A Journey Through Time – SNL

A Journey Through Time – SNL

Three people (Paul Rudd, Kate McKinnon, Cecily Strong) share very different stories about their experiences with time travel.

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85 Responses

  1. Patrick R. Tervo says:

    Kate McKinnon always killing it with these skits ?
    “God had no part in this” omg

  2. Leonaza7 says:

    “Last person to try that never saw their wedding ring again” ??

  3. April Dumont says:

    “Buddy, god had no part in this”

  4. Tara Morin says:

    Kate mckinnon is so good at breaking other people in these sketches that now she breaks herself

    • ragusajr100 says:

      Sooooooo Talented….

    • sherry harris says:

      +RaymondHng Yeah, I was disappointed when Paul stayed in character. I always find the breaks turns a funny skit into a hilarious skit.

    • I'm Justin Y. & I Post Pointless Trash says:

      +sherry harris That’s the problem, it’s considered a cheap and easy way to get laughs, that’s why they try not to do it.

    • C S says:

      I thought that fact he didn’t break character with McKinnon humping his head made this skit funnier…. Like it was completely normal she would be doing that.

      Excellent effort from McKinnon. Utterly ridiculous. Haha

    • Ultra Man says:

      She has a nice pussy too

  5. C M says:

    Kate saying “I ain’t really into ladies, but if nothing else is open, I’ll eat at a Taco Bell — if you know what I’m saying.”

    That’s what makes Kate one of the all-time great players and shows that the writers definitely wrote an in-joke for her ??

  6. Tara Morin says:

    “I’m not really into ladies but if nothing else is open I’ll eat at a Taco Bell” ???

  7. Umer Qazi says:

    “People is such a strong word” ?

  8. Lin Lee says:

    How in the hell did he stay in character when Kate was dry humping his neck and face? Amazing.

  9. stezton says:

    “If nothing else is open, I’ll eat at a Taco Bell.” Cut to Mikey and Aidy. They are so picturing that.

    “She pops a finger up my keister like it’s our second date.” Wow. Now that’s a picture. o.O

  10. Sara Edwards says:

    She always gets me with the “still pantless, mind you”

    • mainefem says:

      …and in each Ms. Colleen Rafferty sketch, she always mentions “kicking off her sweats” (but the audience never sees any sweatpants).

      My fav McKinnon character; and “Cathy Anne” with Cecily is my fav of hers.

    • Morpheus says:

      I like how she always manages to end up with her cooter and her tooter on full display.

    • Nick L'Heureux says:

      mainefem good old Donald Trunk..

    • Christina R. says:

      YESSSSS that part kills me every time!

  11. Samuel Tillman says:

    I think Paul Rudd is on top of “no break hill” after this sketch ?

  12. Pale One says:

    Are her pants getting higher waisted every time?

    • mainefem says:

      Ditto with Kate slumping downward in her chair; with the “wide man-spread” leg stance.

      Same shoes worn each time, also.

      Love the attention to clothing detail by the writers!

      What I noticed during this Ms. Colleen Rafferty sketch was more action w/her fake cigarette while speaking (whether that was intentional or an ad-lib by Kate to try to break Mikey, Aidy, & the others, I don’t know).

      It was hilarious–had me giggling like a fool, due to cigarettes being so “taboo” in this era, but Rafferty can get away with using them as an effective prop for her sketch character!

    • SunnyOG says:

      *scrolling down to the comments to comment about her pants* *sees your comment*

    • Cheetoh Puff says:


    • Sabra Zafarano says:


    • Sabra Zafarano says:

      did I do thaaat?

  13. Gabrielle A says:

    “Who is Barry Levine?” “A young man who will never forget his Bar Mitzah” lmao

  14. SaeZmurf says:

    She killed it!!!!
    “These two are in wakanda I’m in rise of the planet of the apes”

  15. Ascent says:

    Is it just me or does Aidy look exceptionally lovely?

    • Iw84him Iw84him says:

      She’s always so pretty but if everyone is saying shes exceptionally pretty… maybe she’s pregnant!!

    • DoctorPretorious616 says:

      Aidy Bryant does look very lovely here; and her hair, dress and makeup are all perfect; I couldn’t take my eyes off her! Aidy is one funny and gorgeous BBW, one of the true stars of the current SNL roster.

    • Morpheus says:

      John Dawkins Look, for the record I think Aidy is highly talented at what she does. She’s funny as hell and can pull off all kinds of characters. In fact I enjoy just about every skit she’s in. She brings a great deal to the show. But that said, I’m neither blind nor a PC sheep like you, and will call bullshit when I see it.

    • Morpheus says:

      Shayela Hassan That’s fantastic. Tell me, does it also address pathetic, bitter losers who have nothing better to do with their lives than to self-appoint themselves the PC Police and scour youtube comments sections for minor PC infractions? Cuz I’d watch that show.

    • Fairyking M says:

      Yeah she looks so pretty!!

  16. Daniel Kent says:

    i think this skit is just for the writers to see how many different names they can come up for kate’s v and butt

  17. Matthew Robinson says:

    How did Paul keep a straight face during that?

  18. Mo M says:

    I know Kate McKinnon is gay, but I feel like she requested this as an excuse to hump Paul Rudd. I know I would

  19. Daron Williams says:

    They all deserve an Emmy for not dying of laughter after what Kate was doing. I’m over crying lmao

  20. Jillian Adele says:

    “I got mah bush smushed by a cave woman…. You’ll live.” ?

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