A Fireside Chat with JonTron (Updates, Funny Stories, and YouTube)

A Fireside Chat with JonTron (Updates, Funny Stories, and YouTube)

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Business Inquiries:

Intro Voiceover By: Lewis “Fakanza” Bown

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50 Responses

  1. JonTronShow says:

    Thanks for chatting with me, everyone!! Sign up and comment here and tell me the best deal you got through Swagbucks!

    • Crusader820 says:

      Swagbucks proved to be extremely tedious; every survey I tried told me I was not the kind of person they wished to survey and booted me back to the frontpage. Would NOT recommend.

    • Bag Productions says:

      I created my account through your link and I didn’t get any 5 dollar gift card

    • Brandon Bevill says:

      Dear jontron,
      Please make a video about Donald Trump being impeached. It will be very Haha funny even though you are conservative don’t ask why just go with your heart on this one kthx.

      How this man “accidentally” predicts both the burning of Notre dame and the weird return of OJ Simpson, I’ll never know…. p.s. make that video as soon as possible as this magical power seems to only be for this year. Kthx.

      P.p.s. maybe I’ll use swagbucks later as it actually works usually eventually lol.

  2. TheMLWP says:

    Right when he was talking about advertisers and how they are pressuring YouTube in the content they advertise for, I got an ad to customize a busty waifu

    • Dood says:

      TheMLWP YouTube monitors their videos for ad friendly content more than they monitor their actual ads.

    • Plasma Octopus says:

      @TheMLWP man at least that’s an intersting ad, all I get are beer ads a lot of times lol.

    • TheMLWP says:

      @DoodI gotta stop watching hentai on YouTube then

    • TheMLWP says:

      @Plasma Octopus I mean, I can’t say I don’t enjoy giant anime tits, but I’m not saying I want them while I am watching YouTube streaming through my TV. A beer ad would be much more appropriate.

  3. Pier Rigaux says:

    Here are YT priority :
    1 Advertisers
    2 Viewers
    3 Creators

    As you see Creators are third, to fix that we should find a way to promote our divergent, conflicting or strong values by inovating towards a new model.

    • Kasumi Ryona says:

      Every company cares about investors aka money first and foremost, YT has to bend over to the Advertisers because they depend on revenue.

    • Retard Police says:

      @Kasumi Ryona Except a lot of good companies are able to prioritise revenue without sacrificing their integrity. Unlike YouTube

  4. lawnmowerdude says:

    I really enjoyed John’s commentary. A lot of these social media companies have really vague rules intentionally so it gives them free reign to enforce the rules however they see fit. YouTube will screw you over even if you get CLOSE to the damn line. Broadcast television isn’t even that strict.

  5. Brett Walsh says:

    my channel got blacklisted once.
    I was talking about why my home-country shouldn’t be fighting in afghanistan or iraq (I live in Kassel, Germany and am a 38 year old 2nd Lt tank commander, of a Leopard 2a1, for the 105th panzer regiment, and I currently am in Afghanistan.)
    I was in Kuwait while filming this video and was inside the tank hangar (Because it was 112 Fahrenheit outside and our tank hangers have really good AC,) and me and my 4 other crew members were talking about what we were doing. We get a call on our tanks radio while we were showing the inside of the tanks. The guy on the radio was shot and so while editing we bleeped out the sounds of him dying. That video got ads. The next day we were giving reasons why the war in Afghanistan is hurting Nato and their allies. No vulgar words, no gore, just talking about why war in Afghanistan is not in our interest. Youtube shut down my channel and took down all our content, all channels with our videos on them or featured on them were immediately forced to remove or blur our content. I was furious. Now I use this account and don’t have any plans to upload a single video any time soon. Also 3 of the 4 crew members were killed in action in front of me in my tank and me and my gunner were the only ones to survive. The people that killed my crew were Afghani “Rebels”. They opened our tanks hatch and pulled us out (we ran out of ammo to hold the whole unit off since we were on a scouting mission,) and they blindfolded us and told us that 3 would die and 4 would be injured and left with our tank. They started shooting quickly after they said that and they ran off. I took off my blindfold and cried as I held my driver’s lifeless, maimed, and gored body in my hands. I have PTSD but I still am fighting in Afghanistan.
    My message: Youtube, stop demonetizing and taking down videos and channels because you don’t like them or their opinions/views/content.

    I love you all, don’t be a wuss, Peace in the East
    -Sincerely: 2nd Lt. Heinrich Walzsher.

    • Feebly says:

      Stay safe man. Live on for your crew.

    • Brett Walsh says:

      @Feebly I am. I take care of my crew before I take care of me.

    • Chaos89P says:

      Did you send back a strongly worded letter? That is honestly what I would’ve done, especially with the crap those “rebels” put you through. Google’s probably getting dangerously close to having a class-action lawsuit on their hands over their vague and often draconic censorship policy.

