A Message Before the President’s Immigration Speech


Instead of working together to fix our broken immigration system, the president says he’s acting on his own. But that is just not how our democracy works.

The president has said before that ‘he’s not king’ and he’s ‘not an emperor,’ but he sure is acting like one.

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20 Responses

  1. TheTMA1 says:

    Why don’t you all just grab ankle as we make excuses NOT to up hold the
    How about going after the reKCUF on his Birth Place and get rid of ALL OF

  2. Jane Helbert says:

    Speaker Boehner, The United States is not a democracy but a Republic. The
    Executive branch has no power to make law. Only Congress does. Honor your

  3. Greg Walter says:

    Fixing our immigration problem is simple if only DC will do what it takes.
    First, secure the border. Second, mandate e-Verify for all employers,
    school enrollment, and social services (this will cause illegals to
    self-deport instead of living off the taxpayers). Third, work to
    streamline the legal immigration process so that those who wish to come
    here can do so legally and without undo delays and expense. Also, end
    birthright citizenship- it is unconstitutional. XIV Amendment says
    “….and subject to the jurisdiction thereof (USA)”. Those in the country
    illegally are subject to the jurisdiction of their home country, not the

  4. Rick Jesus Galiendes says:

    Wow, really John Boehner, the guy who refuses to work with the president in
    the beginning. Everything and anything he offered on the table. You and the
    republican party pushed away and you folks decided to work for yourselves.
    There was never a working together since Obama took office. You and your
    party refuse to work with Obama. For a person like you a leader to the
    state would speak such hypocrisy. Obama has done some good things for this
    country. The stubbornness in the lives of some American people is what
    blinds them from the truth. This is the reason why I chose to note vote. I
    decided that no matter what all politicians are fake and does not care for
    the American citizens, but the money that goes in their pockets. We the
    citizens of America are the ones that put you, the president and all of you
    other fakes in the position that you are in. Yet you mess with us, treat us
    wrong, and take advantage of us. You steal our money, u tax our ass off and
    most of all. You guys don’t give us the freedom that this country stands

  5. xoxak888 says:

    Reagan gave amnesty to 3.5 million illegal aliens . Obama gave amnesty to
    5 million illegal aliens. I guess politicians will do anything to grab
    political powers regardless of party-line. Now it became official that
    president can give amnesty to unlimited number of illegal aliens with
    executive order alone anytime he wants. Then, I guess president can do
    anything alone without Congressional approval with executive orders .
    Bush wanted to be the most beloved and remembered president and ended up
    the opposite. But, Obama at least became the most beloved and remembered
    by illegal aliens in my view. So, in my opinion, at least Obama
    accomplished his reason why he became a president. I wonder when Obama’s
    love affair with illegal aliens started. In the end, I see there is
    nothing GOP really can do since media is not on their side.

  6. pamela ross-skaggs-rojas says:

    If the Republicans won’t work with him WTF is he supposed to do, NOT ACT?

  7. themarine09 says:

    Even if republicans challenges Obama’s executive action latinos are going
    to hate republicans even more 

  8. Bill Anton says:

    Why is taking care of illegal immigrants more important than taking care of
    the American worker who is out of work? Our economy is on its butt no
    matter what Obama says, he’s more interested in insuring the Hispanic vote
    for the Democrats. 40% of the people in my state are just getting by, yet
    we’re going to have a national speech by Obama telling us how he’s going to
    take care of illegal immigrants. 

  9. FrugalPrepper says:

    Mr. Boehner, I voted for you in the election, and against you in the
    primaries. I don’t agree with you on many things and I wish there had been
    another option, I am a Libertarian, and I normally would just not vote if
    there is not Libertarian candidate, however, I chose for vote for the most
    pro 2nd amendment supporters this time around. While I don’t necessarily
    disagree with his plan on immigration, the president is now trying to use
    executive orders to decide which laws the executive branch will enforce and
    which ones they will not in order to implement his plan. This is a direct
    violation of the separation of powers. Mr Speaker, DO YOUR JOB, it is time
    to setup a Judiciary Committee and Draw up articles of impeachment, for
    High Crimes and Misdemeanors. The House need to take a stand and do this
    even if it doesn’t have a snowballs chance in heck of getting a 2/3
    majority in the Senate. Send a clear message that Congress will not stand
    for this type of Tyrannical behavior from the office of the president. To
    do anything else allows a serious precedent to be set that would strike at
    the very core of our Liberty and Freedom. This isn’t about Republican,
    Democrat or Libertarian, this is about preserving Liberty, Justice and
    Freedom for all.

  10. Blue Girl says:

    Well king Obummer has always made up his own rules since he has been in
    the white house and nothing has ever been done about it. In his mind he is
    the king and he can do whatever he wants. So what else is new?

  11. espnfan54 says:

    Go smoke your cigarettes and die Boehner 

  12. Arch Yeomans says:

    That’s Dear Supreme Leader. Get it right!

  13. michael woodruff says:

    The first bush did this also tho?

  14. J Todd DeShong says:

    Boehner has selective memory. President Obama tried to work with the
    Republicans for two years on Immigration Reform and they refused to
    cooperate (just as they refused on every other issue.) Boehner is not
    fooling anyone except the idiot Republicans who are glued to FOX “news”.
    Grow up, Republicans. The status quo in this country is changing and you
    can either get on board or become irrelevant.

  15. Richard Costabile says:

    Dear Speaker, you are right to not trust Obama,not only has he not earned
    trust, he has violated trust. That said, you should turn his action over to
    attorneys to fight him in the court and get on with your agenda for all
    issues including immigration reform. Take away his excuse that the
    Republicans are not doing anything. That’s what we Americans want!

    Rich Costabile

  16. Rob Ervin says:

    The only thing “broken” about our immigration system is the failure to
    secure our border, and enforce our laws already on the books. We did
    “immigration reform” back in 1986, and all we got from that was the next
    wave of illegals.

    The 2014 Republican wave was meant to stop the out of control Obama agenda.

  17. Kyle Larsen says:

    Actually what we want is a truly secure border and decisions made in
    Washington based on what is REALLY best for the people OF THIS COUNTRY.
    All this talk about the Chamber of Commerce wanting legalization – IGNORE
    THEM and their money! THE PEOPLE do not want this! We are SO ANGRY not
    only with what was done but even more importantly HOW. If this is allowed
    to stand, then you people are not upholding your oath to the Constitution –
    too many have fought for it with their lives – DO YOUR JOB NOW!!!

  18. Allen Helton says:

    RE: Presidents address om immigration.. Gruber me once shame on you, Gruber
    me twice shame on me!!!
    This an attempted extortion of the American people PLEASE USE YOUR NEW

    I suggest that Congress give special powers to the border states to enforce
    federal law when and if the President does not.


  19. Teresa Unger says:

    Well, hypocrisy is nothing new. Deceit. This man speaks with more than a
    forked tongue…

  20. Jim Self says:

    Look. Every time Obama wants to move “ahead” all he has to do is light up
    Republicans through the media. We need to chill out and pick our fights.
    Don’t respond to Obama. Just file the suit with the Supreme Court and chill
    out. Meanwhile you might consider actually doing something yourselves about
    the immigration problem. Instead of criticizing him, making him look like
    the victim he so well plays, be specific about what you think will solve
    the immigration mess…and keep on being specific…over and over again.