 3 barley played together)
    -In fairness Nets never added P.J Tucker& let Jeff Green walk in 21’ which I also believe made Harden unhappy because Tucker said he thought he was going to Brooklyn but ended up in Milwaukee. Tucker only made 5.7mil & the Nets had a 6Mil Trade Exception & Nets NEEDED a defensive anchor that didn’t want to shoot.

    • TJ says:

      Well it was a blessing in disguise for PJ Tucker he was a important piece for a championship team and has a ring to his resume while his bestfriend Harden not a champion and not getting another max

    • TheKennyGM says:

      people forget Harden first year in Broklyn was in talks for MVP he was elite still, the decline started the next year after he played with a grade2 hamstring and i believe he never recovered from that, and if you watch all games from the Broklyn vs Celtics series Harden was playing his best ever playoff games until he got hurt in game 1 vs Bucks

    • dusttaker says:

      where is the defense coming from?

    • DG says:

      @TheKennyGMTalks for mvp where lmao

    • K Duff says:

      @DG lmao thank you Harden was never the same after he got fat to leave Houston

  9. Dragon90 says:

    Please bring RJ more, you 2 together are great

  10. GreatWhite Sufi says:

    Isaiah Thomas retired at 32-33 after his Achilles tore in 94, Ewing played till his knees almost fell off at the age of 40, Dominique had a resurgence after he tore his Achilles as well. So there’s always those few who seemed to just play longer than one thought

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