A Message from Trevor: Stay Home | The Daily Show

A Message from Trevor: Stay Home | The Daily Show

No new shows this week– stay home, stay safe, and wash your hands! #TheDailyShow #TrevorNoah #AloneTogether

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60 Responses

  1. RANDOM says:

    when tevo noah actually gets serious enough to stop the daily show thats when you know its real

  2. happy kpop trash says:

    Me being an introvert : I’ve been doing this shit for 18 years of my life🙄
    Ps: stay safe people 😊

    • Aditya Sabran says:

      Me too but my exams are going on so I have no choice but to give my exams and go to college

    • d'arcourt morganne says:

      You’re not introvert you like you privacy. Aditya don’t worry for your exam, in that case, it probably will be reported. Judging by the way you talk you are clever, take care of you and your familly. Help others if you can. That’s a hard situation but we can understant a lot of think by it. Being human by example, and not judging people on his skin color or on his youtube followers.

    • Rohan Patel says:

      There’s a difference between being introverted and outgoing lol. I too am introverted/ambiverted. I am definitely socially awkward, but I am an outgoing person.

  3. S Kxoxo says:

    “Let’s act like we live in a community and not just by ourselves” – best advice during this pandemic

  4. Pichit Thanup says:

    “it feels like the end of the world, but I don’t think it really is”. Thanks Trevor; that’s encouraging

  5. Geoffrey Verity Schofield says:

    “hopefully we’ll see the other side of this”
    “It feels like the end of the world, but I don’t think it really is”
    (Upbeat music)
    That music makes it all better.

  6. Colin Harter says:

    that moment when you realize you’re a socially inept, introverted hermit who works from home and apparently has been preparing for the apocalypse for the past two years. Get on my level scrubs.

    • amethystmoonrise says:

      you’re the man collin

    • Lisa R says:

      You have to shop Sooner or later.

    • A MAC says:

      Yeah, and I am feeling a little guilty that I can isolate.

    • Zac Heast says:

      I lost my job in October and couldnt find steady work until late january. I’m also an introvert that enjoys staying home or hiking on a solitary path. This quarantine feels a lot like being unemployed and trying not to spend money. I think we definitely have a leg up on these fools who cant live a day without going on a “pub crawl” with anyone that can stand being around them.

    • Thankyou3403 says:

      @Colin Harter i think you have a pretty face

  7. CoyoteOcean says:

    “I guess some people need to eat”

  8. steven standifer says:

    “Let’s act like we live in a community, not by ourselves.” Perfect quote for what’s going on right now.

  9. Lesedi Sekhu says:

    I’ve never seen Trevor being so serious about any matter….It means this is serious

    • Zac Heast says:

      Not as serious as when Trump takes it seriously. His last press conference scared the hell out of me.

  10. Infinite Being says:

    Why need toilet paper?!
    When you have water / water jet

  11. Connor Pena says:

    “It feels like the end of the world but it not really is.”

    • Mike Lopez says:

      It does! This morning I drove by the train station that goes into NYC. Unbelievable how empty the parking lot was.

  12. Luke Huizenga says:

    “Let’s act like we live in a community and not by ourselves.” Damn, I love Trevor Noah.

  13. whenDarkAngelsmiles says:

    I’ll start panicking when there is no more running water. In the mean time, stop emptying the shelves, leave some for the elderlies who are scared enough to venture outside just to find out the supermarket shelves are already emptied out. Just educate yourselves on what you can do to help stop the spread of this pandemic.

    • Gamer YouTube says:

      Exactly they’re always greedy

    • G says:

      @100% Real Woman 4 The Throw the Bum Out Party! Source?

    • Aubree W says:

      I live in marion kansas…shit is gonnnnne here. People started buying all the baby wipes too, so they are gone. I had a few packs from a big box I got and split them with strangers for their babies. Its crazy here.

    • TigerMonthlyHits says:

      whenDarkAngelsmiles I feel the exact same way, no need to worry unless my water shuts off.

    • I Coroa says:

      We don’t know how much we’ll need. If anything people only stocking up for a couple weeks or even one month are under stocking. Get two to three months food supply while you can, and ration wisely. Big difference between hoarding and being prepared.

  14. A Milner says:

    Alright, after all this is over, we should educate people about toilet papers its use. It has exposed out mental side man.

    • Dj up tea Aptio says:

      Muslims wash their ass …its been like this will be like this and of all the things to fight for un the supermarket it had to be toilet paper…

  15. Weirdo 4HGSA says:

    Isn’t funny how People who have been known for not being taken “seriously” are the ones who are making the most sense and telling us about serious issues

  16. Mhel Mabayo says:

    So basically be an introvert? Been doing that for 23 years.

    • L says:

      @OnePiece101 what’s your review on One Piece? Is it worth watching all those episodes???

    • OnePiece101 says:

      L Absolutely.There are so many beautiful and tear jerking moments and sometimes it has relevancy to our own life .My friend i’m telling you one piece is a long but it’s 100% a worthwhile experience .This is only anime where it has more characters than actual episodes and every characters so unique and differently drawn you will feel like you can take any character from your favorite anime and put it in there and it will still not feel out of place but enough of me .Go watch it .

    • Timothy Seymour says:

      Doing it for 27 year’s

    • L says:

      @OnePiece101 I stopped at episode 20 or so, but I’ll get back to it soon. Thanks!

    • OnePiece101 says:

      L No problem .

  17. Zhao Eric says:

    When China happen, we stop everything immediately. And until now, three month passed, we also keep staying at home except it is necessary to go out for storing food or go to work. When we go out, we always must wear masks and keep distance from others. Use paper to press elevators button and which others may touch, better wear a gloves and when you back home, throw your masks and gloves or using hot water and 75% alcohol to dip them then reuse. China have go through the hardest time now for paying so much pain and efforts. Hope the world will recover quickly. Stay safe.

  18. J Dwin says:

    ” let’s act like we live in a community, not just by ourselves ”

    NAILED IT straight through the head .

  19. pw10a2sal says:

    Here is a funny line: ” I am getting pessimistic when at Cape Canaveral the Americans take two of every species to launch them into space” Take care everyone.

  20. Dakiea says:

    “Let’s act like we are in a community, and not by ourselves” 💯

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