a guy who never figured out the walt disney logo

a guy who never figured out the walt disney logo

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58 Responses

  1. Natalie Alfera says:


  2. Knight Warrior says:

    I used to think it was a G when i was a kid.

  3. Dat says:

    Jizz Me

  4. Houston Jones says:

    I wonder what the ride situation is like at Jizzney?

  5. Symon says:

    It’s funny because, y’know, semen and stuff.

  6. Nater says:

    It’s pronounced GIZNEY (the “backwards” is silent).

  7. Norj says:

    Ang here I am thinking it was Walt *DISNEP* when i was a kid

  8. MrFindX says:

    He totally got this idea from the vlogbrothers

  9. Mr Lowkey says:

    I wanna go to Jizzknee-land.

  10. Callan Whitney says:

    I also watched that Vlogbrothers video

    • CLOUT says:

      You act like they were the first people to do it, young idiots, Disney has been around since your parents were children. You act like we didn’t know about this before VLOG brothers .

    • Seth Ewing says:

      CLOUT but it was posted yesterday, not 5 years ago

    • CLOUT says:

      He was probably inspired by it, but that Disney joke isn’t new at all.

  11. Nook says:

    But is it GIFney or JIFney

  12. 26magicman26 says:

    no lie, I thought it said WalP DisneP 😐

  13. Neo Machine says:

    Our poor little idiot minds couldn’t comprehend a fancy D.

  14. Slayer11 #slay says:

    *J I Z Z N E Y*

  15. Victoria Smith says:

    Gisneyland 😂😂 My friend had spelled it worse, she spelled it Disnep…with a ‘p’ 😥

  16. Pewdiepie's Hot Dog Boss says:

    Wal7 Gisnep

  17. Dean Natuno says:

    *Backwards Jizzney*

  18. STIMULUS says:

    I’ve never been able to read the Disney logo myself. I thought I was the only one…

  19. eshock7 says:

    I used to think the y in Disney was a silent p

  20. happ doggo says:

    Walt Gisney

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