A Magical First Playthrough of ELDEN RING

A Magical First Playthrough of ELDEN RING

Guys can you please download the network test already? My Torrent doesn’t have enough spectral seeds haha goodnight everybody
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00:00 The First Step
01:20 The Church of Elleh
02:34 The Gatefront Ruins
05:22 Melina and Torrent
08:00 Groveside Cave
11:30 Stormfoot Catacombs
15:20 Limgrave
17:20 Post Town Remains
21:20 Stormgate
22:20 Forlorn Hound Evergaol
24:54 Stormhill
27:04 Margitt the Fell Omen

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40 Responses

  1. ymfah says:

    Cleanest footage&voiceover I’ve seen in any playthrough! Voice only record was genius. Well done!

  2. sqwid12 says:

    “You are Maidenless!”
    “Feel free to go off and die in a ditch”

    i see were getting personal with the dialogue

  3. thatrainbowquickie says:

    “Do you know of the Fingered maidens? Of course not, you are maidenless. You are hollow, without ambition.” -miyazaki calling us incels and betas

  4. Courier Six says:

    One thing I really appreciate about Elden Ring is its art style, with the armor and bosses in particular. It’s like this blend of Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls with some high fantasy thrown into it, it’s really refreshing to see a Soulsborne game with this kind of shift in tone while still remaining recognizably FromSoft, it reminds me a lot of the difference between Berserk pre- and post-Eclipse.

    • Bajsbrev says:

      that makes no fucking sense

    • Jeffrey Gicharu says:

      @Bajsbrev to you maybe

    • Just another black & white mickey Mouse says:

      It gives this painting style, kinda like Bloodborne at times

    • Alexander Jakubowski says:

      Only thing that would make it better is if you could sheath your weapons. Carrying them around everywhere has this ridiculous quality to it that sort of breaks the immersion lol

    • Stev Sux says:

      I’m currently playing through the souls series to hype myself up for Elden Ring and watching this is such a breath of fresh air for art style and variety when I’m in the middle of Dark Souls 3, quite possibly the ugliest and grayest game I’ve ever enjoyed since we got out of the PlayStation 3 Era of every game being brown

  5. Marco From Tropoje says:

    24:40 lol Vaati doesn’t strike me as the T-bagging type, which made this even funnier

  6. J F says:

    “Have you heard of the finger maidens?”


    “They serve the Two Fingers…”

    Oh, stop it now.

  7. The Cotch Sasquatch says:

    Everyones worried about ease. Usually with these tests they give you a character with set stats etc. Meaning you won’t be this strong on release, you won’t have these spells or weapons and possibly won’t have an easy time gaining resources. Darksouls 1 and 2 did similar beta’s and the game was fine. This is like playing the start of dark souls 3 after beating yhorm.

    • Aqua Somnus says:

      The thing is the movesets look very predictable, and my god that AI is still too damn stupid

    • Sohelanthropus says:

      Yeah but spirit summons look way too powerful, they aggro everything and have mad health, that’s just a free out of jail card which is bs

    • Sohelanthropus says:

      @Jack if you don’t defend what made dark souls so great then you’re not a real fan

    • Hugo Fergusson says:

      @Jack Wanting to be challenged by a game series you’re used to isn’t weird lmao. Yes the people who look down on people who use certain “easier” builds are stupid but these games are enjoyable for a reason.

    • Ginge n Brawn says:

      But they have removed having to go back to the bonfire on death, which does make it easier and removes tension

  8. Jake Semerdjian says:

    “Parts of the environment are destructible now.” There’s absolutely gonna be one or two overworld bosses that will just chase you to the ends of the map & destroy any building u try to hide in isn’t there?

    • Akira Igarashi says:

      Wasn’t it always like this in the other games as well with the breaking floors and stuff in some places?

    • toxicbergers says:

      @Akira Igarashi yeah like that fat guy from shrine of storms in demon souls but maybe we can trigger these destructables now like use bombs to open up a death trap for a boss would be cool

    • Ashen One says:

      @Akira Igarashi I think this is meant to be more of a “universal” thing as a mechanic instead of a rare set piece.

  9. Ashley Shepard says:

    “The real reason we’re here is for that *lore*”
    -Vaati, 2021

  10. Cody Felts says:

    -Summon 3 dogs that distract the boss for 10 seconds. “I think it’s overpowered, I’m afraid it won’t be balanced”
    -Summon homing swords that take 1/3 the bosses hp. “It’s pretty strong.”

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