A little GO in the neighborhood grass.

A little GO in the neighborhood grass.

Everyone was playing. EVERYONEEE. Except the few times they said no. Or didn’t understand. Or both. That was….fun…

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20 Responses

  1. Joh1002mm says:

    Man why so many Asians playing a white man’s game?

  2. Christian RomeArrow says:

    Dude. Nintendo nailed it with this game. It gets people outside, but makes
    very fun at the same time.

  3. Nikola Tesla says:

    Can anyone tell me where to find this pokemon ‘girlfriend’?

  4. Srib says:

    Next week – 2,000 people died from drowning, car crashes and accidents by
    trying to catch pokemons with their phone.

  5. zachaqsw says:

    videos fake everyone knows Pokemon go servers are down…obvious jk i know
    its working someplaces

  6. Darth Dio says:

    So where did this happen?

    EDIT: It’s LA , California.

  7. Joshua Martinez says:

    I knew this was in Irvine!

  8. brian frescas says:

    Yeah sure dude. You know how easy it would be more Nintendo to produce
    this…don’t be surprised if these videos start popping up more often. It’s
    pretty smart honestly, some good viral marketing right here

  9. Silver comet says:

    “all those losers over there are red”

  10. Luna says:

    filthy casuals!!!!!!!!

  11. iztheterrible says:

    lame !

  12. Juwariyah Syed says:

    Hi not h8

  13. David Merkel says:

    Just don’t play in a bad neighborhood.

  14. Jordi Tararo says:

    It’s like one of those movies where all the humans were unplugged and freed
    and got to be humans again lol

  15. Myalternate Googleaccount says:

    to be honest the actual games Pokemon games like Diamond and Pearl are far
    better, but I can see the point of encouraging people to go outside.

  16. Duck37 says:

    Funny how all the Chinese people said yes…

    I’m just sayin guys, I’m JUUST saying..

  17. Source Of Epicness says:

    This will never happen where i live 🙁 a small ass town and i cant even
    play go here.I bet it is nice living in a bigger town or so…

  18. Waya`s Vlogs says:


  19. Drake says:

    Ayy you live in Irvine.

  20. 11OZIL11 says:

    I’m gonna check out my park today. I hope it is as lively as this