A Google Pixel ad, but also a video.

A Google Pixel ad, but also a video.

Sponsored by Google Pixel https://goo.gle/3fOnaKv

Tidiane – Melodic
Oddwin – 19

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33 Responses

  1. Waddles says:

    This man somehow makes an Ad funny as hell, and watchable
    More people need to sponsor him

  2. Riseo says:

    I would watch every ad on youtube without skipping if they were all like this.

  3. Logan Ducharme says:

    I love the infinite loop that this implies. That he was so traumatized that he waited years just to go back in time and steal back the phone he’s been waiting to use for decades, repeating the cycle.

  4. Halo 😇 says:

    I just went out of my way to watch an ad, and I loved it. Caleb is a once-in-a-lifetime talent

  5. John Snow says:

    Recently got Pixel 7 myself. Had no clue it had this cool call screening feature that lets the AI answer phone calls from unknown numbers on your behalf. Cool af.

    • Laura says:

      Cool af until it starts autoblocking people you are actually trying to get in contact with, then never alerting you of a missed call or voice message 🙃

    • WB H says:

      @Thomas Qin oh wow! Well I did go from the 2 to the 4 and assumed it was a new feature. That’s great to know though

    • Thomas Qin says:

      @WB H my Pixel 2 has it as well. It’s now my backup phone and I currently use the Pixel 6 as my main

    • Thomas Qin says:

      @ENCHANTMEN not really, I have it on my Pixel 2, and that hasn’t gotten a software update in awhile

    • WB H says:

      Welcome to the pixel gang 💪🏿 every pixel has it starting with the 4. Can’t wait to get my 7 soon

  6. SSB says:

    CalebCity is such a master of making product ads interesting and making people somewhat invested. This guy knows how to entertain I swear

  7. 🌙WhereArtThou Romeo🗡️ says:

    I honestly want to see an ad collab between Caleb and Ryan Reynolds. They are some of the few natural comedians that make me laugh from the gut with their advertisements.

  8. Ava Adams says:

    Man I love talking to myself” is the most self-aware thing a character in Caleb’s sketches has ever said

  9. tails the epic gamer says:

    “I was about to, until I heard AN UNBELIEVABLY LOUD WARPING SOUND IN MY HOUSE” this is my favorite video from you, and its literally an ad, more people need to sponsor you.

  10. TJ says:

    Been watching this dude for years, one of the most underrated youtubers.

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