A Health-Care Crisis That’s Leading To A Financial Crisis | Morning Joe | MSNBC

A Health-Care Crisis That’s Leading To A Financial Crisis | Morning Joe | MSNBC

The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell by 10 percent Thursday, with the Nasdaq and the S&P 500 both down by 9 percent. It was the worst point drop ever for the Dow and its worst performance since the market crash in 1987. The panel discusses. Aired on 03/13/20.
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A Health-Care Crisis That’s Leading To A Financial Crisis | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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82 Responses

  1. One Love says:

    Funny feds always find money to give the rich but let ppl ask for help an they claim their broke

    • Eff808 says:

      Corporate welfare

    • O SNOOPY SNOOP #1 says:


    • T Boned says:

      Trump is fighting the FED. The FED is in bed with the Democrats.

    • Jim Battersbee says:

      “Opportunity Zones”, yet another rort. What a truly disgusting country the USA is.

    • Leeanne Bishop says:


  2. Progressive Humanist says:

    Take a second to recognize how extraordinary it is that the potus, ostensibly the single most person in charge of the safety and care of all US citizens, has been trying to slow down testing for a deadly virus because the more cases are confirmed, the more he (rightfully) looks bad.

    Also think of just how stupid, how utterly infantile and cowardly, one has to be to think that this “wish it away” policy would help his optics on this. For of course the less people are tested and thus self quarantined and treated, the more the disease will spread, the more people will die, the more the populace will panic, and thus the worse the crisis, the worse 45* looks. It’s a simple causal chain that you’d think any person possessing even a below average but still normal range intelligence and comprehension of the world could grasp and foresee, much less a very stable genius who should thus posses an above average capacity for prescience.

    So even if all 45* cares about is his reputation (and reelection chances) which we know is true since he is a textbook malignant narcissist psychopath (no hyperbole), it is in his own interest to push for as much testing as possible as soon as possible to try to stem this crisis. And yet he’s too jaw dropping stupid, irrational, and ignorant to even comprehend this. This level of incompetence is beyond appalling and unbelievable in a purported leader and it is deeply dangerous to the welfare of all citizens, as we are unfortunately witnessing in real time.

    • Robert Soneberg says:

      its to prevent the sheep from panic look at stocks look at toilet paper lol sheep

    • Robert Soneberg says:

      @DIY/LETS CREATE yes you might get the flu good call sheep

    • Buck Browning says:

      @OutaDaDark And he colluded with Russia to..STFU and move to China you foul piece of leftist sewage.

    • Rand Kocher says:

      @Progressive Humanist,
      It’s a complete figment of your imagination that a virus has anything to do with the President
      You’re just a f*cking Nut!

    • DIY/LETS CREATE says:

      Robert Soneberg the flu comes with a shot unlike c-19. And yes I am a sheep and I see a wolf pretending to care. No more #tre45on burgers!!!

  3. Sean Sopata says:

    Mika reading the list at the beginning is like some bizarre opening to a disaster zombie movie

    • jon doe says:

      @Sean Sopata BS. The mortality rate of Covid-19 is less than 1%. In the closed environment of the cruise ship it was 0.7%. Covid-19 is dangerous to the elderly with existing conditions.
      You’ve bought into a lie created to cause panic.

    • MisterMitch says:

      Do you watch Beau of the Fifth Column?

    • jon doe says:

      @Sean Sopata New stats: Covid-19 mortality rates for people under 50 yrs is 0.1% – the same as the typical flu.

    • iam1ina1000000 says:

      ?? To say that the mass hysteria being created by this Chinese virus is rather convenient, would be an understatement. This is the perfect way for corrupt puppet politicians and the corporate owned puppet media to deflect blame for the stock market finally crashing, due to politicians deregulating the global financial system and not using the gold standard (creating a glorified Ponzi scheme designed to enrich the elite 1% for decades) that has left countries tens of TRILLIONS of dollars in debt. (The American government is over 23 TRILLION dollars in debt in 2020 and pays over 500 billion in debt interest every year!) Global banks have been hundreds of TRILLIONS of dollars in debt for decades and continue printing more and more money waiting for the bottom to collapse any day (long before this Chinese virus was ever mentioned.) Now of course, when the ‘too big to fail’ global banks and the corrupt puppet politicians (owned by the banks and corporations that ‘donate’ hundreds of millions of dollars to their election and re-election campaigns in exchange for profitable ‘favors’ owed later) are about to face the biggest financial collapse in history, this Chinese virus CONVENIENTLY appears. Now the politicians and the media can blame decades of rampant greed and corruption on this virus and the resulting mass hysteria being created. The global financial system was due to collapse months ago and the politicians would have had to answer to the public for letting this Ponzi scheme exist, but now they are able to shift the blame for tens of TRILLIONS of dollars in debt (created since the 70’s) on a virus that has only been around for a couple months! (It is like a junior league hockey coach raping a few of the boys on the team, for years, and before any of the boys decides to tell anyone, the school bus with the whole hockey team crashes off a cliff and the only survivor is the coach. CONVENIENT to say the least right? That is exactly what is going on today, as the greedy and corrupt politicians and bankers will get away with the massive Ponzi scheme they created decades ago, as the public focuses on the Chinese virus that crashed the global financial system.)

