A Message from Wendy

A Message from Wendy

Wendy shares the news that she is taking three weeks off due to issues with hyperthyroidism and Graves’ disease.

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60 Responses

  1. Rhuddlan says:

    Are you kidding. Do you have eyes. She is going to rehab.

  2. carlie amado says:

    Your thyroid lives down the street yes Wendy?

  3. Aux X says:

    “Micromanaging the bulbs, the dog, my husband ……” the TEA of it all!! 😩💀

  4. Goldengoods says:

    Get well love you Auntie Wendy…listen to your body and the doctors 😉💋💞💖🙏❤💗💗💋💞💖💖💞💋💗💞💖💖💖👼💕💓💓💜💜💚💚❤💗💗💋💖💖💋😘😍😍💛💙

  5. blah21blah22blah23 says:

    This is sad to watch Wendy is falling apart publicly her explanation does not explain her forgetfulness stumbling over her words unstable walking and other odd things I don’t think any of this is related to thyroid disease or Graves’ disease if so her doctors would have told her these things back in October when she fainted or the other day when she took off and felt “fluish” This is neurological I can almost bet that and no doctor would recommend 3 weeks immediate vacation unless they feel it’s something new outside of normal symptoms….3 weeks will allow time for a battery of test results and diagnosis I doubt she’ll be back in 3 weeks and if so it will be a whole different style show and then she was thanking her staff and watchers about to cry nah she’s not coming back just my opinion

    • Mynymal says:

      blah21blah22blah23 wow another neurologist with a PHD giving a theory nice !

    • blah21blah22blah23 says:

      No ma’am not a neurologist at all!..However I have worked in the medical field for years and currently work on a neurology floor and see these things on a daily basis I’m just giving my opinion as everyone is…You have a nice evening

    • D J says:

      Graves’ disease puts your mind in a constant fog and your thoughts are sometimes jumbled. I have graves and people just dont understand the symptoms. Pleas look it up and gain some knowledge

    • Britt S says:

      blah21blah22blah23 Actually that is exactly what graves is like.

  6. Paul Brown says:

    I’m so glad she’s finally addressed the issues we’ve all been seeing. Hope she gets well soon

  7. IssaFashion Killa says:


  8. Niecey Weesey says:

    I don’t get this. All the media outlets are saying that this is a new diagnosis. No, Wendy has always been open about her graves disease for years. Something else is definitely going on. Here is a link from 7 months ago to prove it https://youtu.be/US0YmxBAmfc

    • mega g says:

      Niecey Weesey I agree. I kept thinking, “Wait, what is the news.” We’ve heard about Graves Disease before. There has to be something more. Maybe rehab? What would require immediate 3 weeks off? Whatever it is, I hope she gets better soon.

  9. Erika Richardson says:

    We have noticed gait issues, word choice and other symptoms not related to Graves. It is not uncommon to have multiple autoimmune diseases. Please see a neurologist and get tested for symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis as a precaution… an MRI and spinal tap. Much love and prayers.

  10. Lisa Lovely says:

    🗣DIVORCE THAT CHEATER!!! He’s not worth it. Put yourself & health 1st😘

    • Onion Face says:

      I think it has something to do with her husband too. Bea Marla is right, her symptoms started when the story of her husband and his mistress leaked. This isn’t the first time he’s cheated but I don’t think Wendy wants to leave him.

    • bea marla says:

      Onion Face.  its not the first time he cheated, but I believe this is probably the first time he told wendy he wants to leave and take half of her empire with him.
      just look at the situation. his wife is a very public figure and he walks around with his side piece without a care in the damn world.  when he and wendy go on vacation his whore is booked in the hotel next door, she even living just down the street from wendy. clearly this man don’t give two good shits about his relationship with wendy anymore and he wants out.
      but I believe if he does pack his bags and go, there will be no more wendy Williams show because she will be back in the crack house.

    • wendyred37 says:

      Stress causing alot ,why do you put up with your husband having a “side chick”

    • Nyneve D says:

      Finally she said it: “my husband” 😔

  11. MHA says:

    I’ll be on Dillon’s channel for the next 3 weeks lol

    • kid n'play says:

      MHA if he actually posted something new more often. I’ve pretty much watched every video. And he never comes through when she’s on hiatus 🙁

  12. Myblockny says:

    Wendy, you are irreplaceable talent. Your co-hosts will always wait for you. Speedy recovery!

    • Pieulpe says:

      I can’t tell if it’s sarcasm or delusion

    • Dana Richardson says:

      Pieulpe ….lol…I pick delusion!!

    • Auriel 318 says:

      INSTEAD OF SPEEDY RECOVERY THINK OF LETTING HER ACTUALLY REST, I really think she needs way longer than 3 weeks, her body is starting to shut down in certain ways and she has herself on overdrive maybe her body is telling her she NEEDS to rest, she’s been working hard for years which can be a good trait but maybe she’s an unhealthy goal achiever….im worried about her health I hope she really does what’s best for her body and takes a long break…

    • Nvo says:

      Myblockny Tamar Braxton Host the View this Friday don’t miss 😎😎😎😎😎

  13. Zion's World! says:

    I knew something was off!!!

  14. safa saleh says:

    They should have Suzanne do hot topics lol

  15. kara re4 says:

    This is really sad 😞….. watching someone’s health decline live on tv she really needs to retire and just let the show go


    I kinda teared up a bit. WENDY WHO AM I GONNA WATCH NOW. 🙁 COME BACK QUICK GIRL!

  17. Myshan Amakisi says:

    Side eye to you, Wendy. Sounds like a lot of excuses.

  18. ForMySoul1984 says:

    146 pounds at your height?! 😯

  19. Vanessa V says:

    I’m going to miss watching you Wendy the next few weeks 😥

  20. Little Miss Stamper says:

    Am I the only one here who knows this is NOT NEW. She has had both these conditions for YEARS and has even said ON HER SHOW that’s why her eyes are bugged out. Years people. Suddenly needing 3 weeks vacation for 2 conditions she’s had for years and years seems like a very convenient excuse… Which is probably why her staff is looking at her crazy.

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