A Light in the Darkness – Official Call of Duty®: Black Ops 4 Zombies Trailer

A Light in the Darkness – Official Call of Duty®: Black Ops 4 Zombies Trailer

Every origin has its end. The final chapter of the Black Ops 4 Zombies Aether story arrives on September 23rd.

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54 Responses

  1. M.c go Watch says:

    A salute to the greatest Group of characters Treyarch has ever made… you all will be dearly missed old friends.. your story may end soon but it will be passed on and forever told. ??

  2. Michael Dolan says:

    Them zombies faster than the tranzit bus sprinters

  3. Mike Harper says:

    All my favorite characters. Thank you Treyarch!

  4. Juan Loiza says:

    Holy SHIT. THe final Battle has begun!!!! 😀
    AWESOME, Treyarch

  5. Dimox115 X says:

    Thank u treyarch for this lovely content and story of aether ??

  6. Dimox115 X says:

    Its funny cuz they take a break and victis are in danger meanwhile????

  7. Pheles says:

    “a light in the darkness” is referring to a lighthouse.. Call of the Dead Confirmed guys

  8. Die - Hearts says:

    I’m getting the tissues ready ;(
    I’m gonna miss all of these characters

  9. Circus baby in a panzer soldat suit says:

    How are there still zombies in blood? Didn’t the shard free the zombies? Idk i am still excited

    • Circus baby in a panzer soldat suit says:

      @RDMANGLE-YT my problem with the boss fight theory is that when post rev rich comes out of the pod, the transit crew are still in the pods. And post rev richtofen instantly uses the shard when he gets out. That would leave very little time for the transit crew to do there thing. Wow look at me debating.

    • RDMANGLE-YT says:

      @Circus baby in a panzer soldat suit there is one other thing though. this could be the act of Dr monty

    • Circus baby in a panzer soldat suit says:

      @RDMANGLE-YT probably doc minty or the shadow man trying to prevent whatevers going to happen to them at the end

    • Barbatoast says:

      Because its purgatory

    • TrextReaper says:

      Monty re opened it and is attacking them

  10. 115_collin says:

    I love the story!
    COD zombies changed my life
    Thank you treyarch!!!!!!! <3

  11. Kyden-Wulf 1102 says:

    I have been playing zombies for half of my life, literally. Treyarch, i want to thank you for this amazing story and rollercoaster of a trip. If it has to end, so be it…but plz no :c

  12. TheScreamOfDead says:

    So this is the end… Treyarch, please give us a real Ending-Cinematic. We all… and you the Zombies-team deserve that. Been here since W@W, so please – give all u got for us.
    It’s been such an amazing journey and story. I know every detail of this whole mindfuckery u created. Props to ya. Cheers

    xoxo B-Tag (TSOD)

  13. Rident says:

    Aether story is probably my favorite story out of any media. I know you guys are gonna finish strong, can’t wait.

  14. NWOchaos says:

    Anyone else kinda disappointed that the intro Cutscene is once again in this hand drawn comic style and not animated like the others…

    • Derp Bart says:

      They spent their budget on Chaos! Now the budget goes to COD 2020. However, I do hope we get an animated CG cutscene for the end.

  15. Trust Bug says:

    Thanks Treyarch for such a great story please provide more of this amazing story we love you ❤

  16. MilkMan. says:

    jesus i feel weird..

    dr.minty!? i-is he like a bad guy ? -stu 2019

  17. PHAZEBEAST115 says:

    Please let us use victis crew! The outro should be cinematic not cartoon please ( thanks treyarch for a good childhood , i love your zombies forever !?)

  18. Dutch Van der linde says:

    Imagine if they make grief mode for all of the characters

  19. Marcus Marshall says:

    Despite the downfall of bo4 this was an honor to be with the story since WAW

  20. FrAnTiC WaFfLeZ says:

    Vectis needs more maps, it can’t end for them here, surely

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