a guy who never figured out the walt disney logo

a guy who never figured out the walt disney logo

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58 Responses

  1. Natalie Alfera says:


  2. Knight Warrior says:

    I used to think it was a G when i was a kid.

  3. Houston Jones says:

    I wonder what the ride situation is like at Jizzney?

  4. Symon says:

    It’s funny because, y’know, semen and stuff.

  5. Nater says:

    It’s pronounced GIZNEY (the “backwards” is silent).

  6. Norj says:

    Ang here I am thinking it was Walt *DISNEP* when i was a kid

  7. MrFindX says:

    He totally got this idea from the vlogbrothers

  8. Mr Lowkey says:

    I wanna go to Jizzknee-land.

  9. Callan Whitney says:

    I also watched that Vlogbrothers video

  10. Nook says:

    But is it GIFney or JIFney

  11. 26magicman26 says:

    no lie, I thought it said WalP DisneP 😐

  12. Neo Machine says:

    Our poor little idiot minds couldn’t comprehend a fancy D.

  13. Slayer11 #slay says:

    *J I Z Z N E Y*

  14. Victoria Smith says:

    Gisneyland 😂😂 My friend had spelled it worse, she spelled it Disnep…with a ‘p’ 😥

  15. Pewdiepie's Hot Dog Boss says:

    Wal7 Gisnep

  16. Dean Natuno says:

    *Backwards Jizzney*

  17. STIMULUS says:

    I’ve never been able to read the Disney logo myself. I thought I was the only one…

  18. eshock7 says:

    I used to think the y in Disney was a silent p

  19. happ doggo says:

    Walt Gisney

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