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20 Responses

  1. Shyloc Loeung says:

    i would like a drone because it is a mechanical device i would like to
    receive. :)

  2. Cam Graves says:

    I would love the drone because I am going to Ecuador this summer and going
    on a roadtrip from east to west coast this summer and would love to have a
    drone to capture my experiences

  3. SANE UNICYCLE says:

    As you can see on my channel, I make and edit time lapses and other videos.
    And I think drone footage will really help to boost my confidence and
    productivity levels in the direction of filmmaking. #dji

  4. THE BEST OF GOPRO says:

    Hey Casey do you think I can get one of the new drones. I know how fly one
    pretty damn well but I never owned one. And every drone I look at is really
    crappy or just out of my price range.

  5. Emi M. says:

    hope my randomised comment gets picked because last video i wrote a long
    ass page giving legit reasons only to find out an app picks the winner…

    #dji #phantomdrone4

  6. Thatonelostteddybear says:

    I’m a traveler that loves to see the world in a different perspective

  7. A1N78IOU says:

    Hey Casey I wanted a drone forever and thought they were cool but they are
    too expensive for me since I’m young and. I always loved photography

  8. Konni lehndorff says:

    i would like to have the drone to film some awesome snowboard and stuff
    like this footage #dji

  9. cUBER anDRA says:

    I would love to own the drone because I would love to see México city from
    above, especially since I live near the mountains. I would love to start a
    Youtube channel on drone footage. :D

  10. TheLegendKiller211 says:

    I just want a drone

  11. conrad fernandez says:

    I’d love to win the Phantom 4 for awesome Ariel footage at my uncles lake
    house in a couple of weeks for my birthday and what best way to film it
    then a drone

  12. JustDealWithIt? says:

    Hey casey i would really like one of the drones and if i win i am planning
    to upload footage of the drone to youtube btw i really enjou watching
    you’re videos and thank you :)

  13. Nadia Larsen says:

    I really want this drone because photograpy is my passion and beeing able
    to film from the most amazing angles is a dream come true!! I have been so
    inspired by your videos and I want to be able to film like you with this
    amazing drone.

  14. Ben McEvoy says:

    I would like it because I want to start film making #dji

  15. Turtle says:

    I would really like the drone because I love photography and I am a
    beginner film maker with not much money and I and working washing pots at a
    pub to fund my photography and my love for making films , just like you
    where casey , this would really help me ,
    much thanks
    ,George (14) England

  16. Silly Sausage says:

    I really want a drone since I have never flown one before and I have always
    wanted one. I would use it to explore parts of my land that I have never
    seen and I would explore abandoned places.

  17. kwizzy902 says:

    I would like to have the Phantom 4 because I am finding a new interest in
    photography/cinematography and it’s one of the few things that still makes
    me genuinely happy.

  18. Anne HA says:

    I just would love to have a drone ?❤️ #dji

  19. Rui Ricardo says:

    I would love to have a drone, not just to show the world in another
    perspective. But to show how amazing we are.

  20. Scooby Snack says:

    I’d live to use the drone for filming the landscape near my house in
    western Ireland.Thanks for taking this entry into consideration.