A Heartfelt View – on we Grow

A Heartfelt View – on we Grow

A response to why leaving the view was not discussed today.

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19 Responses

  1. Pat Toth says:

    Always loved you Rosie….saw you when I lived in Vegas…..your a good
    person….it’s great that your putting yourself and your family
    1st…..lots of luck to you!!!!!! <3 <3

  2. Janet Raymer, Real Estate Professional says:

    Rosie, you are absolutely incredible!!! Your coming back to The View made
    me so happy! I followed you religiously on Sirius and now am so sad to see
    you leaving The View. However, family comes 1st!!! I’ve got 3 teenagers
    and have been through a heck of a lot in the past 3 years and I came home,
    regrouped and grew forward. You are the best – ignore the haters – know
    you are loved and respected by me and many!

  3. bootzilla5 says:

    Good for you Rosie!…I wish you continued success and many more blessings.
    The hell with any negative responses!!..You know what is best for you and
    your family. That is what matters the most.

  4. Lisa M says:

    Big hugs to you Rosie!! You are such a big help to this sistah way out here
    in the Midwest. I wish you health and happiness and I enjoy following you
    here and on Twitter. Lots of love. <3 <3

  5. mpbne87 says:

    Some posters are so mean, vicious, and narrow minded. How sad for them and
    kudos to you for rising above the negativity. I will miss you Rosie but I
    understand you need to take care of yourself and your family. Peace and
    love to you. :)

  6. Christal Imani says:

    We love you Rosie…We wish you nothing but happiness. My wife and I know
    teenagers, and as tough as it seems now, I can tell you that it gets

  7. Nicholas Custance says:

    rosie take care of yourself an your lovies beautiful we want you to be
    happy an loving in no matter what you do an how for you go <3 we love you!

  8. SAM Spade says:

    Now Rosie if you would just go somewhere and die, the world would be a
    better place. Seriously you fat pig. You remind me vomit. You’re disgusting
    to look at.

  9. thewizboy says:

    Good for you Rosie, You have your priorities in the right place. Health and
    Family are most important. Best of luck to you and all the happiness in the
    world. Cheers! :)

  10. 2028 2028 says:

    Shut up and die bitch! You fat pig ugly dyke. Do the world a favor and kill
    yourself tonight!!!

  11. MrRednexus says:

    Screw this fat bitch, I hate her ever since she tried to racially imitate a
    asian person. Your fucken lucky that asian people are passive people so
    they don’t do shit. That shit is equivalent to calling a black person N
    word. So just go ahead and die cause no one gives a shit about your
    lifeless career. Your nothing you fat bag.

  12. Rhonda Bompensa says:

    I so enjoyed you on the show. Best of luck rosie….truly

  13. nigella4me says:

    Rosie, without you that show just won’t be the same. I had completely
    stopped watching it until you showed up on it. I’ve always liked your “say
    it like it is” personality. I just won’t be watching it now, without you it
    is just boring, no offense to the other hosts. I wish you nothing but
    peace, and contentment, and happiness in every area of your life :)

  14. fucko the fox says:

    you’re a marvelous person. good luck with everything!

  15. Steven Parker says:

    Good for you Rosie, do what is best for you and your family. I hope to see
    you on TV or hear you on the radio again. I appreciate your spirit!!

  16. Panda Modium says:

    Chin up, buttercup.
    Love ya lots Rosie ! Regardless of your personal reasons I am happy to see
    you off that horrible show. Whoopi used to be the reason I watched, then
    she turned into a jerk, so I turned it off and then on again FOR YOU !
    Anyhoo, love ya long time, toots ! If you ever need a get away, know that
    there is a 30 year old blonde friend up in Canada with a 30 year old
    rescued pack mule achin’ to meet ya ! Take care, sugar ! xx

  17. How Our Garden Grows says:

    Thank you, Rosie! I have always admired you and I admire you even more
    knowing that you will be home being a great mom and wife and taking care of

  18. denise grant says:

    God Bless you Rosie, please be well.

  19. BonVon D says:

    Through the bible with Les Feldick. :)