A Message for the Anti-Vaccine Movement

A Message for the Anti-Vaccine Movement

Jimmy feels that all of this anti-vaccination silliness is starting to snowball, so he invited some real doctors to address it. These are actual medical professionals so hear them out and then decide for yourself.

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A Message for the Anti-Vaccine Movement

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17 Responses

  1. bigballsgame says:

    Mentally ill doctors scream “vaccinate your goddamn kids!”.
    Meanwhile, the concept of “informed medical consent” slowly, but surely
    eludes pro-vaccination supporters…

  2. nosirrahx says:

    Hey anti-vaccine people, here is your future if you are lucky enough to
    have your kids survive….

    “Hey mom and dad, what the hell is the BS about me not being able to get
    into most colleges or even travel outside of the country?”

    “Well son/daughter. See, we were shopping for EM blockers and colloidal
    silver when we stumbled on an article claiming that vaccines are
    ineffective, cause autism intentionally and make the pharmaceutical
    industry quadrillions of dollars.”

    “How much did it cost when I was hospitalized with measles?”

    “Well that was about 500 times more than the vaccine cost but you are
    missing the point, vaccines are bad because .00001% of doctors confirmed it
    and clearly that counts.”

    “So 99.9999% of doctors are liars complicit in a conspiracy to make $?”

    “Now you are getting it son/daughter.”

    “So let me get this straight. I cant go to college or travel abroad because
    99.9999% of doctors are involved in a conspiracy to make $ even though it
    would pay multiple orders of magnitude better to let everyone get sick?”

    “Yep son/daughter, that is what the facebook meme said.”

    “Thanks a lot you monumental morons.”

  3. Sweetheartsmw says:

    Well, with facts like that from the doctors, I feel much more informed!
    Thanks jimmy Kimmel for bringing forth this enlightenment! 9/10 dentist
    recommend that I chew gum and to get plenty of fluoride so I make sure to
    do that also! 😉 can’t argue with the ‘well educated’

  4. Jared Decker says:

    Real doctors share their thoughts on vaccinations…

  5. Sean Leather says:

    A message for the antivaccine movement…from doctors.

  6. Andrew Burns says:

    We should post Facebook posts saying vaccines give you super powers like
    virus resistance. Kids would be begging their parents for vaccines

  7. TheSneezingMonkey says:

    Lol…I’m literally watching the 5th season of Breaking Bad as I clicked
    this. Now I’m all like ‘…did they just spoil the ending for me??’ … O_o

  8. Thomas Hunt says:

    “…Parents here are more scared of gluten than they are of smallpox…
    See, the thing about doctors is they didn’t learn about the hunam body from
    their friend’s Facebook page. They went to medical school, where they
    studied all sorts of amazing things like how to magically prevent children
    from contracting horrible diseases by giving them a little shot.”
    – Jimmy Kimmel.

  9. LOK YEUNG says:

    Dont stop them and dont laugth at them, please, so that they can all
    disappear by natural selection.

  10. marshall come says:

    I never got my 12 year old shots

  11. watershed lover Bob says:

    People are scared of autism. Giving multi vaccinations of twenty things at
    the same time to babies is like shoving 50 pounds of food down their
    throats to make them gain weight. They used to give only a few each year
    not cocktails of twenty things that overwhelm immune system causing all
    kinds of immune system over load. There is a big problem and corporate and
    government have blinders on because of billions in profits. Im saying do
    these vacinations over longer time periods with fewer at at time.Do not
    dump twenty pathagons in a babies system all at once , nature does not work
    that way.

  12. Rectum Asslan says:

    The ” *anti-vaccine movement* ” is just a bunch of uneducated rednecks
    trying to pretend to be intelligent. If only we could shoot all the mercury
    in their veins. Perhaps we will have less stupid people in murica. 

  13. Peter Mosier says:

    Real doctors make PSA: This *one weird trick* to prevent the spread of
    disease. You will be *amazed* at what they say! It will *blow your mind*
    and be the best part of your day!

  14. Andrew Lazich says:

    You know when cigarettes where in the markets… physicians in the 30s 40s
    50s considered smoking safe… go to the cdc website and look at what they
    are list is in the vaccines. Thermosol, msg, aluminium… all highly
    toxic… even more toxic because it is enters the body intravenously… not
    ingested… so it bypasses the liver and you get the full toxic effect…
    plus of course certain doctors are going to promote this poison like
    certain doctors promote certain drugs.. $$$



  16. Brandi Bacon says:


  17. Buz4rd says:

    Please kindly dont feed the trolls