A Maze of Terror – The Backrooms Series Explained

A Maze of Terror – The Backrooms Series Explained

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33 Responses

  1. Wendigoon says:

    Install Raid for Free ✅ IOS/ANDROID/PC: https://clcr.me/Wendigoon_Aug22 and get a special starter pack 💥 Available only for the next 30 days

  2. Batfreeze says:

    The Backrooms is, technically, one of if not THE most visually ambitious horror projects on the platform. I can never tell what’s real and what’s CG.

  3. Steve R says:

    Just want to point out that A-Sync is also short for “asynchronous,” which means not simultaneous or concurrent in time. It can also refer to a type of digital communication where signals are transmitted without being passed through a central clock or mainframe.

  4. Agareas says:

    Since time jumps are included in this story, wouldn’t it be cool if the backrooms when getting more and more unstable and reaches a critical point, actually send a person back in time? Up until now it only made people jump into the future and physics indicate that going back in time is impossible, but going forward is possible. Perhaps if the complex is getting so unstable, it breaks the law of physics?

    • NoLaifu says:

      Physics was already showed broken when that dude fell through a vertical pit and shot out a wall in the pits video. Whole place us outside the realm of what we understand as normal so time skipping backwards might be possible. We still understand so little.

    • Agareas says:

      @Deez Nutz bruh whats your issue bozo 🤓

    • Deez Nutz says:

      @Agareas too bad its in a series that can be boiled down to “monsters in a maze attacks people”

  5. Explode says:

    Hey Wendigoon, some more evidence of the time skips is in pitfalls, when he’s walking through the hallway to where he finds the backpack, the microphone glitches and you can hear the song “kids” by MGMT play over the microphone. However the song was released in 2007 and this takes place in 1990

    • Tim Tim says:

      If you watch the music video for that song it starts with the mark Twain quote about turning into a monster if you spend time with them, kinda supports the people turning into monsters theory

    • Dennis Matheson says:

      Also, in the same general area (in the room with the chair) you can hear some audio in the background what is from an interview in the 2000’s when the US had just normalized relations with Cuba and the reporter is asking if Castro would visit the President.

  6. Logan Parry says:

    To add onto the backrooms entity theory, we never see an entity in a location where we don’t also see some form of human interactions, IE the person living in the backrooms, grafitti, in the new episode that fucking car. It all leads back to the idea that these humans couldn’t survive and eventually deformed

    • somecargoship says:

      @whaaa t this guy is a bot

    • Daryl Jones says:

      I also was thinking the survivor from the noclipped car ended up turning into the creature. Other questions exist about the actual area the creature was found but this one seems more obvious.

    • icedtea :D says:

      maybe there are specific locations where things that fall through go? not a specific place, but multiple areas where entities that fall through usually go. the entities would have also learned to stay close and hunt around these places, which would explain why we see so many entities in a near infinite wasteland

  7. Visassess says:

    I love how seriously you take these stories. It’s like you’re a historian explaining things that have actually happened.

  8. jumpshotbroken says:

    I think Kane got so good at his vfx due to his Attack on Titan found footage series. I saw those as they were coming out and was blown away by how good they were.

  9. Umbra says:

    Wendigoon is such a “I DONT NEED SLEEP, I NEED ANSWERS” kind of guy and I love it cause I’m the same way 😂

  10. Roger Cheeto says:

    Kane’s interpretation of the backrooms is like 90 times better than anyone else’s, it’s so cool and feels like a natural evolution of the initial concept instead of bootleg SCP content

    • Roger Cheeto says:

      @Kehath there’s a massive difference between liminal spaces and the backrooms, while you are right about liminal spaces you are wrong in assuming they are the same

      I also think it’s really funny how you assume I haven’t seen anyone else’s takes on the idea, readings from the countless bland, cookie-cutter wikis make up like 75% of the other backrooms content on YouTube, it’s frankly hard to miss

    • TimeMasterXX222 says:

      @Kehath there is a difference between the backrooms and liminal spaces bruh

    • Arthurly says:

      frag 2’s also is great but kane’s has a nice touch of reality to it.

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