    • Brett Walsh says:

      @Chaos89P I did and I ended up getting a “Return to sender” response.

    • Marcus Kleiner says:

      This is some fucked up shit

  6. CaptainClover says:

    Jontron: *Uploads regularly with good content*
    Youtube: *”Do we promote this or not!? I DON’T KNOW!”*

  7. You_just says:

    “This Gothic-ass building has been standing in France for like, 1000 years”

  8. GenBloodLust says:

    My charity, Music Cures Cancer, got a strike for a recording we shot at one of our charity shows. Sony Latino claimed the video we recorded at a show we put on to raise money for cancer research. The Artist who’s song it is gave permission and understood they were giving permission by performing at the show but, not their label Sony Nashville but an affiliated label is taking money from cancer patients. This System is messed up

    • tryotronic dry says:

      I hope something changes around here hope the charity goes well

    • Nobu says:

      @Caleb Dockum The Urban Explorer thats true too

    • tph_dragon says:

      IceFlare TulipFlames the problem is to make competition, a platform would need to be able to give money to the people on it. That’s really the only reason why YouTube doesn’t have competition right now. Nobody that wants to make a new platform has the money required to make it work, especially with how massive youtube is.

  9. Josh Spicer says:


    Also, yes parody is covered under fair-use. That’s how Weird Al got famous.

  10. okjaye says:

    R.I.P Francis of the filth


  11. Rogue Spartan says:

    Take your time John!
    Anything you put out is gold. Go ahead and take all the time you need and put out what you want. We all appreciate you.

  12. Space Duck says:

    I want to talk about the state of demonitzation on Youtu– **gets two ads** Wait a minute, that’s illegal.

    • BigK says:

      Funny, I got no ads. Guess YouTube caught on.

    • susan fowler says:

      When on trending they pretty much dont give a fuck

    • Squigward Tenticals says:

      I got one at the end and the ad had swearing yet nobody else is supposed to swear on YouTube.. It’s a crappy system I see close to no ads on other you tubers accounts that don’t swear yet they still get the blame for it and it doesn’t make sense. Soon one day youtube is gonna die from financial problems with the copyright system since nobody else will be watching the videos and there fore might end up broken

  13. howrylo herald says:

    Really loved this video and format. Maybe once a month fire side chat with Jon. Everything you said was very insightful and great. Thanks for standing up for free speech and against censorship.

  14. Nonah Yobusiness says:

    SAY NO TO CENSORSHIP. Fight back, folks. Big Tech wants to enslave us by controlling our language, and behaviors. (All the while, they sell our data without paying us a dime.)

    • Jesse C says:

      @Kasumi Ryona Actually Disney uses the media WE pay them for to indoctrinate our children with beliefs. Kids watch shows with certain values, they inherit those values. Maybe you agree with Disney, maybe you don’t, but they mold the minds of our young and society allows it. I think people should boycott Disney just because they own so much media (news, tv, movies, you name it). Anyone who controls that much of the media has MASSIVE say in what people see and therefore think. People really are sheep, the stories Disney push become important to the masses.

    • Noah Danaher says:

      Fight back how? Are you gonna (help) organize the entire internet to boycott YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook? Cause that’s how you’d do it.

  15. Alexei Rivera - Technoclast says:

    Soon nothing will be allowed in this website except TV night show clips where they violate every rule except YouTube doesn’t strike them.

  16. Jake Hayes says:

    Re: Not doing video game videos:

    Jon, you should do what you want to do. Make the videos that you want to make. It’s your channel, and your variety content is amazing and everyone loves it.

  17. nonfiction true says:

    Have you guys considered a second channel? I know a lot of YouTubers is their second channel as a place to post things that either A: they think is funny but doesn’t for into their normal videos and B; stuff they think will be demonetized, but because it’s on their second channel, not in a main video, it won’t hurt them. I think it would be cool if you guys uploaded those vlog-style or behind the scenes -style videos that don’t fit into Normal episodes onto a second channel, because it’d be cool to see, while also not disrupting your normal episodes. You’ll probably never see this, but whatever, just a thought.

  18. Kyle Whitehead says:

    Is Jon alright? He hasn’t uploaded in abput 8 hours… Is he dead?

  19. Arbiter099 says:

    9:42 This policy is also hitting purely historical channels like The Great War and World War Two, demonitising them for publishing the facts of things that happened 100/79 years ago. And worse, their current tactic is to keep videos from appearing on the sidebar recommendations, which means a lot of people just never find history channels like these. It’s sad.

  20. The Bored Enthusiast says:

    Not only that Jon, but they will be abbreviating subscriber counts in August. You can thank the James Charles conundrum for that trash.

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