    • Richard Gregg says:

      Stop slamming the federal
      Government!!!!!! Start supporting the efforts being done!!!! You do a great amount of projection which you then judge. Stop stop stop this harping on testing!

  4. Rich X says:

    Yes – react to the problem rather than just reacting to the symptoms.

    • Mary Brock says:

      @Julius Morgan there will be massive deaths from a global economy collapsing.

    • Another Random Person says:

      @Julius Morgan Because it ain’t over yet! The numbers will grow!

    • Julius Morgan says:

      @Another Random Person pfft this is just a panic attack by globalist scum. They want to blame it on trump when in actuality it is a chinese fuckup.

    • Julius Morgan says:

      This started dec 31 in CHINA. 40 deaths in america since then. Compare that to italy at 1000. Either way hardly the sweeping deathly contagion globalists wish for. Trump is responsible only because they want a strong president out of office to be replaced by a pandering bootlicker like obammy

    • Leeanne Bishop says:


  5. Natasha cutie pie says:

    Wow the Fed be breaking their necks to save Wall Street but can’t put a dime toward Universal Healthcare for the citizens. This country, I swear… 🙄

    • Arthur Fonzarelli says:

      If only there were a politician who would address this…….oh wait Bernie has been talking about this forever

    • Roel Veenema says:

      Fed are also bankers, the get invited at every party at J.P. Morgan and other major banks , there puppies . And still nobody is doing nothing instead of senator Warren , Katie Porter and some others. Act and vote to make a change.

    • Rand Kocher says:

      @Natasha cutie pie,
      You don’t have healthcare?

    • Paul E. Esther says:

      @michaelatw86 thank you sir for sharing facts. there’s not many here!

    • Paul E. Esther says:

      @Olivia anyone in the US can get what they NEED. Unfortunately some wouldn’t care to put forward the effort. you can lead a horse to water but you cant make him drink.

  6. Bob Courtier says:

    I had private health insurance when I retired. When I began having back problems they dropped me with no explanation. After that I couldn’t get insured and lost both my houses. A lifetime of hard work for a half hour surgery. To me the insurance companies are nothing but criminals.

    • Randy Smith says:

      @Barbara Arndt FREE???? You mean, like no one has to pay for it??? Wow, neat. Where does the money come from???

    • rolback says:

      Bob Courtier It was your old company that dropped you. not the health insurance company. Get your sob story straight.

    • Barbara Arndt says:

      @Randy Smith when you are working you pay about 2% from your wages. When you have retired @ 65 you reap the benefits. Medicines also free at this age.

    • Randy Smith says:

      @Barbara Arndt that hardly seems enough. The money has to be coming from somewhere. You Don’t Think It Could Be taxes, do you?

    • Captain Of A Starship says:

      @Nj Osborne
      I’m being called stupid by those who lack basic reading comprehension.
      What’s being offered in America is to ban all forms of private medical insurance and replace it with a single payer Medicare for all.
      The other option (which I agree with) is A public option which everyone can have if they choose to.
      So tell me how smart you are when you can’t understand this simple point you mindless Corona bat zombies.

  7. David Williams says:

    They have money for Wars but can’t feed the poor

  8. Norman Mattson says:

    $1.5 trillion, Socialism for Wall St.

    • Anthony Kirkwood says:


    • Anthony Kirkwood says:

      @tingle blade oh so true

    • T Boned says:

      @Norman Mattson Stay ignorant and keep watching fake news, stupid.

    • Kitt Songstad says:

      @T Boned why would you think Trump would work against his own self interests. Trump is so cheesy. You know if he hadn’t been born with a silver spoon in his gob he’d probably be a used car salesman on Long Island. He’s just a grifter. And the only reason people think differently is because they’ve never met a wealthy person.

