A Geography Class for Racist People

A Geography Class for Racist People

There are two types of people during difficult times in the world: 1) People who come together as one, and 2) Racist idiots. Which one are you? Find out in today’s roasting.. I mean… lesson.

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Thanks for watching and don’t forget to keep smiling. You’re worth it! xoxo

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19 Responses

  1. Reflekks says:

    Oh no people make fun of me. So I’m going to make a video making fun of other people. 😱

  2. Labrat 20085 says:

    I Feel Like She Is Taking This One Comment A Bit To Far

    You Okay? Need To Lay Down?

  3. Minmo says:

    You guys are failing to see the humor and irony in this video. When islamaphobes are being islamaphobic they tend to make their remarks based on stereotypes about Muslims. All Lily is doing is the same thing to white people, she’s using stereotypes to teach us what a negative image they can make for another group of people.

  4. be vk2002 says:

    dnt ppl understand we r all humans. we eat,sleeep repeat. if pple understand this peace is simple. religion is wat teaches u to do the right thing(all religions do that) instead pple use religion as way to separate human beings into categories.

  5. Spicoli P says:

    do you even realize you are trying to fight racism with racism and prejudice?

  6. Magic Mathi says:

    She totally owned the guy who wrote the comment, with humor, and facts, and which a bright smile. Everyone should humiliate the Superwoman way.

  7. Joud Nony says:

    I am a Muslim and an an Arab and proud and ps I have so many friends who are non Muslim and I could not get any closer to them

  8. Minecraft Cutie 44 says:


  9. Vibhu Singh says:

    Anyone here from afgan pak india?😂

  10. Jake Viveros says:

    she still sounds pretty upset that trumps her president, for another 7 years.

  11. unal sofuoglu says:

    Lily thank you so much I am a Muslim and people keep making fun of me and calling me a Muslimterrorattaker yes that is how they say it and how they spell so thank you for defending me and all my other Muslim brothers and sisters

  12. Cody Nunez says:

    H O L Y S H I T T H I S I S S O G O O D

  13. Z Malek says:

    Its hilarious the right wingers saying she got triggered, but look at all of them in this comment section TRIGGERED AF.

  14. Redubsence says:

    Im an independent, but I disagree with the Fox News comment. Personally, I feel like they have the best, and fairest coverage, whereas most other MSM outlets have become quite opinionated and tend to push “theories” instead of facts.

  15. Natss P says:

    saw the title and knew I was going to love this video, I wasn’t disappointed! x

  16. Lucas Glen says:

    This video was hilarious you just got a subscriber

  17. Maisa Tasnim says:

    I love you <3 This is the best kind of education racist assholes can receive.

  18. Renee Johnson says:

    Honestly I burst out laughing when she said to take a long 45 minute flight back to Canada

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