  9. Karlos Khaos says:

    And the lottery begins

  10. P Costello says:

    Wall Street is screaming …. “The Emperor has NO CLOTHES!!!!”

  11. Caleb Hughes says:

    Wait so the Federal Government can pump 1.5 trillion dollars into the stock market to ease investors anxieties, but not pay for the creation of more Covid-19 tests or give people guarunteed sick leave for the two week mandatory quarantine if they do get the illness? That’s pretty neat.

    • Kurt Haas says:

      @Deborah Freedman the House controls the purse…. just saying. Two parties for over 50 years and they put us into endless wars, bottomless debt, roller coaster markets and at each other’s throats all while smiling.

    • Kurt Haas says:

      @Frances Gaxiola seriously? Are you that far gone?

    • Kurt Haas says:

      @Dan Packard uh, Christianity is not capitalism, and capitalism isn’t Christianity

    • Leo says:

      @Alexander Somm
      Oh God No !!!
      Fox news would cry socialism 24-7 .
      Mitch the turtles old shriveled up nut sack would burst into flames .

    • Kurt Haas says:

      @Lilac Lizard and when that cash surge ends….. crash

  12. supersaiandemon says:

    Medicare for all would be s great start.

    • Tyler V.G. says:

      “hOw aRe wE gOnNa pAy fOr iT?”

    • Rand Kocher says:

      Obama wasted $9 TRILLION Dollars, Doubling the National Debt, and no one even knows where the money went!
      The USA couldn’t afford MFA even it was a good idea!

    • Leeanne Bishop says:


  13. floijd says:

    Thank GOD the Apple stores are reopening. For a second I thought we had a problem here.

  14. Mr. Mister says:

    The echo of Michael Cohen’s laughter can be heard bouncing off the disinfected prison walls.

    • Crystal Giddens says:

      @José de Jesus you missed the point entirely. pharmaceutical companies are international companies and their biggest buyers are countries that spend, each of them, billions a year with “big pharma.” Tamiflu was ordered by our own FDA to add to their insert that there is no proof that their product reduces, eliminates or prevents flu symptoms. Compare and contrast that, to the potential side affects, *(very real)* and especially for the most vulnerable, the sickly and elderly (who are also most susceptible to the flu) and ask yourself, whats is to be gained from taking it? at best it is a coin toss! YET! Our governments spend BILLIONS buying up supplies of Tamiflu in case of an outbreak each and every year! By the way, the applicators you saw being used were designed to inject one person after another for situations such as military mass inoculations and the same method is used today. The actual needle is automatically discarded and a new one replaced with each injection. They still wipe the sight of injection before and after each injection with alcohol swipes. it seemed as if you were implying they used the same needle or something? that is wrong. You have no solutions. you have TDS!

    • Dicky Jones says:

      WTF you talking about dummy. Get a job and a life.

    • Romeo X10000 says:

      I highly doubt cohen is laughing because it can affect him and his family too

    • sk8queen says:

      @Crystal Giddens Whattt?

    • Crystal Giddens says:

      @sk8queen what? what? in the butt?

  15. John Lopez says:

    The FED coming to the rescue is like having the Arsonist show up to put out the fire!

  16. Michael Rouppas says:

    The markets crash after the financial genius tries giving a speech loaded with lies to stabilize the markets? Fake President

  17. Coach CutThroat says:

    Government: invest, your money is going to be safe !!
    Me: but I might die …

    Get the FOH #healthbeforewealth

  18. Steve Folkes says:

    I see in the comments the same thought I had: A multi billion bill coming out of Congress and, “Quick! Throw a trillion and a half over there!” All hands on deck and watch those Xillions flow! Yes, we are all affected, but when it hits the investor class where it hurts – zoom! B-b-b-but, how do we pay for it? Quick! Cut Social Security and Medicare!

    • Lexi Cat says:


    • Jim Battersbee says:

      I just learned of Americas “Opportunity Zones”, yet more tax relief for the wealthy, and what a revolting scam it all is. The USA is the worlds premier shithole, the greed staggers the imagination.

  19. kim alonzo says:

    Thumbnail should say: Healthcare crisis that’s covering up the financial crisis.

  20. cattigereyes1 says:

    The poor will be sick zero health care just as the 1% has made the system, this will break the middle class! Enjoy!

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